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Massive Dev Chart Timer

APP STORE: App Store    $8.99
CURRENT VERSION : 4.1.1(2020-01-25)
APP CATEGORIES : Photo & Video, Utilities

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The Massive Dev Chart is the world's largest film development chart with easy to use multi step timer and darkroom support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Watch the instructional video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P915z6THiY8.

*** Reviews ***

"If you use a darkroom, or if you dev the odd roll at your kitchen sink, buy it. Essential: 10/10"

"The Massive Dev App... is well worth it. I highly recommend this iPhone app."

"...solidly built and extremely well thought out app. Everything works in an extremely intuitive manner, and the audio reminders are extremely helpful."

*** Features ***

• Offline copy of The Massive Dev Chart in your pocket
• Multi Step Timer with sound notifications
• Customizable agitation scheme
• Darkroom themes
• Dilution Mixer
• Support for two-step development and two-step fixing
• Support for optional hypoclear and photo flo steps
• Automated development time/temperature compensation





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This by Tinrocket

Name:This by Tinrocket                                                Price:$2.99

Description:***Featured in App Store's Best of 2016***
Tell the whole story by adding pointers, labels, descriptions and commentary to your photos.

• From Tinrocket, maker of Waterlogue (App Store Best of 2014)
• Clean, minimal design
• Simple, interactive and fun to use
• 7 expressive pointer designs to suit your mood
• Easily add, delete, re-size, or re-position pointers
• Save to your phone or share via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email

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Dream Town Story

Name:Dream Town Story                                                Price:Free

Description:Tired of tedious town simulators taking up your time? Develop dream dwellings down to the last brick and construct cityscapes crawling as far as the eye can see in this stimulating simulation game!

Compete with other towns in the rankings, or take it easy and go at your own pace.

Build houses to have people move into your town, then add shops and lots of other facilities, making it a vibrant, lovely place to live. Stores like the bike shop or car dealer will sell vehicles to your residents, allowing them to travel further and visit more places.

Acquire more areas as your town grows, discover new facilities to build, help the residents find new jobs, plan the town down to the last detail to make sure it's convenient for everyone... There is just so much to do!

Once you get settled into your town, try co-op mode, which will enable you to team up with other players and build towns together.

If I wasn't busy making more amazing games, I'd be playing Dream Town Story all the time!
- Kairobot

* All game progress is stored on your device. Save data cannot be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.

Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, or visit us at http://kairopark.jp/. Be sure to check out both our free-to-play and our paid games!

Follow kairokun2010 on Twitter for the latest Kairosoft news and information.

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Lurssen Mastering Console

Name:Lurssen Mastering Console                                                 Price:Free

Description:Lurssen Mastering Console puts you at the controls in the studio with all of the secret tools, settings and techniques of world renowned multi-GRAMMY Award winning mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen and his team. Now you can master your music on the go on your iPhone/iPad and get the professional, Grammy award-winning sound that the studio is known for. Pop, rock, hip-hop and more, Lurssen Mastering Console can help you achieve amazing mastering results when a trip to Los Angeles just isn’t in the budget.

Lurssen Mastering Console is a totally unique and new approach to digital audio mastering. It's designed to help you capture the magic of the Lurssen Mastering studio’s entire mastering audio processing philosophy. Instead of giving you just a collection of individual processors and presets, Lurssen Mastering Console provides you with models of the complete mastering gear processor chain as a whole. The interactions between the individual processors have been digitally recreated which recreates the synergistic "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" sound that has earned Gavin and Lurssen Mastering multiple Grammys.

With Lurssen Mastering Console, you have automatic access to a lifetime's worth of professional audio mastering experience. It helps you quickly get great sounding results thanks to its 40 pre-made "Styles" templates, which have been created and optimized by Gavin Lurssen, mastering engineer Reuben Cohen and the rest of the team. These templates reflect decades of combined mastering experience and fit a broad range of musical genres.

Using Lurssen Mastering couldn't be easier: Just create a project, load a song, then select an appropriate "Style" from the drop-down menu. Take control via an Input Drive knob and a five band EQ as well as a "PUSH" knob, which lets you subtly and uniformly nudge the EQs so you can "ride" the flow of the song and add that special Lurssen "magic" to your music. You can view and automate changes to the two knobs by using the waveform display with three different automation modes. You can make adjustments to EQ settings and save those as presets for easy recall — a preset consists of a style plus your adjustments. You can also view the physical gear chain and make subtle adjustments via the Chain view. When you've finished your mastering work, you can export your song to File Sharing, SoundCloud and more in a variety of popular file formats for final distribution and delivery.

With the Lurssen Mastering Console you can easily master audio with your iPhone/iPad while on the go.


