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Kids Drawing Games for Girls 6

APP STORE: App Store    Free
CURRENT VERSION : 1.5.6(2020-05-29)
APP CATEGORIES : Education, Family, Puzzle, Games
APP RATINGS & REVIEWS : 4.45 (25.84K)

100.0K   40.0K <5K


A wonderful, educational drawing game with animated pictures for little princesses.
It has everything that a young artist would enjoy: cute animals, beautiful dolls, and fairy tale characters.
Step by step, your child will learn how to draw by tracing contours.
Drawing Game for Girls is much more than just a game. Every drawn picture can magically come to life as a beautiful fairy fluttering above flowers, a mermaid dancing, a unicorn galloping over a rainbow, or a panda bear doing somersaults.
Magic kittens are eagerly waiting to be illustrated. And vivaciously dancing animals make this game extremely captivating.
Your little one will want to draw all of these pictures just to see in what distinctive way they come to life.

This game is unique because not only does it teach your child to draw, but it also helps develop fine motor skills, creative thinking, artistic abilities, and prepares your child’s hand for writing.

“Drawing for Girls” features:
1.Drawing game for children 3-8 years old
2.Step by step drawing through contour tracing
3.Large selection of adorable characters
4.Development of fine motor skills
5.Stimulation of creativity and imagination
6.Preparing the child’s hand for writing
7.Adorable animations
8.Great background music
9.Simple and convenient interface
10.Parental control
11.No outside advertisement

A little magic can lead to a great passion for the arts.

There is only a part of the content available in the free version of the application. To gain access to the full version, you will need to make a built-in purchase.

Subscription Details

You can get access to over 50 cute characters and drawings after subscription to our “Drawing for Girls”. Just download and go!
You can have free trial period for a week or can decide to subscribe right after download.
After your free trial your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
We provide different subscription options for your convenience: monthly and annual subscription.
If you change your mind at any point, cancellation is easy through your iTunes settings.
Payment for subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
Your Subscription automatically renews unless you turned off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of current period.
You will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
You can cancel your subscription anytime through your Account Settings without any cancellation fee.
You can use your subscription on any device registered with your Apple ID.
If you need help, have questions or just want to say “hi!”, get in touch at feedback@binibambini.com

More about Bini Bambini:

Bini Bambini is a group of very enthusiastic professionals including designers, artists, animators, programmers and musicians. We create digital games for children. Our goal is to create educational and developmental games for children. It has been established that children learn about the world through games and having fun.

Playing games for children is as natural as breathing. That is why we are focusing on developing apps which enhance creativity and stimulate kids' natural curiosity.

Please note that all our games are safe, and they do not collect any personal information. Our games are fun for children and their parents alike.

Thank you for downloading our app!

If you liked our app please, give us a positive review in the App Store. We would be very happy to hear from you! It would inspire and help us to create more splendid Apps for your children. And, if for some reason you encounter a problem, we kindly ask you to contact us directly at feedback@binibambini.com before leaving a bad review in the App Store. We are open to communication and will be happy to fix any problems that may occur.





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Baby coloring book for kids 2+

Name:Baby coloring book for kids 2+                                                Price:Free


- 7个共105页的主题;
- 让儿童更容易的上色;
- 绘画课程;
- 创意发展;


Rating:4.4                                               Show Detail

Kids & Toddlers Learning Games

Name:Kids & Toddlers Learning Games                                                Price:Free

“跟小魔法师学习数” 软件里孩子们可以找到很多有趣的游戏:
- “鬼魂城堡”:你们要帮助魔法师把顽皮的鬼魂关在大箱子里!
- “跟愉快的巨怪捉马虎”:你们要帮助魔法师把不听话的巨怪抓好!
- “神秘的数字实验室”:用魔法的万灵药种好妖邪的植物。
- “喂小龙”:用需要的食品数量喂一个饿龙。
- “唱歌的山”:你们要跟小魔法师找到唱歌的鸟。

- 愉快的与有意思的教学;
- 礼物与惊喜每个游戏里;
- 有趣的动画和人物;
- 16游戏等级;
- 动力的与形形色色的游戏;
- 愉快的音乐与声音效果;
- 游戏的魔法的气氛;
- 方便的界面;
- 家长控制;
- 没有不相干的广告。



Rating:4.5                                                 Show Detail

Learning 4 Toddler Kids Games!

