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Hopeless Land: For Survival

APP STORE: App Store    Free
CURRENT VERSION : 1.8(2019-10-10)
APP CATEGORIES : Games, Action, Strategy

90.0K   <5K <5K


Hopeless Land is a special designed brand new free battle mobile shooting game, which can support 121 players fight in one survival game at same time. Many ingenious game features in Hopeless Land: various of special Asian architectures locate in the battleground; Drive the helicopter and experience the air-to-land fight you never tried before; Enjoy ultra-cool shooting feelings with easy operation; No devices barriers, no matter what mobile phones you use, try to survive to the last in Hopeless Land!
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Customer Service Email: hopelessland@herogame.com
----- Game Features -----
If you want to try more intensive and more strategic battle game and enjoy simpler operation, don’t hesitate, download and be a warrior Hopeless Land now! The combination of randomness and enjoyment brings you infinite possibilities. But remember the only rule is survival, be survival to the last!
◆1vs100, Test Your Strength and Luck
121 players parachute to perilous hopeless island, what you can believe are only your teammates, your excellent strategies and weapons in your hand! Excellent strategies, strong execution and bit of luck constitute the victory iron triangle! Let’s move to the final safe zone, terminate enemies, and fight for the highest glory!
◆Special Designed Battlefield and Brand New Vehicles
Various Asian style buildings, which are inspired by really constructions, can be found in Hopeless Land. Find the most suitable and the most familiar battleground, start your survival travel. Land Air Sea Warfare, the new air vehicle – helicopter you never drive in other mobile shooting game before. The strong maneuverability can help you no matter in catching enemy or evacuating from battleground.
◆In-Game Voice Communication Make Your Teamwork Better
In-game voice communication and exact map marking functions help you make strategies with teammates easily. No matter the real life friends or the new warriors meet in Hopeless Land, the tacit cooperation can be achieved among your team! Come to enjoy the team fight!
◆Suitable Operation Method for Mobile Devices
Hopeless Land was made by the development team which has rich shooting game developing experience. All movements like running, hiding and shooting are designed with motion capture. Simple operation and smooth control feelings help you dominate in Hopeless Land.
◆Low Devices Requirement and Easy Control
Low devices requirement make players has fluent experience in Hapless Land. No matter you are a veteran or rookie in battle game, you can get started quickly in Hopeless Land, because of the simple control. Enjoy the best mobile battle game, download Hopeless Land now!

Note: Hopeless Land is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.





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Name:KK键盘                                                Price:¥0.00




Rating:5                                               Show Detail

Ninja Assassin Crazy Climber X

Name:Ninja Assassin Crazy Climber X                                                Price:₹ 0

Description:Ninja Assassin louco Climber é um jogo de escalada ninja enfrentou embalado e viciante. Suba as grandes torres e lutar contra seus inimigos.

Afie suas espadas e balance o seu rods- seu tempo para matar seus inimigos e ganhar o jogo.

Suba até o topo dos grandes castelos e cortar para baixo os males com guerreiro samurai da espada de seu assassino ninja.

Ninja assassino louco escalador é a ação guerreiro embalado jogo mais esperado batalha na loja da Apple.

Então faça o download agora e desfrutar.

Rating:2                                                 Show Detail

Garena Free Fire: Rampage

Name:Garena Free Fire: Rampage                                                 Price:Free

Description:Free Fire - É um jogo de tiro e sobrevivência disponível no celular. Cada jogo dura cerca de 10 minutos e coloca você em uma ilha remota onde você enfrenta 50 outros jogadores, todos buscando sobrevivência. Os jogadores escolhem livremente o seu ponto de partida com o paraquedas, tentando permanecer na zona de segurança pelo maior tempo possível. Dirija vários veículos para explorar o vasto mapa, esconda-se nas trincheiras ou fique invisível ao deitar sob a grama. Embosque, Atire, Junte equipamentos, há apenas um objetivo aqui: sobreviver.

[Sobrevivência em sua forma original]
Procure por armas, fique dentro da zona segura no jogo, saqueie seus inimigos e torne-se o último homem em pé. Ao longo do caminho, vá para airdrops, evitando ataques aéreos para ganhar essa pequena vantagem contra outros jogadores.

[10 minutos, 50 jogadores, uma experiência épica te aguarda]
Rápido e Leve - Dentro de 10 minutos, um novo sobrevivente irá emergir. Será você que irá brilhar?

[Esquadrão de 4 jogadores, com chat de voz no jogo]
Crie squads de até 4 jogadores e mantenha a comunicação com sua equipe desde o começo. Avance com sua equipe e mostre qual o melhor squad!

