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Hindi, Indian Music Simulator

APP STORE: App Store    $5.99
CURRENT VERSION : 2.0(2019-07-09)
APP CATEGORIES : Music, Entertainment

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this is the only simulator for Indian Sitar instrument app in whole world that simulates the Indian Sitar musical instrument with indian Rhythm styles and Accords

wait a moment , i know what you are thinking now . yes there are tons on free indian apps in app store . but this is different . this is real sitar with indian rhythms and accords

don't you believe it ?
ok see this video :

the app specifics are :
- has oriental / Indian / Pakistan / Afghani / Tajik rhythm styles
- has major , minor and quarter flat accords that are used in this type of music
- has indian tunes that is used in indian music styles
- has 2 different indian tunes
- has ability to change the rhythm speed
- transpose ability from -20 to +20 percents
- real sound that is made in professional studio that sound exactly like real sitar
- 8 voice pads that has sound such as oh , yeah , indian loops and ...
- pitch ability to pitch the notes during the playing

Hey , what are you waiting for ??!!
Try it ..





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Sitar Pro

Name:Sitar Pro                                                Price:$1.99

Description:Sitar Pro is Professional music instrument in which you can play this Sitar and feel like playing Real Sitar.

-Sitar with Professional sound.
-Play, Record,Save & Share your creativity.
-You have access to all the octaves in Full Version.
-Tabla Loop Pack available to use in the Game.
-Very easy to use this Sitar.
-This App is fully tested on iPhone 5,5s,6,6 Plus & iPad (All).

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Name:猛男搬家                                                Price:¥0.00




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DJ Istanbuli Turkish Instrumnt

Name:DJ Istanbuli Turkish Instrumnt                                                 Price:SAR 49.99

Description:The only Turkish Dance Music DJ in the world .....!!!
Don't you believe it ?
OK . see this video :


this app has 196 TURKISH / ARABIC loops with 4 variation for each loop
you can mix the loops easily and the app will take care of every thing .
you can make amazing Turkish musics without any need of music knowledge

you also have plain accords with turkish rhythms with 4 different variation if you want to play yourself
there is a keyboard also with Turkish string and Qanon musical instruments with Turkish oriental Tune and Quarter flat tunes that you can play oriental musics and mix them together with the loops and accords

you will be amazed . i promise . just see the video from the link above and try it ...

the app has SORNA , BAGLAMA , FLUTE , STRINGS , LEAD , QANON sounds in Turkish / Arabic styles

you can also mix the volumes of instrument and rhythms

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Name:手机克隆-手机搬家文件互传助手                                                 Price:¥0.00




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- >使用条款:https://xianlong100.github.io/pp_terms.html
- > 隐私政策:https://xianlong100.github.io/pp_privacy.html

-----联系我们 -----

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Guitar Notepad - Tab Editor

Name:Guitar Notepad - Tab Editor                                                 Price:$1.99

Description:Guitar Notepad helps you easily and quickly jot down song ideas in guitar tab, save them to the cloud and email them to band mates.

I created this app as I found that when playing around with ideas on my own, or after a jam session, I was still using paper to jot down ideas. I have tried some of the other tab writing apps out there but none of them used the touch screen like a guitar fret board which really speeds things up. I'm keen to make this app as useful as possible so please feel free to contact me if you want any new features added.

Create and Edit Tab:
- Edit song details like title, artist, transcribed by and tempo
- Add time signatures, lyrics and performance notes
- Add chords, strum patterns and lyrics above your tabbed notes (no other apps I've seen support this!)
- Add any number of strings and custom tunings including 4,5,6 and 7 string guitars/bass guitars
- Use touch screen to quickly add notes with a single tap
- Choose from common chord patterns to save time
- Add techniques likes slides, hammer ons, pull offs muted notes, harmonics, tremolo, vibrato, ghosts/ties, tapping and more
- Backspace as well as delete button for faster editing
- Cut, copy and paste sections of tab, even between different songs
- Undo button - the last 10 actions are recorded and can be undone
- Continuous chord mode - saves having to perform an extra tap to start adding chords
- Option to view notes on the fret board
- Supports repeated bar notation
- Tab Playback (no note modulation for now)
- Can change guitar neck to left handed view
- Supports note lengths from whole notes to 1/64, dotted notes and triplets
- Add a capo

View, Export and Share:
- Export to PDF or text
- Transpose songs up and down
- Organize songs by artists or use tags to create albums and setlists
- Use autoscroll to view tabs and play along
- Layout optimised for both tablets and phones
- Zoom in and out depending on your screen size
- Print from device
- Save songs to file in your cloud storage like Dropbox, or export via email.
- Ability to perform a full backup and restore - useful if you are switching devices
- Import songs shared from other people's Guitar Notepad apps
- View and search through your songs by title, artist name or last modified time

