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CURRENT VERSION : 1.5.1(2016-10-28)
APP CATEGORIES : Games, Casual, Music

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Have you been waiting on a twerking game to answer all of your twerking needs? Its finally here! All Star Twerkers! The sensational rhythm based game you've been dying to find and play is now at your fingertips! Get ready to Shake whatcha momma gave ya!

From your favorite girl next door Nae Nae to the dancing robot Coiletta
Enjoy several unique characters with unique moves and voices.
From The club to the in full swing Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Experience several unique levels with original music and pacing.

So let's get in the groove and keep the music flowing! It's time to start bouncing that thang on over to Mardi Gras as an All Star Twerker!





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Dream  Piano

Name:Dream Piano                                                Price:Free

Description:Dream Piano
¡Pulsa rápido, disfruta de la música y desafía tu velocidad a la hora de pulsar!
¡Dream Piano es el mejor juego de música de piano que todavía no has jugado!
¡Totalmente GRATIS!
Canon, Little Star, Cancan...
Tu canción, tú eliges. ¡Tenemos el Evento de canciones nuevas semanal! ¡Recomienda su canción favorita y la verá la próxima semana!
¡Pongámonos al día con la tendencia!

Reglas del juego:
Es parecido a otros juegos de piano. Solo tienes que pulsar los azulejos y luego disfrutar de la maravillosa música del juego.

Características del juego: 
◉ ¡Gráficos sencillos, fácil de jugar y cualquiera puede tocar el piano!
◉ ¡Ritmo impresionante que desafiará tu límite de velocidad con las manos! 
◉ ¡El modo de máximo desafío te aporta emoción y riesgo!
◉ Actualización de muchas canciones, originales, clásicos, éxitos y todo el estilo para satisfacer todos los gustos.
◉ ¡Comparte tu récord con tus amigos y compáralo con jugadores de todo el mundo en la clasificación! 
◉ Sonido de alta calidad que hace que te sientas como si estuvieras en un concierto. 
◉ Guarda tu progreso con una cuenta de Facebook y comparte el progreso en dispositivos diferentes. 
Más desafío, más bonificación y un mejor tú. 

¡Así que prepárate y prueba los juegos de piano gratis! El fascinante piano en línea más desafiante de lo que podrías imaginar. 

¡Conviértete en un pianista de verdad ahora! ¡Y ponte al día con la tendencia con este juego nuevo de 2020 ahora mismo!

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FaceStar App

Name:FaceStar App                                                Price:$2.99

Description:The photos used to produce the clips will not be shared or used by us for any commercial purpose. After the processed clips are sent back to the users, the photos will be automatically erased from our servers. We don't collect any data from your pics!


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Name:이사만루3                                                 Price:₩0

Description:"디테일이 리얼이다!”
더욱 진화한 이사만루3! 진짜 그대로의 KBO를 만나보세요!

# 리얼의 디테일이 다르다
KBO 300여명 선수들의 특화 페이스 그리고, 특화 체형 & 파츠까지 구현한 디테일
국내 최대 규모 자체 ‘모션캡쳐센터’로 더욱 디테일해진 특화 루틴&스윙, 투구, 세레모니 모션
KBO 10개 전 구단 홈구장 전면 리뉴얼

# KBO를 담다
오늘의 승리팀과 베스트 플레이어는 누구? 그날의 로스터로 미리 플레이 하는 ‘투데이 라이브’
“담장 밖에서 뵙겠습니다!!!” SBS 정우영 캐스터의 중계
원 포인트 스폐셜 해설~ SPOTV 민훈기 해설위원의 코멘터리

# 더욱 진화하다
똑같은 선수는 이제 없다! 내가 원하는 스탯 성장으로 나만의 선수를 육성해보세요!
쉬워진 조작감 & 강렬한 타격감! 예측하고 허를 찌르는 ‘투/타 한판 승부’
실감나는 카메라 연출의 집약과 역대급 업그레이드의 인-게임 플레이

# 이것이 새롭다
나만의 새로운 승부! 대회를 직접 커스텀 하여 개최하는 ‘챔피언쉽’
단 3번의 터치로 게임에 진입하다! 퀵-매치 모드
새로운 카드 시스템 등장! 스타, 레어, 엘리트, 골든글러브, 타이틀홀더, 레전드 등 다양한 카드덱!
그 밖에 다양하고 새로운 신규모드 추가!!!