• Created with Grammy Award winning Mastering Engineer Gavin Lurssen and his team
• Digitally reproduces Lurssen Mastering's unique studio workflow, techniques and signal chain philosophy
• Synergistic “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” mastering app for iPhone/iPad
• 40 pre-made "Styles" created by Lursssen Mastering that reproduce the settings and gear used to master different genres
• 3 easy-to-navigate displays: A Studio view with controls, a Wave waveform view and a Chain view for the individual processors
• Controllable Input Drive knob
• Adjustable 5 band EQ with fixed frequency
• "PUSH" Knob to subtly enhance selected song passages via uniform EQ adjustment
• Full automation available to adjust controls to audio content
• Gangable Input Drive control for stereo balance tweaks
• Input/Process assignable VU metering
• Stereo/Mono monitoring capability
• 88.2/96kHz output processing
• Audio import from device library
• FREE app that allows demo of settings and features (with intermittent noise injected plus no export options)
• Play/Process In-app purchase unlocks application
• HD Engine In-app purchase unlocks high res processing and export
• Digital Delivery Mastering (DDM) option added to the HD Engine In-app purchase

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The Ramen Sensei

Name:The Ramen Sensei                                                 Price:$4.99

Description:Build your ramen rep by fashioning the ultimate bowl from a vast assortment of noodles, soup, and toppings.

From roast pork to miso, mackerel, and more--the only limit is your imagination, meaning you'll need to use your noodle to nail the right recipes and bring hungry customers in by the crowd!

Enter contests and see how you size up against rivals, thus cementing your standing as superlative sensei of the savory!

Succeed--and one day you might even have your own ramen theme park!

Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, or visit us at http://kaipa.jp. Be sure to check out the wildly popular Game Dev Story for your mobile device or PC as well as our collection of FREE games!

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水印良品 - 一站式视频水印处理工具

Name:水印良品 - 一站式视频水印处理工具                                                 Price:¥0.00

Description:Delogo is a powerful image and video processing software based on international cutting-edge image processing algorithms and pixel repair algorithms. Including batch mapping, picture blur, image watermarking, circle frame brush, mosaic and other image processing functions; video blur, video watermarking, video mosaic, video plus music, video stitching, video plus cover, video shifting, video playback, etc. The video editing function of frame-by-frame processing, one-button operation, is simple and fast. Up to now, we have served more than one million users, and there are still a large number of new users joining the watermark good family every day.
Thanks to the small partners who use watermarks~ We will continue to develop new features and strive to provide better products and services!

[Image Watermark]
-- You can select up to 81 images at a time and add watermarks in batches. Support for adding text watermarks, circle frame brushes, filters, cropping, mosaic

[camera watermark]
-- Support adding text watermark, support album upload watermark, real-time shooting, direct save

[Video Watermark]
-- Support for adding text watermarks, circle frame brushes, mosaics, etc., support adding background music and deleting original music

[video blur]
--blurred video selection area

--Using pixel point repair processing algorithm to restore the original style of video and picture

[Video Shift]
-- Modify the video playback speed, the slowest speed up to 0.25 times speed, up to 4 times speed

[Video Treasure Box]
--Video rotation, video music, video cover, video cropping, video reversal, video stitching

More features, stay tuned

Automatic renewal service statement
• Subscription price: $3.49/month, $9.49/3 months,$15.99/6 months, $25.99/year
• Payment: The user confirms the purchase and payment and accounts for the iTunes account;
• Cancel renewal: To cancel the renewal, please manually disable the automatic renewal function in iTunes/Apple ID settings management 24 hours before the current subscription period expires. If you cancel within 24 hours before expiration, you will receive a subscription. cost;
• Renewal: Apple's iTunes account will be charged within 24 hours before expiration. After the deduction is successful, the subscription period will be postponed for one subscription period.
User Agreement: https://www.jianshu.com/p/6e9f8c2da241
Privacy Policy: https://www.jianshu.com/p/6cedbf4ef5b0

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PDF Document Editor & Reader

Name:PDF Document Editor & Reader                                                 Price:Free

Description:The intuitive design makes it easy for anyone no matter the technical background to use this app. Here are few of the features that this app is jam-packed with:

- Transfer PDF & other documents to USB, Wi-Fi, or E-mail
- Use Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or Wi-Fi to download or upload files and documents
- Create PDF from maps, websites or any other kind of text file.
- Supports various file formats such as MS Office & iWork’s files as well
- Ability to open documents in other apps such as numbers or pages.

Plus much more! Give this app a chance and test it, you won’t regret it!

