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Dark Stories

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CURRENT VERSION : 1.0.72(2020-03-30)
APP CATEGORIES : Spiele, Unterhaltung, Brettspiele, Puzzle

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Dark Stories is an easy to play and fun game but some of the stories are quite difficult. All the stories are fictional. To solve them, the players will need to prove their skills as detectives.

Dark Stories must be played in group. A person -chosen as narrator- picks a mystery and reads its description aloud.
Then he/she reads its solution without telling the other people. The rest of the players then have to make questions in order to solve the mystery.

The narrator can only answer the questions using "Yes", "No" or "It is not relevant". The only possible solution is the one given at the back of each mystery card. If the answer is still not clear enough, the players must follow the narrator's interpretation of the mystery.

A typical fragment of a gameplay could be:

Player1: "Did he die because of the shot?"
Player2: "Was he poisoned?"
Narrator: "No"
Player3: "Did he have children?"
Narrator: "It's not relevant"
Player1: "Are there other people in the story?"
Narrator: "No"
Player2: "Did he commit suicide?"
Narrator: "Yes"

When the narrator considers that the story has been solved enough, the narrator can conclude the game and read the whole solution.

It is up to the narrator to give some clues if the story is in a deadlock.

It is perfect for birthday parties, camps... and every situation in which you join several friends.

This free App includes more than 190 stories and we will add new stories periodically.

Accidents, suicides, thefts... Will you be able to solve every mystery?

Special thanks to Lorena Rebollo, mcwc307 Chan, Rachel Long and Zak Freckelton for their help with the English translation.





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Easy Game - Brain Test

Name:Easy Game - Brain Test                                                Price:Free

Description:Test your IQ and have tons of fun with these tricky brain games! Think outside the box and you’ll be a champion! Try this brain twister, challenge your mind, and prove that you’re the smartest!

Think you're clever enough to solve all the tricky puzzles? Install to find out now!

· Enjoy a variety of levels!
· Apply real-life logic to beat the challenges.
· Try different mechanics, think bigger!
· Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills.
· Focus on the details and boost your brain power!
· Use hints if you need a clue.
· Find solutions to the riddles!

What's your IQ? Put your mind to the test and train your brain now!

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Diggy's Adventure: Fun Puzzles

Name:Diggy's Adventure: Fun Puzzles                                                Price:Free

Description:加入 Diggy、教授,Linda、和 Rusty 的旅程!探索充滿礦藏的世界,學習古老的文明,解決難忘的謎題。在 Diggy 的冒險線上遊戲中逃離每個迷宮並揭開過去最神秘的事物!

這個 2D 迷宮中沒有任何秘密可以藏!在您發現這個故事的新角色或者可能是一個古老的文明時,在迷宮中找到自己的道路。你能逃脫這個地雷陣嗎?


Diggy 冒險的特色:
▶ 喜歡解謎嗎?在各文明中設有超過 1000 個謎題等著您來解答。
▶ 挑戰各種難度的 500 個迷宮。千萬別被困進地牢中!
▶ 500 多個有趣的角色等您來互動。點選您的礦工頭像並查看戰利品!
▶ 4 個神秘地點,許多被遺忘的寶藏。風暴般地穿越迷宮吧!
▶ 被謎題困住了?我們的線上客服人員會在24小時內回覆您。
▶ 每週新增免費內容:包括謎題和寺廟等等,別忘記持續關注這個迷宮遊戲的更新消息!
▶ 挖掘尋找神秘寶藏,完成神聖的任務並解開謎題。
▶ 扮演考古學家,努力找出遠古世界的秘密。
▶ 利用線索打開藏寶箱,以礦工的方式進行探索。
▶ 一邊挖礦,一邊尋找戰利品和寶藏!

挖掘這個 2D 謎題礦坑,獲得各式各樣的道具,利用道具來解開謎題,離線時恢復體力,或是在營地中製作新道具。您還能以各種裝飾品美化您的營地。打造新道具或製作材料以幫助您在地窖或迷宮中進行挖掘,成為這個世界中最優秀的尋寶冒險愛好者。這可不是一般的尋寶遊戲,您得找出每塊拼圖才能得到足夠的金塊以繼續進行尋寶冒險!