■ 이사만루3는 게임 플레이를 위해 아래와 같은 권한을 필요로 합니다.

[필수 권한]
- 저장공간 : 게임 이용 시 필요한 정보들에 대한 저장 및 가져오기에 필요합니다.
- 카메라 : 고객센터 내 문의 등을 위한 화면 캡처에 필요합니다.

필수적 권한 이외에 추가 수집되는 선택적 권한은 없습니다.

[접근 권한 철회 방법]
- 설정 > 이사만루3 선택 > 해당 권한 선택 > 접근권한 동의 또는 철회

■개발자 연락처
주소 : 경기도 성남시 분당구 판교로255번길 58 602호
고객지원 : 게임 내 설정 > 고객센터에서 문의해주세요.
이메일 : [email protected]

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Name:BASEBALL 9                                                 Price:Free

Description:Enjoy fast-paced, realistic baseball game, featuring compact gameplay and informative stats.

Play BASEBALL NINE to become the Legend League Champion!

* Game Features
- Lean and fast gameplay!
- Casual characters and serious game mechanics!
- Pitching and fielding as fun as batting!
- You can play base running manually!
- Comprehensive player stats!
- Improved Autoplay with selective automation of player, inning, watching, and quick result.
- Rename, gear up, and customize your players!
- Offline mode available!

* Fast, compact gameplay!
- Enjoy a speedy, streamlined playing experience.
- Hit massive dingers and get thrilling strikeouts.
- Specialized auto functions by game, by inning, and by player are a given!

* Enjoy realistic baseball!
- Experience gameplay with realistic baseball rules.
- Simulated results based on actual game stats.

* Recruit and develop your roster!
- Recruit players and develop them by raising stats of your choice
- Equip and upgrade skills to develop them into specialists.
- Raise the player tiers to turn them into hall of famers.

* Customize your players!
- Rename them and set them as left-handed or right-handed batters or pitchers.
- Change their faces, pick body types, and choose different batting and pitching motions.
- Try equipping a range of bats, gloves, cleats, guards, and glasses to customize your players in unique ways.

* Manage your team and get promoted to higher leagues!
- Rename your team and change its emblem and uniform.
- Expand into new stadiums and manage the team’s cumulative stats.
- Advance to the postseason and win for promotion to a higher league.

* Supports tablets.

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Mr. Know It All

Name:Mr. Know It All                                                 Price:฿0.00

Description:Tarboosh Games presents Mr. Know it All, a game that challenges the limits of your concentration! Test yourself against more than three thousand "no-brainer" questions spread across tens of classifications in more than 50 levels! Enjoy thousands of witty comments that make you laugh and rage in case you get one wrong!

What's difficult in answering obvious questions is how easily you can question your preconceptions! Play to find out how difficult it is to maintain a steady level of concentration while answering ten, twenty, or even one hundred questions in quick succession, and figure out what your concentration limit is. Answer quickly to get three stars, use powers to slow down time, or even change the question currently displayed.

Mr. Know it All is your chance to challenge friends on Facebook and show them if you really are a Mr. Know it All! Play now for the chance to enjoy hours of fun and laughter!

We hope you like our game. Share your comments and opinions on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/tarbooshgames or send us an email: [email protected]

And don't forget to rate the game and all our future ones! Download and play it now!

Rating:2.25                                                 Show Detail

Reverb: Buy & Sell Music Gear

Name:Reverb: Buy & Sell Music Gear                                                 Price:Free

Description:Find great deals on best-selling music gear, hunt for a one-of-a-kind vintage finds, or post your own gear for sale. Shop a huge selection of new, used, and vintage guitars, pedals, synths, drums, microphones, and more from top brands, retailers, boutique builders, and musicians from all over the world. Easily get your unused instruments in front of a global community of musicians and make money to fund your next purchase. Plus, learn and get inspired through gear demos, artist interviews, video lessons, and more.

