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Neema - Remittance & Card

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CURRENT VERSION : 2.3.7(2020-06-04)

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Neema is the fastest, most convenient and easiest way to send money back home. With Neema, you can send money to your loved ones 24/7 from the comfort of your home and at low prices! Send money to over 200,000 cash pickup locations and banks worldwide.

What you get:

Send Money In Seconds
The most competitive fees and exchange rates!
24/7 sending
Licensed and secure remittance services
In app personal and responsive chat support
NEEMA TO NEEMA - Free money transfer to any Neema member

How it works:

Deposit your money with any one of our agents or at our physical branch
Pick a recipient
Choose the amount

Visit us @ www.getneema.com

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SendWithNeema
Instagram - @sendwithneema





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PayPal: Mobile Cash

Name:PayPal: Mobile Cash                                                Price:Free

Description:Our new PayPal app is a simple and secure way to get paid back for last night’s takeaway, send money to friends who have an account with PayPal, check PayPal activity, choose currencies to send around the world and more. Plus, we’ve added some new features we think you’ll love…

• If you’re buying, simply scan the QR code to pay securely with your PayPal app.
• Whatever you’re selling, now you can quickly set up a QR code and get paid in person, all with just your phone.

• When funded by a bank account or balance, it’s free and secure to send money or ask for it back from friends and family in the US.
• All you need is an email address, mobile number, bank account, cash pick up service point or mobile top up details. *An account with PayPal is required to send and receive money. If you don’t have an account with PayPal, you can sign up for free quickly and easily.
• NEW FEATURE: just type a name, email or phone number and PayPal will find the right person for you.
• Request money quickly and securely from friends or family with just a few taps.

• Never miss a thing – keep on top of payments and sending or receiving money, with instant push notifications.
• Check out all your latest PayPal activity, by just logging in.

• Easily transfer funds from your bank balance to your account with PayPal.
• Shop in-store, online or everywhere Mastercard® is accepted and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.
• PayPal Cash Plus account required to get the card.

• You can be sure PayPal will help keep your financial information secure, with commercially available encryption, and fraud detection. All that plus monitoring transactions, 24/7.

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BDO Personal Banking

Name:BDO Personal Banking                                                Price:Free

Description:Check your balance, send money, take control of your card security, and more.
What’s new in this version:
- Minor enhancements to improve stability.
Continue to enjoy these app features:
- OTP Generator to get a secure OTP for Online Banking
- Lock / unlock your BDO Debit Card
- Send Money to any BDO account for free
- Pay Bills using a Debit or Credit Card
- View account balances and transactions
- Log-in through Touch ID
- Link your Apple watch and use it for Quick Balance and OTP Generator
Sign-up for a BDO Online Banking account at www.bdo.com.ph.

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Credit Cards Manager: QR Code

Name:Credit Cards Manager: QR Code                                                 Price:Free

Description:Credit Cards Manager is useful for managing several bank cards and planning your budget. It stores information about your payments, including cash deposits and withdrawals. Plan financial decisions and keep payments under control!

- Add information about cards: number, starting balance, type (debit or credit);
- Tracking of cash

- Enter deposit or withdrawal amount
- Specify the source of income
- Choose the purpose of the expenditure
- Create categories of incomes and costs

- Set the limit for a month
- Find out the amount for a day
- Track the balance

- Monitor the data for day, month and year
- Statistics for each category of expenses
- Information for each card and in total
- Color diagram

Please read the Terms of Use before you subscribe

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WorldRemit Money Transfer

Name:WorldRemit Money Transfer                                                 Price:Free