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爱剪辑手机版 - 视频剪辑 & 视频编辑vlog制作

Name:爱剪辑手机版 - 视频剪辑 & 视频编辑vlog制作                                                 Price:¥0.00

Description:愛剪輯 - 熱愛剪輯微電影的最in神器


視頻剪接, 視頻剪切, 視頻拆分, 視頻合併
1. 剪輯和剪切視頻到任意長度。
2. 將視頻拆分為兩部分或多個部分。
3. 支持導出高清視頻。簡單易用的免費視頻編輯器。
4. 將多個視頻片段剪接合併為一個視頻。免費又專業的視頻製作神器,一個這用於YouTube,Instagram,IGTV,Facebook,Messenger,Twitter,抖音等的專業視頻製作軟體;.剪輯,剪切,拆分,組合和壓縮影片的同時不會降低視頻清晰度。

視頻比例, 視頻背景
1. 支持任何寬高比的視頻,包括Instagram,IGTV,YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,抖音等的比例。
2. 方形視頻、影片套框,免費的豎屏視頻編輯app。
3. 添加不同的邊框,彩色背景和模糊背景.
4. 將視頻片段合併到一個視頻中,將視頻添加到視頻中或將音頻添加到視頻中。它是YouTube的專業視頻製作工具,同時還是專業的視頻剪輯師和視頻連接器,可幫助壓縮和合併視頻而不會降低品質。

視頻濾鏡, 視頻特效
1. 添加電影風格的視頻濾鏡和Glitch等特效。
2. 調節視頻的亮度,對比度,飽和度等。自定義視頻濾鏡和特效。

1. 添加精選線上音樂,Vlog音樂或使用您自己的音樂。
2. 調整音樂音量,設置音樂淡入/淡出效果。

1. 配合濾鏡及特效調節視頻速度。 快/慢動作視頻製作器和免費視頻修剪軟體。
2. 以有趣的方式加快您的視頻速度。
3. 為視頻的特殊時刻設置慢動作

1. 將視頻裁剪為您想要的任何比例。 這用於Instagram,IGTV,YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,抖音等的強大豎屏視頻製作器。
2. 裁剪浮水印或任何不需要部分。
3. 放大/縮小影片。

1. 為影片添加文本,多種字體自由選擇。
2. 添加潮流動態貼紙和表情,每週持續更新貼紙庫。

1. 90度旋轉視頻。
2. 上下、左右翻轉視頻。
3. 輕鬆轉換視頻為MP4格式。 免費的視頻轉換器和視頻修剪App。
4. 製作幻燈片和更多視頻編輯功能,敬請期待。

1. 自定義導出解析度,高清視頻編輯器(1080P或4K)。 壓縮視頻的同時不損壞品質。
2. 分享到YouTube,Instagram,IGTV,Facebook(臉書),Messenger,Twitter,wechat(微信),朋友圈,抖音等社交應用。

1. 多種時尚的佈局。
2. 獨特的濾鏡和彩色背景,模糊背景。
3. 支持多種比率。可愛的框架。


愛剪輯是一個功能強大的視頻製作和視頻編輯App,簡單易用。 愛剪輯可以輕鬆將長視頻剪切,修剪和拆分為小視頻。使用愛剪輯,您可以輕鬆地在視頻中添加音樂,文本和貼紙。 快/慢動作功能也非常有趣。 最重要的是,愛剪輯是一款免費的高清視頻編輯器,可幫助您毫不降低畫質的導出視頻。 同時,您只需點擊一下即可將您的視頻分享到Instagram,IGTV,Facebook,YouTube,Twitter和Messenger。 您還可以編輯抖音短視頻的創意視頻。

Facebook小組: PixArt Video Editor
Twitter: PixArt Video
Instagram: pixart_video

取消訂閱:如需取消續訂,請在當前訂閱週期到期前24小時以前,進入"iTunes Store與App Store",點擊"Apple ID",選擇"查看Apple ID"。進入"帳戶設置"頁面,點擊"訂閱",選擇對應的訂閱項取消即可。


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Grand Prix Story2

Name:Grand Prix Story2                                                 Price:Free

Description:"Sit back and watch your cars break speed records as they race to the checkered flag in this racing team management simulator.

Pick any type of car you like and get busy designing your perfect machine. Train mechanics to bring out their full potential, and have them build you the fastest cars ever. Don't forget to coach your drivers as well. They need to be as good as the machines they drive.

Each course has its own peculiarities -- you can't win all the races in the same car! Customize your vehicles with parts suited to each track and you'll breeze through any race. Plus, you can upgrade both your cars and parts.

There is also a special type of fuel you can use for a super speed boost. Pick the right moment and enjoy seeing your rivals get smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror as you bolt ahead.

Create the best crew in the business and make a name for yourself in the racing world.


* All game progress is stored on your device. Save data cannot be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.

Try searching for ""Kairosoft"" to see all of our games, or visit us at http://kaipa.jp. Be sure to check out both our free-to-play and our paid games!

Follow kairokun2010 on Twitter for the latest Kairosoft news and information."

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