Name:Learning 4 Toddler Kids Games!                                                 Price:Free

Description:A world of 15 learning kids games! Amusing Foods will help your child to progress quickly and learn new things.

These learning games for toddlers age 3 to 5 address various topics such as: geometric shapes, colors, logic, sizes, etc!

Welcome to the world of 15 various children games in Funny Food 2!
Funny Food 2 games for kids consist of:

PUZZLES - sort out the jumbled funny foods (Fun learning games for kids 5 years free);
ANGLES, PARTS & WHOLES - cook and slice pizza and then feed cute characters;
FIND & TAP - sort foods into their appropriate plastic bags (Children’s games for 3 to 5 yrs old, that develops attention);
HIDE & SEEK - find the rascals and count them (Games for children free that develop attention; learn to count);
SHAPES - water the magical garden, grow vegetables, then harvest and count them;
SIZES - sort food by size and load them to the helicopter (Introduces a concept of sorting by size for smart kids free);
LOGIC - find a pattern and arrange foods correctly in the tractor's trailer (Kindergarten games free for 5 year old, that introduces to a concept of consistency and continuity);
SORTING - sort all foods from the conveyor belt into different pickup trucks (Develop attention and logical thinking);
MATCHING - find all the matching pairs (Matching games free for kids, attention);
UNITS & PARTS - slice the foods by tracing the lines and cook various dishes (Memory matching games for kids free);
CREATIVITY - dress foods in fancy clothing (Develop creativity and imagination);
LEARN SHAPES AND COLORS - prepare cookies that differ in color and shape (Introduces to sizes);
COUNTING from 1 to 5 - feed animals with the right amount of food (A kind of puzzle games for kids that help to learn counting and think through math);
COMPARISON - use the scale to weigh the right amount of food;
COLORS FOR TODDLERS - kindergarten games: wash fruits and vegetables under the shower and sort them by color.

15 baby learning games for kindergarten and above in English;
Fun sound effects and amazing graphics, free games for toddlers;
Amusing characters with lots of animation and interaction;
Simple interface like in learning games for kindergarten;
Basic skills in learning kids games for children 3 4 yrs free: logic, attention and thinking for kids to think through math;
Parental control;

Explore smart kids games: think through math, fine motor skills games! Keep your child busy with educational games for kids!

There is only a part of the content available in the free version of the application. To gain access to the full version, you will need to make a built-in purchase.

About MAGE:

These educational apps for toddlers have been created by MAGE, who develops interactive children learning games for toddlers age 3 to 6. With our educational games child will learn the alphabet, letters, numbers and phonics. Our games for preschoolers comply with the standards of “Designed For Family”.

Rating:4.5                                             Show Detail

Uber - Request a ride

Name:Uber - Request a ride                                                 Price:Free

Description:Chegue ao seu destino com uma viagem Uber ou bicicletas ou trotinetes JUMP.
Com a Uber, o seu destino está à distância de um toque. Aceda à aplicação e indique o seu destino. Um motorista nas proximidades irá ajudá-lo a lá chegar de forma fiável. Também pode alugar bicicletas e trotinetes JUMP.

Viaje a partir de quase qualquer ponto
Disponível em mais de 600 aeroportos e em mais de 700 cidades em todo o mundo, a Uber é uma ótima forma de tornar os seus planos de viagem mais tranquilos. Obtenha uma viagem a pedido ou agende-a com antecedência.

Encontre a viagem que procura
Independentemente do estilo, do espaço ou da acessibilidade pretendidos, a Uber pode ajudá-lo a encontrar a viagem que mais se adequa a si:

- Desfrute da qualidade premium e da elegância das viagens Black
- Evite o trânsito com uma bicicleta ou trotinete JUMP
- Viaje com mais espaço (e mais amigos) com o UberXL

Estas e outras opções de transporte estão disponíveis num só lugar com a aplicação Uber.

Saiba o preço final
Com a Uber, sabe o preço final antes de fazer a reserva. Assim, terá sempre uma ideia do preço que irá pagar antes de pedir a sua viagem.

