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Aviation Cold Temperature Altitude Corrections

APP STORE: App Store    NT$ 70
CURRENT VERSION : 1.4(2016-01-21)
APP CATEGORIES : 工具程式, 生產力工具

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Calculates cold temperature corrections to account for altimeter errors induced by operations in colder than standard temperatures.

Quickly and easily apply temperature corrections:
1. Enter airport elevation (or TDZE);
2. Select between Feet or Metres;
3. Select the temperature using the temperature slider;
4. Enter the altitudes for the desired fixes (fix names may be renamed as desired);
5. The temperature compensated altitude is calculated and displayed adjacent to the minimum altitude entered.

Enhanced slider for selecting temperature. In addition to sliding the pointer to increase or decrease temperature, tap right or left of the pointer or on the snow flakes to adjust the temperature in 1 degree increments or touch and hold right or left of the pointer or on the snow flakes to automatically slide the pointer.

Clean and intuitive user interface.

Temperature compensated altitudes calculated by this application are for use as reference only. It remains the Pilot in Command's responsibility to ensure the aircraft is operated at safe and appropriate altitudes.





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Restorer: restore image damage

Name:Restorer: restore image damage                                                Price:$3.99

Description:Tem certeza que você não pode melhorar uma imagem borrada ou foto sem se concentrar? Restaurador pode fazê-lo!

Este aplicativo vai ajudar a melhorar a sua borrado e fora de foco fotos, restaurar importante, mas ilegível texto, imagens borradas!

Aviso! Se a imagem fica borrada por um caminho não-linear complexa, é possível restaurar o resultado não combina com você.

Nós sempre bem-vindo o seu feedback!
Se você tem alguma sugestão ou dúvida, por favor escreva-nos:

Siga-nos no Instagram:

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Name:Compass∞                                                Price:Free

Description:Eine praktische genaue Kompass, ist einfach zu bedienen und zu lesen. Ideal für Outdoor Wandern, Camping, Backpacking, Wanderungen und Autofahrten .

-Magnetische Norden (Bildschirmanzeigen bei True North rot)
-Cardinal Richtung
-Wetter Temperature von Ihrem Standort (müssen Standortdienste aktivieren)
-Flashlight Für nächtliche Nutzung

Haftungsausschluss: App nicht richtig haben Funktion auf Geräten ohne ein Magnetometer , wie der iPod Touch der 5. Generation oder unten.

Vermeiden Sie den Einsatz in der Nähe von metallischen Gegenständen und Fällen magnetische Störungen zu verhindern.

Rating:3.55                                                 Show Detail


Name:@Thermometer                                                 Price:Free

Description:Prático, rápido e preciso: o melhor termômetro para o seu iPhone / iPad

O termómetro nº 1 na App Store com mais de 5.000.000 de downloads!

@Termómetro é a aplicação mais precisa na App Store (a um décimo de grau).

@Termómetro É A ÚNICA aplicação desde 2009 a dar-lhe a temperatura exterior, com uma precisão de um décimo de grau, correspondente à sua posição exata no mundo e em tempo real.
Para isso, @Termómetro utiliza várias fontes de dados meteorológicos do seu ambiente imediato e combina-os no seu conjunto graças aos nossos algoritmos próprios desenvolvidos nos nossos servidores meteorológicos.

@Termómetro NÃO É uma aplicação como outra qualquer que lhe diz a temperatura de uma cidade mais ou menos próxima de si e cujos dados estão desatualizados em uma hora ou muitas vezes mais...

Principais características da aplicação:

- A temperatura mais precisa na App Store (a um décimo de grau)

- Temperatura correspondente à sua posição exata no mundo e em tempo real.

- Rapidez na localização e indicação da temperatura.

- Vários temas gráficos de alta qualidade (HD Ecrã Retina) estão disponíveis para que possa escolher o que melhor lhe convier.

- Possibilidade de visualizar a temperatura em graus Celsius ou Fahrenheit.

- Disponível em vários idiomas.

- Compatível com iPhone, iPod touch e iPad. Requer iOS 5.0 ou superior.

- É necessária uma ligação à Internet para recuperar a temperatura calculada nos nossos servidores meteorológicos.


A versão PREMIUM (compra no aplicativo) oferece as seguintes vantagens:
- Desativação total de anúncios.
- Maior rapidez na visualização da temperatura.
- Acesso prioritário ao apoio.
...e você apoia diretamente a nossa equipa no desenvolvimento desta aplicação!