• Watch listings to get notified when prices drop.
• Follow searches in your Feed (like "Fender electric guitars before 1965" or "Korg synths under $300") to get updates on the gear you want.
• Make offers to find the best deal.
• Message sellers for more details on any listing.

• List gear for free. Create a listing in minutes: simply take photos, write a description, and set your price.
• Respond to offers and messages from anywhere.
• Manage your shop—promote listings with Bump, update prices, and more.

• Watch gear demos, artist interviews, and how-to videos.
• Read about gear history, recording and production techniques, and more.
• Browse handpicked collections of gear curated by our expert staff.
• Learn about rare and unique gear and under-the-radar deals and steals.

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Wix Business & Community apps

Name:Wix Business & Community apps                                                 Price:Free

Description:The Wix app lets you enjoy all the benefits of your own customizable app - without the hassle and expense.

Invite clients, customers, readers and more to join you as members so they can book your services, browse & buy your products, join discussions, read your blog posts and more - right from the app. Send updates as push notifications right to their phones for free so they never miss an update.

The app’s dedicated Member View lets people view more info about your place, access your contact details and get in touch with you at the tap of a button.

Manage your business or community from your Dashboard, add powerful apps & features and create your own look to match your brand - all in one place.

Get Booked, Get Paid
Let your clients easily book and pay for your classes and appointments.

Start Discussions
Engage with your audience by starting discussions around anything you like.

Write a Blog
Share your latest content with subscribers and allow them to interact with your posts.

Sell Products
Let customers browse and buy your products and send them the latest updates from your store.

Manage Events
Manage and edit past, present and future events, and keep guests updated so they can RSVP and buy tickets from their mobile.

Creating something new for your business or community?

Whether you’re starting your brand or business from scratch, or you're already up and running, the app lets you easily create your own professional mobile presence with our powerful apps and features.

Wix’s Marketing and Business tools let you easily create email campaigns, share social posts, take payments, keep track of invoices and view analytics when you’re on the go.

You can also publish a website for your place through the app in a few simple steps.

Got a Wix website?

With the app, you can keep your audience engaged with your site right from their phones.

Plus, you've got everything you know and love from the web on the app, so you can manage your site on the go.

Invited to join a mobile Place?

The Wix app makes it faster and easier for you to get in touch, book services, browse and buy products, share posts, join discussions and much more.

Want to create a place of your own? Whatever you’re interested in, you can easily create your own mobile presence on the app.

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Tap Music 3D

Name:Tap Music 3D                                                 Price:Free

Description:A brand new and more fun music rhythm game.

New sliding button and star button ! Slides to follow the rhythm.
Buttons are more diverse and more interesting.
Continuously update popular songs every week. Pop,EDM, Rock, Trap, Hiphop, and more song types.
There are also piano pieces, Ludwig van Beethoven, Robert Alexander Schumann, Johann Sebastian Bach, Frédéric François Chopin, Carl Czerny, Muzio Clementi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Liszt Ferenc, Stephen Heller, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky...
Each song has a rank list. You can challenges the best scores with players around the world.

How to play
1. Enjoy the music, tap the balls and sliders when them reach scoring areas.
2.Tap each button with the beat of the song and don't miss.
3.The more accurate the click, the higher score you get.

Game Features
- Original music, songs created by independent music creators.
- Sliding button! Different from most music games.More fun and more difficult.
- Rank list. Each song has a worldwide leaderboard. Challenge the highest score and become the top 1.

Let's get this new music game!

- Upon subscribing, you'll immediately unlock all songs, remove the advertising, get unlimited energy, daily 500 coins and VIP songs available every week.
- You can choose a subscription plan according to the price and duration. The prices are $2.99 per week, $9.99 per month, $29.99 per year, or the same price in other currencies.
- When you confirm your purchase, the payment will be charged to your iTunes account.
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
- Please cancel the automatic renewal at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, otherwise it will automatically renew and deduct the renewal fee from the account.
- In order to avoid being charged, please be sure to complete it 24 hours before the end of the subscription.
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.
- If you cancel your subscription, you will lose all the privileges described above.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: http://www.gogogame.com/privacy-policy.html

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