解開 2D 謎題並從迷宮中逃脫,就可以獲得獎勵和經驗點數,從而提高能量再生率或提升能量容量。繼續挖掘,完成由神所分配的遊戲任務,​​沿著正確的道路前行,找出新的密室,讓您把其他的冒險遊戲都拋諸腦後!您還可以暢玩特殊迷宮活動、地牢和優惠,以各種主題布置營地或送禮給其他玩家。解謎和逃脫!一邊逃離無盡的迷宮,一邊挖礦,還能從新文明中獲得新知!快來玩這個充滿謎題的 2D 挖礦冒險!

請注意:Diggy's Adventure 為免費線上遊戲,需要連接網路才能下載以進行遊戲。您也能以實際貨幣購買遊戲道具。如果您不想使用此功能請在您的裝置設定中關閉遊戲內購買功能。



喜歡我們的休閒解謎遊戲?請在社群媒體上關注 @DiggysAdventure 以獲得我們的最新資訊與更新消息。

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GALATEA - Immersive Stories

Name:GALATEA - Immersive Stories                                                 Price:Free

Description:Discover Werewolf, Vampire, Billionaire and Bad Boy, Addictive Love & Romance Stories for free that will get you hooked! With visual and sound effects, vibration, and chat stories, you'll feel like you're part of the story.

Snoop on your favorite characters by reading their text conversations and messages. Feel their heartbeat through your phone, listen to exactly what they’re hearing and watch your screen change as they enter a new environment.

If you like reading addictive stories, you’ll love the Galatea App!

A free app with immersive novels that will get you hooked
Galatea is so much more than reading a book on your smartphone. It's a new reading experience that is more immersive, interactive, and engaging than a traditional book.

• Unlimited stories with a mix of narrative tools including chat text messages
• Visual and Sound Effects to make you feel like you’re part of the story
• Immersive and addictive stories written by award-winning authors
• Stories in various genres (love, romance, fantasy, mystery, thriller, drama)
• Free, daily-released episodes of never-ending fiction series.
• The stories can be downloaded and read offline later

Read Immersive Stories from various genres
The Galatea App brings you must read stories, including:

• The Millennium Wolves, a werewolf love story filled with passion and mystery
• Colt, a motorcycle romance full of passion, jealousy, and bad boys
• The Arrangement, an intense billionaire romance with an unexpected twist
• Alpha Kaden, a werewolf romance with mystery, secrets and suspense
• Reaper’s Claim, a motorcycle romance that will make your heart pulse
• Tranquility, where a young and shy Lycan makes an unexpected discovery
• and other immersive, blood-pumping stories for girls and women.

Get hooked on an immersive story now!

Galatea is available for free on iOS. The app was developed by Inkitt.
Find more information about Inkitt, our writers and readers community as well as on our Inkitt free reading app for iOS with fiction books and novels by emerging authors on https://www.inkitt.com

By using Galatea, you agree to our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines available at https://getgalatea.com/terms/ and to our Privacy Policy available at https://getgalatea.com/privacy

* Prices are equal to the value that “Apple’s App Store Matrix” determines is the equivalent of the in-app purchases in $USD.

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Tapas – Comics and Novels

Name:Tapas – Comics and Novels                                                 Price:Free

Description:Welcome to Tapas! Your new favorite app to explore tens of thousands of webcomics and novels. Enjoy a quick laugh or lose yourself in worlds beyond your wildest imagination by diverse creators from all around the world.

▸ Read the Internet’s most addictive stories from popular and up-and-coming creators
▸ Explore our wide array of stories - a majority of which are completely free to read
▸ Earn Ink to unlock episodes and directly support your favorite creators
▸ Join our community and connect with readers and creators just like you
▸ Whether it’s romance, fantasy, comedy, and more, dive into our expansive library of stories - we guarantee there’s a story here just for you!

