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AppSimilar is a simple and easy-to-A1:C18 tool for App data analysis, which can better help start-up teams understand the data analysis of App.
Our mission is Providing premium tools at reasonable price for App business。
We have covered dozens of popular countries, such as the United States, China, Japan, Australia, and France, etc. We will continue to add other countries to this list subsequently.
We currently cover Google Play and App Store.
We just have the English version, but if you log in with google chrome, you can click and translate it into language you need.
You can register it via email on the official website or log in with a third-party account (Facebook or Google).
There are more than 200 million Apps in our database, which cover most of the world's popular countries and regions. Our product has a very complete data analysis function for each application. Moreover, it is free and easy to use.


We mainly have four modules: "App", "Publishers", "ASO" and "Collection". "App" can help you find popular applications, "Publishers" can help you find popular publishers, "ASO" can help you check the keywords you concern, and "Collection" can track the App or publishers you care about and check the detailed data of your subscribed App.
You can select the most popular Apps in the "App" menu according to the country and the App market you want to check.
You can search with keywords and filter settings。
After finding the corresponding App or publishers through searching, click the last pentagram star. If it turns yellow, the subscription succeeds.
Find the App or publishers you need to cancel in the "Collection" menu, and turn off the pentagram icon behind it.
You need to subscribe to the App first and then click it in the "Collection" menu to check the detailed data analysis of the App.
You can check the basic information of the App, such as Rankings, Reviews, Demographic, and Keywords.
Your account has no limit to search in the ASO menu on the number of times.
You can only subscribe to as many as 5 Apps or publishers every day.
We do not support data export at present, so you can only check it on the web page.


We are currently in the phase of free testing, so you can enjoy all the functions of the software only by registering our account.

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