A sua segurança é importante para nós
O nosso compromisso passa por tornar cada viagem com a Uber o mais segura possível. É por isso que concebemos novas funcionalidades de segurança e atualizámos as nossas orientações da comunidade com o objetivo de assegurar experiências positivas e respeitadoras.

- Pode partilhar a sua viagem
Tranquilize os seus entes queridos enquanto está em viagem e partilhe a sua localização e o estado da sua viagem, para que saibam que chegou ao seu destino.

- Pode contactar os serviços de emergência
Pode contactar as autoridades locais diretamente a partir da aplicação e a sua localização e os detalhes da sua viagem serão apresentados para que possa partilhá-los rapidamente com os serviços de emergência.

Classifique e dê uma gratificação ao seu motorista
No final de cada viagem, pode atribuir uma classificação e enviar comentários sobre a mesma. Também pode dar uma gratificação ao seu motorista através da aplicação para que este saiba que ficou satisfeito com a experiência.

Para ver se a Uber está disponível na sua cidade, visite https://www.uber.com/cities.
Siga-nos no Twitter em https://twitter.com/uber.
Faça ""gosto"" na nossa página do Facebook em https://www.facebook.com/uber.

Tem alguma dúvida? Visite uber.com/help."
Nem todos os produtos estão disponíveis em todos os mercados.

Rating:4.45                                                 Show Detail

Tiny Pixel Farm - Go Farm Life

Name:Tiny Pixel Farm - Go Farm Life                                                 Price:Free

Description:4,000,000DL Thanks!
Cute Pixel Art Game!

Gerenciamento de fazenda em miniatura possível em uma tela.
Com pequenos personagens movendo-se de um lado para o outro.
Vamos criar sua fazenda juntos.

Uma fazenda que você assumiu do avô.
Isso fará uma fazenda cheia de animais e convidados com as mãos.

Rating:4.9                                                 Show Detail


Name:BANDIMAL                                                 Price:$3.99

Description:Introduce your kid to the joy of making music!

BANDIMAL is a fun and intuitive music composer that lets kids discover the creative world of making music. Set up a drum loop, swipe through animals to change instruments, compose melodies, change loop speeds and add a quirky effect on top. Amusing animals animate in hilarious ways as you perfect your song.

Everything will sound great - we designed it that way!


+ Play with nine animals as instruments
+ Create catchy drum loops in the beat section
+ Switch between loop speeds and apply effects
+ Save compositions to your collection
+ Lively animations and impressive audio
+ No failing, no goal, no wrong or right
+ Supports all iPads and iPhones with iOS 10 or later
+ No ads!

We recommend headphones to enjoy the full experience!


Rating:4.8                                                 Show Detail

Location Tracker - find GPS

Name:Location Tracker - find GPS                                                 Price:Free

Description:Stay informed on the whereabouts of your friends and loved ones with the "Location Tracker - find GPS" application.
The application "Location Tracker - find GPS" helps you accurately track all devices connected to our service. Install the application on your smartphone, and on the phones of your family members and your friends, and you will get a permanent ability to:
- Check the location of your children - and you will rest assured that your child is safe at all times!
- Your parents are now also under protection - the application allows you to notice on time if something goes wrong!
- Spot your employees – to arrange any event will be plain sailing from now on!
- Locate the whereabouts of your friends, meeting them is now easier than ever!
- Stay informed on where your better half is at the moment – test each other’s fidelity!
- Be aware of where the members of your family are – and join your family celebrations!
- Search on the fly – our map is all you need to pinpoint the location of your friends and your dearest ones!
- Our application works with a smart watch: feel secure about your children and your dearest ones!
All you have to do in order to find your peace of mind and to take control over the situation is to install the application and to enter the phone number of a person you wish to spot. You will be able to see the real position of each person you trace on the map, marked with their avatar. Secure your nearest and dearest, including yourself, by knowing their location at any moment!