Wondering where to start? Check out Tapas' #1 series, THEY SAY I WAS BORN A KING'S DAUGHTER, a tale of murder, reincarnation, and royalty, chock full of humor. Available exclusively on Tapas in both webcomic and novel formats.

Download Tapas and get started today – it’s FREE!


Mail us: [email protected]
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tapas.io
Tweet us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapas_app
Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/tapas_app


Creators work hard to make awesome stories for you to enjoy, and Tapas lets you support their passion.

Tapas is made with love in San Francisco and Seoul by an awesome team.

Please note that Tapas is only available in English at this time.

Rating:4.55                                                 Show Detail


Name:BADLAND 2                                                 Price:$0.99

Description:Chegou a sequela do vencedor do prémio de Jogo do Ano para a Apple, a aventura de ação, BADLAND!

Apple Editors' Choice em todo o mundo!

5 / 5 - Apple’N'Apps
5 / 5 - AppAdvice
9 / 10 - PocketGamer
9.3 / 10 - iTopNews.de
9.2 / 10 - Multiplayer.it

Voa e sobrevive através de mundos fantásticos e pintados à mão, cheios de armadilhas, quebra-cabeças e obstáculos elaborados!

Contempla o mundo premiado de BADLAND com ainda mais beleza estonteante com níveis que se estendem em todas as direções. Sobrevive em novos elementos como líquidos, lança-chamas, gelo, magma, água e a luz volumétrica ardente. Cai de penhascos mortais, voa em qualquer direção e corre e salta pelas superfícies como uma personagem rolante a caminho de segurança.

Desafia os teus amigos e estranhos em eventos online globais em constante atualização. Corre contra os fantasmas dos seus melhores desempenhos e destaca-te nas classificações globais.

Línguas: Português, English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, Pyccknñ, Čeština, Suomi, 中文, 한국어, 日本語.

- Uma campanha de JOGADOR INDIVIDUAL com cíveis criados com engenho
* Desafia os teus amigos e outros em três tipos de eventos online assíncronos:
- Primeiro a terminar
- Sê quem salva mais clones
- Sobrevive durante mais tempo
- Mais níveis em breve com atualizações grátis
* O BADLAND original é um dos jogos iOS mais atualizados de sempre
- Controlos intuitivos de dois toques em combinação com um design inovador de níveis
- Uma experiência de audiovisual de jogo altamente imersiva. Melhor apreciado com auscultadores
- Aplicação universal otimizada para iPhones, iPods e iPads
- Suporte Gamecenter e iCloud (o progresso é sincronizado com todos os dispositivos iOS ligados)
- Objetivos e classificações gerais online
- Suporte a 3D Touch para iPhone 6S e iPhone 6S Plus
* Voo super preciso usando toque

O BADLAND levou os jogos side scroller para outro nível com a sua jogabilidade inovadora com base em física em combinação com gráficos e áudio atmosféricos. BADLAND 2 vai ainda mais longe com muitas novas características, níveis empolgantes e gráficos ainda mais espantosos.

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/badlandgame
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/badlandgame
Blog - http://www.badlandgame.com

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Inkitt: Books, Novels, Stories

Name:Inkitt: Books, Novels, Stories                                                 Price:Free

Description:Discover thousands of new novels by indie authors and read them for free on Inkitt. Join us on our mission to support aspiring authors taking their first steps towards publication!

From Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Action and Adventure to Drama, Romance, Erotica, and YA, there are hand-picked novels from all genres on Inkitt!
*** Most Downloaded Free Reading App in 5 countries. ***

• Discover and read upcoming novels by indie authors for free (all novels in English)
• Download novels and read them offline
• Personalized reading recommendations based on your favorite fiction genres
• Customizable background colors and fonts to meet your preferences
• When reading a story, tap & hold to autoscroll

Over 700,000 readers are reading indie novels on Inkitt.