[Contra Squad]
O modo mais popular do Free Fire com batalhas 4v4 estará aberto permanentemente! Administre seus recursos, compre armas e derrote o squad inimigo!

[Gráficos realistas e suaves]
Controles fáceis de usar e gráficos suaves prometem a melhor experiência de sobrevivência que você encontrará no celular.

Serviço ao cliente em português: https://ffsuporte.garena.com

Rating:3.95                                             Show Detail

Star Diffusion X

Name:Star Diffusion X                                                 Price:Free

Description:After a routine mission, exhausted Galaxy Patrol member Reynold returns to the artificial planet XENO, only to find that XENO is awfully unusual as soon as the spaceship lands on the planet. The bustling, crowded planet is now in darkness and silence, Reynold's little daughter went missing for long and her life remained uncertain. Reynold feels the clock's ticking, while the truth is bewildering...


All residents disappeared, yet there's weird, horrible creatures haunting instead. What made XENO out of all recognition, and where is your daughter?

Aim, shoot! Running away wouldn't be best solution, you have to face these vicious creatures alone, with limited supplies, and your only backup is your AI assistant. Learn to survive in the darkness and take control!

Solve all the puzzles and problems to proceed.

Even though you're desperate,the whole palnet is paralyzed, which makes it no longer your sweet home. Explore and search every inch of the areas and every corner.


Authentic lights, shadows and effects,along with immersive music, bring you the most unique journey to XENO.

The infection may diffuse at any minute, are you ready for it?


Facebook page:

Rating:4.5                                                 Show Detail

Rocket Royale: PvP Survival

Name:Rocket Royale: PvP Survival                                                 Price:Free

Description:Rocket Royale เป็นหนึ่งในเกมประเภท Battle Royale วัตถุประสงค์หลักก็คือ การสร้างจรวด แล้วบินออกไปจากเกาะ! ในการทำเช่นนั้น คุณจำเป็นต้องหาทรัพยากรในการสร้างจากอุกกาบาตที่ตกลงมา แน่นอนล่ะ ว่าผู้เล่นคนอื่น ๆ ย่อมจะต้องการปล้นจรวดของคุณไป เพราะฉะนั้นก็ปกป้องเอาไว้ให้ดีก็แล้วกัน! เก็บรวบรวมไม้ แล้วสร้างป้อมปราการ เพื่อป้องกันตำแหน่งที่คุณอยู่ เกมแบทเทิลรอยัลที่เป็นเอกลักษณ์เฉพาะจะเผยกลยุทธ์ออกมามากมาย โดยการสร้างสิ่งต่าง ๆ รอบ ๆ ตัวคุณ! สิ่งแวดล้อมที่ทำลายทิ้งได้ 100% ทุก ๆ สิ่งก่อสร้างสามารถทำลายทิ้งหรือรื้อถอนได้! Rocket Royale ไม่มีร่มชูชีพ หรือเขตแห่งความตายที่หดตัวลง แต่คุณสามารถใช้พอร์ทัลได้แทน เพื่อท่องไปตามเกาะ

Rocket Royale แบบหลายผู้เล่นให้เล่นแบบเดี่ยว คู่ หรือหมู่ได้สูงสุดถึง 3 คนต่อทีม ผู้เล่นทุกคนเป็นผู้คนออนไลน์จริง ไม่มีบอทปลอม ๆ! เต็มไปด้วยเนื้อหาที่รอการค้นพบมากมาย: ตัวละคร ค้อน รูปแทนตัว จรวดที่กำหนดเอง หรือแม้แต่การเต้น! ความคืบหน้าในเกมทำได้โดยการหาประสบการณ์เพิ่ม และเลื่อนเลเวล แข่งขันกันในลีดเดอร์บอร์ดทั่วโลก!

ตัวเกมใช้พื้นที่น้อยกว่า 200 MB โดยไม่มีการดาวน์โหลดเพิ่มเติม และปรับแต่งให้เหมาะสมที่สุดเป็นอย่างดีเยี่ยมสำหรับทุกอุปกรณ์!