* A user's location is tracked only with his personal consent.
Subscription conditions:
- After you subscribe, you can manage your account and turn off automatic renewal in Account Settings.
- Your subscription is renewed automatically if you don’t cancel it within 24 hours before its expiration date.
- When you purchase the app, your iTunes account is billed.
- Subscription fees: 1 month - 19.99$.
- Your iTunes account will be billed automatically within 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription.
- Any unused time left on your trial subscription will disappear if you upgrade to the paid version.
- Your personal data is stored securely.
- Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Rating:2.6                                                 Show Detail

Drawing Games to Learning Kids

Name:Drawing Games to Learning Kids                                                 Price:Free

Description:Hay más de 100 imágenes animadas en nuestra aplicación ""Academia de dibujo"". Sigue las instrucciones paso a paso para dibujar personajes adorables que ¡cobrarán vida! Actualizaciones con nuevos dibujos cada semana.

Mientras juega con nuestro juego de animación, las habilidades pictóricas y cognitivas de tu hijo (como contar y escribir) mejorarán. La tan distintiva combinación de dibujar y animar las imágenes convierte a nuestra aplicación ""Academia de dibujo"" en algo único. ¡Descárgala y compruébalo por ti mismo!

Las pistas verbales guiarán paso a paso a tu hijo en el proceso de dibujar graciosos personajes, como una mariposa, una rana, un coche o un erizo... Las pequeñas princesas estarán encantadas con estos maravillosos unicornios, carrozas de cuento y hermosas hadas. Y los muchachos más inquietos quedarán fascinados durante mucho rato mientras dibujan un castillo mágico, un alegre delfín, un travieso gatito y otros divertidos dibujos.

Cada personaje cobra vida por arte de magia en cuanto se dibuja. La mariposa volará y reirá; el erizo se hará una bola, el cohete se lanzará y la rana dará un salto en el aire.
Tu hijo puede jugar con todos los personajes presionando los botones que hacen que el personaje dibujado baile, gire y muestre trucos geniales.

A más de 10 millones de niños les encantan nuestros extraordinarios juegos de dibujo.

Se puede elegir entre más de 100 personajes, organizados por temas. Todos ellos ayudarán a tu hijo a desarrollar habilidades de psicomotricidad fina. De una manera lúdica y divertida, tu hijo se familiarizará con las letras y los números e incluso aprenderá a contar.

Nuevos personajes y dibujo se unirán a nuestra aplicación cada semana.
¡Descárgala ahora y descubre que dibujar no es solo entretenido sino también divertido y educativo!

La aplicación Academia de Dibujo ofrece:
• Más de 100 dibujos y personajes adorables.
• Actividades de trazar el contorno
• El desarrollo de habilidades de psicomotricidad fina
• Juegos de dibujo para niños de 2 a 6 años
• La posibilidad de guardar imágenes
• La capacidad de preparar las manitas para la escritura
• Una introducción a los números
• Contar hasta 10
• Una introducción a las letras
• El abecedario para los más jóvenes
• La capacidad de preparar a los niños para la escuela
• Desarrollar la creatividad
• Control parental
• Nada de publicidad externa

Nota: la versión gratuita de la aplicación solo incluye parte del contenido las capturas de pantalla. Para tener la versión completa, necesitas realizar una compra integrada

Datos de la suscripción
Puede obtener acceso a más de 100 personajes y dibujos lindos después de la suscripción a nuestra Academia de Dibujo. Sólo descarga y listo!
Puede tener un período de prueba gratuito durante una semana o puede decidir suscribirse justo después de la descarga.
Su suscripción se renueva automáticamente al finalizar el período de prueba si no se desactiva la renovación automática al menos 24 horas antes del fin del periodo actual de vigencia de la misma.
Ofrecemos diferentes opciones de suscripción para su conveniencia: suscripción mensual y anual.
Si cambia de opinión en cualquier momento, la cancelación es fácil a través de la configuración de iTunes.
El pago de las suscripciones se cargará a su cuenta de iTunes en la confirmación de la compra.
La suscripción se renovará automáticamente, salvo que desactive esta opción al menos 24 horas antes del final del período en curso.
Se le cobrará por la renovación dentro de las 24 horas anteriores al final del período actual.
La suscripción puede cancelarse en cualquier momento en la sección Ajustes de la cuenta, sin ningún cargo por cancelación.
La suscripción puede utilizarse en cualquier dispositivo registrado con su ID de Apple.
Si necesita ayuda, en caso de duda o solo quiere saludarnos, escríbanos a feedback@binibambini.com

Rating:4.3                                                 Show Detail