“The reading experience is much cleaner than on other platforms. I can really focus on the story, without distractions. I love it!” - Cynthia, Inkitt reader

“Inkitt is by far the best place I have posted work and I have already told some friends about it. I will be submitting more” - Patrick, Inkitt author

“I’ve discovered may great books on Inkitt! It’s for me the best app for reading books on iPad” - James, avid science fiction reader


About Inkitt

Inkitt is the perfect free app for reading books on iPhone and iPad, especially for avid readers who love discovering upcoming novels from new and talented authors on the go. All stories published on the Inkitt app are our readers’ top-picks. Books are our passion and we want to share it with you. Join us on our mission to support rising talent!

More about Inkitt: www.inkitt.com.

Interested in knowing more about upcoming titles, learning writing tips, and reading author interviews? Visit our blog on www.inkitt.com/blog.

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Find Difference Games

Name:Find Difference Games                                                 Price:Free

Description:tìm thấy sự khác biệt giữa hai hình ảnh

Rating:4.6                                                 Show Detail

HOMER Reading: Learn to Read

Name:HOMER Reading: Learn to Read                                                 Price:Free

Description:HOMER Reading é a maneira divertida e interativa de despertar a paixão do seu filho pela leitura. Ajudará sua criança a construir habilidades críticas com uma planta aprepreitada personalizada!

Baixe HOMER Reading para iniciar sua avaliação gratuita e ajudar seu filho a se apaixonar por aprender hoje. Sua assinatura HOMER inclui aplicativos HOMER Reading e HOMER Stories. Você pode facilmente cancelar a qualquer momento durante sua avaliação gratuita.

Quando umas crianças lêem sobre o que amam, adoram ler. HOMER Reading combina como as paixões do seu filho e o nível de leitura atual para criar um plano de aprendizagem personalizado para ler. Ele inclui milhares de lições sobre fonética, palavras de palavras, ABCs visão e muitos mais e cresce com seu filho de 2 a 8 anos de idade.

HOMER Reading foi provado para aumentar a pontuação de leitura precoce em 74%, com apenas 15 minutos por dia. Assim, com histórias e atividades personalizadas para os interesses de cada criança, eles vão aprender enquanto se divertem também.


HOMER foi destaque no TODAY Show e Morning Joe, bem como no New York Times, EUA Hoje, Forbes e Parents Magazine. HOMER ganhou o prestigioso Teachers' Choice e Mom's Choice Awards.

"Um dos aplicativos mais abrangentes para ensinar leitura." O New York Times

"Em apenas seis semanas, sem a intervenção dos professores, os alunos que usaram o HOMER por 15 minutos por dia melhoraram as habilidades-chave mais altamente correlacionadas com o sucesso da leitura futura. Isso é um grande negócio." - Dr. Susan B. Neuman, ex-Secretária Assistente de Educação dos EUA, Professora de Educação infantil e alfabetização, NYU
Como citado no USA Today


• Comprovada para aumentar a pontuação de leitura precoce em 74% com apenas 15 minutos por dia
• Combina as paixões e interesses do seu filho com sua idade e capacidade de criar um plano personalizado de aprender a ler
• O único programa que realmente ensina seu filho a ler passo a passo
• Milhares de aulas de especialistas em ABCs, palavras de visão e fonética para leitores em todos os níveis
• Um programa que cresce com seu filho à medida que eles aprendem
• Centenas de histórias que seu filho vai adorar, de contos de fadas clássicos como Chapeuzinho Vermelho até favoritos como Thomas the Train
• Baixe mais de 150 planilhas impressas, jogos de aprendizagem e atividades
• Acompanhe o progresso do seu filho com o Painel dos Pais e registre seu filho lendo seu primeiro livro
• Uma associação projetada para toda a família com até 4 perfis personalizáveis


O HOMER é gratuito para professores e bibliotecários qualificados e verificados para apoiar o ensino educacional com rastreamento de progresso para até 32 alunos individuais.

Entre em contato com [email protected] para obter ajuda ou sugestões, ou visite https://homerlearning.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Política de Privacidade: http://learnwithhomer.com/privacy/
Termos de uso: https://learnwithhomer.com/terms/

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