Lembre-se, se gosta da nossa aplicação @Termómetro, pode classificá-la e partilhar a sua satisfação com os outros utilizadores.

No entanto, se tiver algum problema, queira contactar-nos por e-mail no seguinte endereço: support@mobiquite.fr
ATENÇÃO: Se deixar um único comentário na App Store, não poderemos responder-lhe diretamente e dar a nossa ajuda!



Location data may be used for providing you more relevant ads.
This app collects anonymous information about users to help us measure the usage of our app so we can better understand our audience and improve our service. This information does not contain information from which users can be identified. You can find a full description of our data collection and use practices in our Privacy and Security Policy http://www.mobiquite.fr/thermometre-confidentialite.html

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Weather - The Weather Channel

Name:Weather - The Weather Channel                                                 Price:Free

Description:Weather your way. Face the severe weather this summer with live radar maps, weather alerts and accurate storm trackers from the Weather Company: the world's most accurate forecaster.

Stay up to date and prepared no matter the weather with our live radar, weather maps and severe weather alerts. You can also manage personal weather alerts, so you receive notifications that are important to you. Plus, we’ve got a whole range of useful weather features for you to plan ahead with confidence.

The Weather Channel - Our Top 3 Features

1. Up to two weeks in advance: Plan ahead and trust the current conditions card, with our Feels Like feature, local hourly & daily forecasts, and our Real-Time Rain alerts with radar.
2. Current conditions at a glance: get weather data that’s relevant where you are.
 You can find local maps and forecast on your homescreen, and breaking news videos with closed captioning!
3. Track the risk for allergies with Allergy Insights with Watson. We help allergy sufferers predict the seasonal allergy risk in their area and understand what weather conditions can trigger future flare ups.

Our app is now Dark Mode compatible - turn on Dark Mode on your Apple device for a great viewing experience.

Plan outdoor activities with confidence.

• Our Real-Time Rain notifications will help you plan for the way with confidence. Find the live radar directly on your home screen, so you know in a second whether to pack a light or waterproof jacket!
• Want to enjoy a summer walk or run? Get detailed information on sunset times, allergies, pollen forecasts and much more.
• Run smart with GoRun! Find the best possible running conditions and plan your perfect route.

Keep informed on the latest weather news.

• Stay prepared during extreme weather events and earthquakes. We’ll send you live alerts, so you’ll always be aware.
• Check out Warming Signs with Kait Parker every Tuesday in Apple Podcasts

Upgrade to Premium for exclusive access to premium features:

• Premium Radar: The clearest way to visualize rain’s potential impact on your precise location - now, and 6 hours into the future
• Ad Free: Remove all ads from your weather experience
• Extended Hourly: See 96 hours into the future
• And more!

You can cancel your Weather Channel subscription anytime through your iTunes account settings, or it will automatically renew. This must be done 24 hours before the end of any subscription period to avoid being charged another fee. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Privacy & Feedback

• Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: https://weather.com/en-US/twc/privacy-policy 

• Our Terms of Use can be viewed here:http://www.weather.com/common/home/legal.html

• If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at iphonesupport@weather.com.

The Weather Company is the world's most accurate forecaster, according to the most recent, comprehensive study available (2010-2017) from Forecast Watch https://www.forecastwatch.com/static/Three_Region_Accuracy_Overview_2010-2017.pdf

App Annie: The Weather Channel app combined had over 50 million monthly active users worldwide each month from January through December 2019, over 2M total 5 star ratings and was downloaded 155 million times.

Comscore: Apps from The Weather Company, parent of The Weather Channel, are the most used weather apps worldwide based on average monthly active users via smartphone in 2019. Comscore Mobile Metrix®, Worldwide Rollup Media Trend, News/Information –Weather category incl. [P] Weather Company, The and [M] Weather Channel, The, Jan-Dec. 2019 avg.