- การเล่นแบบ Rocket Battle Royale ที่เป็นเอกลักษณ์เฉพาะไม่ซ้ำใคร
- ทุกอย่างสามารถทำลายทิ้งได้! โหมดกระบะทรายของจริง
- สร้างสิ่งป้องกัน ป้อมปราการ หอคอย สะพานบนฟ้า ทุกสิ่งเป็นไปได้!
- การแข่งขันออนไลน์แบบผู้เล่น 25 คนที่ดำเนินไปอย่างรวดเร็วในแบบเรียลไทม์!
- เล่นกับเพื่อน ๆ ของคุณออนไลน์ เชื่อมต่อกับเกมของเพื่อนคุณผ่านรายชื่อเพื่อน
- FPS (เฟรมต่อวินาที) สูงที่สุดที่คุณจะมีได้!
- ของกับอาวุธให้เก็บสะสมมากมายมหาศาล!
- สมรภูมิของโลกที่เปิดกว้างขนาดใหญ่

คุณพร้อมหรือยังที่จะมีความสร้างสรรค์ กระทำการอย่างชาญฉลาด และทำลายล้างให้ย่อยยับ? ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ Rocket Royale!
กดถูกใจเราบนเฟซบุ๊ก: https://facebook.com/groups/rocketroyale/
กดติดตามเราบนทวิตเตอร์: https://twitter.com/GameSpire_org

Rating:4.35                                                 Show Detail

Oz: Broken Kingdom™

Name:Oz: Broken Kingdom™                                                 Price:Free

Description:As seen on stage at Apple's Keynote!

Battle the Great Darkness that has cast its shadow across the peaceful Land of Oz. Join the kingdom's brave new heroine Ophelia Shen, along with the legendary heroes of Oz – Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow – as they embark on an epic quest to stop the rising evil, restore the balance of magic, and return the kingdom to its rightful glory.

• COMMAND a cast of new and classic Oz heroes in breathtaking turn-based combat.
• EVOLVE your heroes to Legendary levels of power.
• SUMMON incredible abilities to crush fearsome enemies and rally the kingdom to your side.
• EXPLORE the dark corners of Oz, solve the thrilling mystery, and restore the balance between Good and Evil.
• DOMINATE other opponents in the Arenas of Oz to climb the leaderboards and advance through the leagues.

With the combined might of Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, and mysterious newcomer Ophelia at your call, face the growing evil that is corrupting the source of all magic in Oz. Evolve each hero into powerful new forms, upgrade their unique abilities to devastate your enemies, and harness powerful gemstones to become a force for Good the likes the Kingdom has never known!

Battle hordes of fiendish foes, beastly bosses, and nightmarish minions terrorizing the once-peaceful Kingdom of Oz. Dare to journey through the sinister Munchkin countryside, the perilous halls of Glinda’s Castle, and the many shadowy lands beyond – to shine the light of Goodness before the Great Darkness engulfs the entire realm.

Collect unique and powerful abilities to summon the forces of strength, nature, and magic. Level up your heroes’ abilities to battle and cripple your enemies. Prepare to unleash your might!

Challenge other players in real-time PVP to see who has the mightiest hero, strongest abilities, most epic battle companions, and the best strategy! Join fellow players in guilds, collect and train mighty companions, and showcase your battle prowess against others. Climb the leaderboards, earn rewards, and advance to the greatest leagues.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Check our more Games by Rogue:

Rating:4.65                                                 Show Detail

Blitz Brigade

Name:Blitz Brigade                                                 Price:Free



- 敵の背後を取ってヘッドショットで一発だ!隠れている敵を次々と倒せ!
- マップでプレイヤーの行動を把握!敵への攻め方を考えるんだ!
- 緊迫のデスマッチ。視野に入る者は全員仕留めろ!!
- 他にもキャプチャーザフラッグやフリーフォーオール、ドミネーションモードがあるよ!
- 期間限定イベントで豪華報酬を狙え!
- クラス毎に用意された100以上の武器をアップグレードし、使いこなせ!
- ヘリコプター等の乗り物も自由自在に操り、常に優位に立て!
- 120のミッションをクリアせよ
- 隠されたアイテムやパズルピースを探し出せ!
- 12名まで同時にプレイ可能!
- チームメイトとリアルタイムでボイスチャット可能!
- 他のプレイヤーと分隊を組んで世界中のライバルを相手に戦え!





Rating:4.5                                                 Show Detail

Rope Hero 3

Name:Rope Hero 3                                                 Price:RM0.00

Description:Rope Hero 3

* Incredible super abilities: climb the walls, jump on the roofs of buildings!
* Fulminant maneuvering strategy in the city!
* Fantastically enthralling gameplay!
The gang of offenders appeared in the city and now they threaten entire population. Act as a defender of the people. Use weapons of high level to eliminate enemies. Become the most courageous and fearless hero! After all, soon as you are capable protect the city from offenders!

Rating:3                                                 Show Detail