Description:Veloce, semplice e sicuro da usare: WorldRemit è un modo migliore di inviare denaro.
Aiutiamo i nostri clienti a pagare spese mediche e tasse scolastiche, e a inviare denaro nel mondo a costi contenuti e tassi di cambio garantiti.
Con WorldRemit, familiari e amici possono ricevere i fondi che invii in pochi minuti. Per darti una mano a cominciare, i tuoi primi 3 trasferimenti all’estero sono a costo zero!
Funzioni principali e vantaggi:
• Da oltre 50 paesi a oltre 150 paesi in tutto il mondo
• Filippine, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe e India inclusi
• I nostri partner internazionali includono M-Pesa, EcoCash, MTN, Metrobank e molti altri
Veloce, semplice e sicuro da usare: WorldRemit è un modo migliore per inviare denaro. Aiutiamo i nostri clienti a pagare spese mediche e tasse scolastiche, e a inviare denaro nel mondo a costi contenuti e tassi di cambio garantiti.
Con WorldRemit, familiari e amici possono ricevere i fondi che invii in pochi minuti. Per darti una mano a cominciare, i tuoi primi 3 trasferimenti all’estero sono a costo zero!
Funzioni principali e vantaggi:
• Da oltre 50 paesi a oltre 150 paesi in tutto il mondo
• Filippine, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe e India inclusi
• I nostri partner internazionali includono M-Pesa, EcoCash, MTN, Metrobank e molti altri
• I tuoi trasferimenti possono essere ricevuti come deposito bancario, ritiro di contante, mobile money o ricarica telefonica
• Salva i tuoi destinatari nel tuo elenco contatti
• Localizza e traccia in ogni momento dove si trova il tuo denaro
• Tassi di cambio garantiti con notifiche giornaliere
• I nostri costi sono contenuti ed esposti chiaramente
• Quando il trasferimento è completo, tu e il destinatario ricevete un avviso via SMS o email
• La nostra tecnologia all’avanguardia protegge il tuo denaro
• Siamo approvati dalla FCA e autorizzati da organi governativi di regolamentazione in tutto il mondo
• Il nostro servizio ha ricevuto oltre 125.000 recensioni da 5 stelle da clienti soddisfatti
Devi trasferire denaro all’estero? Ecco come funziona:
1. Scegli la tua destinazione
2. Conferma il servizio per il trasferimento
3. Scegli l’importo che vuoi inviare
4. Aggiungi il destinatario
5. Scegli il tuo metodo di pagamento
Scarica e comincia ora. Attenzione:
La possibilità di inviare denaro con WorldRemit dipende dal paese in cui vivi. L’app mostrerà i servizi disponibili in base alla tua posizione. La nostra app permette di inviare e ricevere dagli stessi paesi elencati sul nostro sito.
Per ulteriori informazioni, visita https://www.worldremit.com/
Vuoi contattarci? Per ottenere risposte alle tue domande e soluzioni ai tuoi problemi: https://www.worldremit.com/en/contact-us
Scopri di più su come risparmiare con il codice promozionale 3FREE visitando https://www.worldremit.com/3FREE

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Name:bunq                                                 Price:0,00 €

Description:The most elegant, most sustainable and most widely accepted Metal Card available today.

Get the freedom to spend, save, move and invest your money whichever way you like. bunq is a revolutionary mobile bank, built from a clean slate, dedicated to your wants and needs. Experience what bunq can do for you, today.

Carefree traveling
Always get the real exchange rate and save up to 3% on your next travel. Enjoy the best global acceptance with a true credit card, without having the burden of debt. Going on a holiday with friends? Use your card to keep track of your group expenses automatically. Charting unknown territory? The bunq Travel Assistant tells you everything you need to know about managing your money at your destination.

Total control over your money
You’ll always know what’s going on with your money thanks to instant notifications. Get them for each card payment, direct debit or any other transaction. Experience total safety by blocking cards, changing PINs or adjusting limits in realtime. Got a direct debit? You’ll get a notification upfront, so you can decide to approve it or not. Using bunq in public? Simply use Hidden Balance to hide the numbers in the bunq app, so only you can see your balance. You’re always in charge, 100% of the time.

Budgeting made easy and fun
Open sub-accounts for everyday budgeting. Get one for groceries, shopping, holidays or anything else you’d like. Each one is a full bank account, with it’s own IBAN, allowing you to also budget your direct debits, external payments and card transactions very easily. Want to save money with zero effort? Save automatically by having all your payments rounded up to the next Euro. Need to buy something and not sure if you can afford it? The bunq app can predict your future balance, so you know exactly how much you can spend today. Want to take control of your finances? Save up to 10% by letting the bunq app automatically categorize your spending.

Never waste time again
No paperwork, no waiting, no hassle.
Want to save time on administrative tasks? Automatically set aside VAT on a dedicated bank account, export your bank statements automatically, keep your administration in order by adding notes and receipts to payments. bunq is the bank that saves you time.

The latest technology at your fingertips
As a bunq user you get a front row seat to the latest tech developments. Thanks to continuous improvements based on your input bunq gets better and better every day. All so that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. Get to experience the bank of tomorrow today, sign up now.

The bank that speaks your language
bunq is available in 6 languages and our team consists of people from more than 30 different countries. Emails, notifications, support chats… We’re always there for you, in your language.