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Thermometer plus+

Name:Thermometer plus+                                                 Price:Free

Description:Design simples,prático e fresco!Este higrómetro monitorará a temperatura,a umidade,o tempo e a temperatura do corpo e da sua interior e exterior.
-Design de interface simples e limpa
-Automaticamente com a localização,sem seleção manual
-Automaticamente com a temperatura do dia inteiro,a temperatura atual,a temperatura do corpo, não precisa atualizar
-Suporte Celsius e Fahrenheit
-umidade corrente em gráficos e porcentagens
-Suporte publicitário, pode ser atualizado para uma versão sem anúncios

Rating:1.45                                                 Show Detail

My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar

Name:My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar                                                 Price:Free

Description:My Moon Phase is the best app for tracking the lunar calendar. It has a sleek dark design which makes it easy to view information such as the current moon cycle, moonrise & moonset times as well as extras such as when the next full moon will be. If you're interested in moon photography, you can also find out when the golden hours and blue hours are so you can take the most beautiful photos.

- View the moon cycle for any date in the future by scrolling on the date bar or by tapping the calendar button!
- Either allow the app to use your current location or manually select a location of your choice to use!
- See how cloudy the sky is expected to be on upcoming days so you can work out whether you'll be able to see the moon or not!
- Find the upcoming moon phases straight on the main screen - you'll instantly know when the next full moon, new moon, first quarter and last quarter are.
- Golden hour and blue hour times are available to allow you to calculate when to take photos.
- More specific information is available such as the moon's distance from Earth, the age of the moon as well as the current altitude. This is available for any date on the lunar calendar.
- Receive notifications when the moon reaches a particular phase of your choice.
- Optimized for the latest iPhone and iPad models.
- Completely free of charge for all functionality, no in-app purchases.

If you want the most efficient way of keeping up with the lunar calendar and the current moon phases, then My Moon Phase is the right app for you. This version is ad-supported and is similar to apps such as Deluxe Moon Pro.

Rating:4.75                                                 Show Detail

Fitmeter Bike - GPS Cycling

Name:Fitmeter Bike - GPS Cycling                                                 Price:$4.99

Description:Fitmeter Bike convierte tu iPhone o iPad en un ciclocomputador con una increíble gama de funciones. Tu sesión se monitoriza mediante GPS y todos los datos se presentan en tiempo real. La aplicación está diseñada para una amplia variedad de usuarios, desde principiantes hasta profesionales.

- La ruta y el posicionamiento GPS de la sesión se muestran en un mapa con marcadores de distancia
- Velocidad actual
- Distancia
- Duración de la sesión
- Tiempo de parada
- Detección automática de paradas
- Velocidad media
- Velocidad máxima
- Monitorización de altitud. Subida y bajada
- Calorías quemadas
- Apple Watch. Monitoree y controle su actividad usando su Apple Watch
- Medición de frecuencia cardíaca. Use su Apple Watch o un sensor Bluetooth externo
- Sensor de ritmo y velocidad
- Pulso medio
- Tiempos parciales
- Historial. Todas las actividades se almacenan y se pueden consultar. No hay límite de cantidad de sesiones
- Exportar todas las actividades a un archivo CSV
- Estadísticas por sesión. Velocidad y altitud sobre distancia
- Estadísticas de las 10 últimas sesiones
- Récords. Consulta todos tus records y un resumen de todas las sesiones
- Compatibilidad con Facebook. Publica tus sesiones en tu muro de Facebook
- Compatibilidad con Apple Salud: Distancia en bicicleta, Energía en actividad, Entrenos, Peso
- Sin publicidad
- No se requiere registro
- Sin anuncio por correo electrónico

El uso continuo del GPS en segundo plano puede reducir considerablemente la duración de la batería.

Rating:3.7                                                 Show Detail

Altimeter Plus - Multifunctional Altimeter

Name:Altimeter Plus - Multifunctional Altimeter                                                 Price:$0.99

Description:La aplicación funciona para medir la altitud, localidad y coordenadas de la ubicación actual; también puede recolectar informaciones climáticas de las estaciones meteorológicas cercanas. (Tales como: Temperatura, humedad, presión atmosférica, velocidad y sentido del viento, precipitación, nubes, tiempo del amanecer y del atardecer) La aplicación posee las siguientes características:

1) Las unidades (métricas e imperiales) son personalizables.

2) El resultado se muestra con mapa y en listado.

3) El dato obtenido puede ser exportado en formado csv para usos posteriores.

4) Además, los usuarios también pueden añadir fotos, vídeos, audios o descripciones del texto a los datos medidos para aumentar el reconocimiento de los datos medidos.

Rating:2                                                 Show Detail