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Harp with Arabic quarter tunes

Name:Harp with Arabic quarter tunes                                                 Price:$7.99

Description:74% off for limited time - real price is $30

this app is an amazing HARP musical instrument simulation app that has many features that make this app unique

Harp is a musical instrument with lovely sound . but here this Harp has some features that made this app unique
you can find to many free HARP apps in app store . but , this app has different features :

- 36 oriental / arabic / persian / turkish / kurdi / armenian / western / pop / rock rhythms
- 11 accords
- real sound that is recorded in professional studio
- ability to mix the accord and rhythm and instrument volumes
- ability to pitch the sounds by moving on each wire
- ability to transpose the notes
- ability to change the rhythm speed
- has 2 different octave selectable on main page
- has oriental / persian / arabic tunes with quarter flat notes

with this app you can easily play this musical instrument without any musical knowledge

try it . you'll love it

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Batak: Card Game like Spades

Name:Batak: Card Game like Spades                                                 Price:Free

Description:Yapay zekası, zengin görsel efektleri, basit, kullanışlı arayüzü ile amaca uygun ihale batak oyunu karşınızda. İnternetsiz, bilgisayara karşı tekli batak, eşli ihaleli batak oyna. Herkese iyi eğlenceler.

Oyun Seçenekleri:
- İhaleli Batak,
- Eşli İhaleli Batak,
- Koz Maça,
- Gömmeli Batak.

- Game Center,
- Başarılar,
- Sıralamalar,
- İstatistikler,
- Seviyeler.

- El sayısı belirleme,
- Kart Boyut Ayarı,
- Oyun Hız Ayarı,
- Sürükle bırak ve tıklalayarak kart atış seçenekleri,
- Otomatik Atış,
- Gömülü kart göster/gösterme.



Ayrıca Pişti, Okey, Hearts gibi oyunlarımızı da deneyebilirisiniz.

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Backgammon - Lord of the Board

Name:Backgammon - Lord of the Board                                                 Price:Free

Description:Installa Backgammon - Lord of the Board
Sfida te stesso e gli altri a impadronirsi delle regole del backgammon in uno dei più popolari giochi da tavolo mai esistiti!

Dimentica tutto quello che sai dei giochi da tavolo e di altri giochi multiplayer. Backgammon - Lord of the Board è uno dei giochi gratis più competitivi e coinvolgenti che ci sia! La scarica di adrenalina che si ha vincendo tornei e salendo ai primi posti delle classifiche è semplicemente insuperabile. Vieni a far parte della nostra comunità di giochi multiplayer e inizia oggi stesso!

Tira i dadi&Unisciti al divertimento!

Tutti gareggiano con uno dei migliori giochi da tavolo gratis su iTunes! C’è chi lo chiama Nardi o Narde, Tavla o Tabla, ma le regole sono le stesse e il divertimento è universale. Sin dalle prime puntate, sia il giocatore principiante di backgammon che quello esperto entra nel vivo del gioco. Gioca gratis a backgammon dal vivo con migliaia di persone in tutto il mondo.

Diventa Maestro di Backgammon

Padroneggia questo gioco di dadi, acquista esperienza, guadagna monete e arriva al top come un vero vincitore! Divertiti con i nostri tornei di backgammon uno a uno e multiplayer. Sblocca contenuti nuovi ed elettrizzanti mentre procedi nel gioco del backgammon, passa al livello successivo e guida il tabellone. Sfida altri giocatori abili e vedi se hai la stoffa per vincere la gara e diventare Lord of the Board!

Investi nella Strategia

Quando giochi contro altri campioni di backgammon, ogni secondo conta! Raggiungi il tuo reale potenziale concentrandoti sulla tua strategia di gioco a backgammon e lascia regole e regolamenti all’app. Invece di perdere tempo a contare i passi, pianifica la mossa successiva e vinci in astuzia sull’avversario!

Ideato da Professionisti
Backgammon - Lord of the Board è offerto dai creatori di alcuni dei migliori giochi social online!
Divertiti con funzionalità fantastiche come:
• Grafica Attraente
• Gioco Facile e Divertente
• Sequenza di Gioco Elettrizzante
• Opzioni Chat
• Tornei dal Vivo
• Profili Statistici dei Giocatori
• Lancio di Dadi –Totalmente Casuale!(RNG Sofisticato)
• Tantissimi Bonus Gratis, Anelli, Trofei, Premi&Altro!
• Classifiche Competitive Uniche

Hai suggerimenti per il gioco? Contattaci a support@bbumgames.com.

Questo gioco è pensato per un pubblico adulto e non offre gioco d’azzardo con soldi reali o qualsiasi opportunità di vincere soldi reali o premi. Avere successo in questo gioco non significa avere successo in futuro nel gioco d’azzardo con soldi veri.

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