Your money is fully insured
Thanks to our European banking permit your money is fully insured, up to €100,000. We apply rigorous safety measures and are tested and audited to the highest standards. Your safety is our highest concern.

Your privacy is guaranteed
We guard your privacy as if it’s our own. We will never sell your data to anyone. Your transaction data is stored in Germany, a country that values your privacy as much as we do.

Experience what bunq can do for you, today. Sign up in just 5 minutes. You only need your phone, address and ID. No branch visits, no waiting, no paperwork.

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Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad

Name:Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad                                                 Price:Free

Description:Senden Sie Geld international – schnell, sicher und gegen geringere Gebühren. Werden Sie einer der über 1 Million Kunden, die weltweit über uns Geld senden, und laden Sie noch heute die Remitly-App herunter.

Über Remitly erhalten Sie:

ABSOLUT SICHERE ZUSTELLOPTIONEN: Bei uns können Sie selbst bestimmen, wie das Geld Ihrem Empfänger zugestellt werden soll. Sie können Ihre Überweisung über Ihr Bankkonto oder Ihre Kreditkarte bezahlen. Ihre Empfänger erhalten die Mittel dann direkt auf ihr Bankkonto oder können sie an einer Bargeldabholstelle entgegennehmen. Bei uns haben Sie außerdem die Option, Geld an eine mobile Geldbörse wie z. B. M-Pesa oder (in bestimmten Ländern) direkt an eine private Adresse zu senden.

GESCHWINDIGKEITS- UND PREISOPTIONEN: Anhand unserer EXPRESS-Option können Sie Geld innerhalb von Minuten versenden. Wir bieten Ihnen hervorragende Kurse und geringe bis gar keine Überweisungsgebühren.

DOPPELTE WÄHRUNGSOPTION: Bei uns können Sie Geld in der Währung senden, die Ihr Empfänger benötigt. Sobald Sie eine Überweisung bezahlt haben, kann das Geld im Land Ihres Empfängers in USD oder der lokalen Währung abgeholt werden. Diese Option steht Ihnen an Bargeldabholstellen, auf bestimmten Bankkonten oder in bestimmten Ländern im Rahmen der Zustellung an Privatadressen zur Verfügung.

Wir stehen für jede Überweisung mit unserem PERFECT DELIVERY PROMISE ein: der Garantie an Sie und Ihren Empfänger, dass das Geld zu einem genauen Datum und Zeitpunkt eintreffen wird. Sobald das PERFECT DELIVERY PROMISE eingelöst wurde, können Sie mit uns den Weg Ihrer überwiesenen Mittel bis zum Zielort nachverfolgen. Wir halten Sie über jede Station auf dem Laufenden. Ihr Geld kommt zum versprochenen Zeitpunkt an oder wir erstatten Ihre Gebühr zurück.

Wir halten die PCI-Datensicherheitsstandards strikt ein und nutzen 256-Bit-Datenverschlüsselung. Remitly ist von der Financial Conduct Authority im Rahmen der Payment Services Regulations 2009 zur Bereitstellung von Zahlungsdienstleistungen autorisiert und entsprechend reguliert. Wir sind auch bei HMRC als Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen registriert.

Senden Sie Geld an 49 unten aufgeführte Länder:

Senden Sie Geld direkt auf ein Bankkonto in Nigeria, Kenia, Ruanda, Ghana und Marokko.

Senden Sie Geld sofort an mehr als 11.500 Abholstellen in Äthiopien, Kenia, Marokko, Ruanda, im Senegal, in Südafrika, Ghana, Tunesien und Ägypten.

Senden Sie Geld sofort an mobile Geldbörsen wie z. B. M-pesa in Kenia und mehrere wichtige Mobile-Money-Anbieter in Ruanda, Uganda und Ghana.

Senden Sie Geld direkt auf Bankkonten in Indien (z. B. bei HDFC, Axis Bank, ICICI, SBI), Volksrepublik China, Südkorea, Nepal und Malaysia.

Senden Sie Geld direkt auf ein Bankkonto oder sofort an eine von über 72.000 Abholstellen auf den Philippinen (bei BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, GCash sowie an jeder SM-Mall), in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesien, Bangladesch, Thailand, und Pakistan.

Senden Sie Ihrem Empfänger Geld per Privatadressen-Zustelloption über die Sacombank in Vietnam direkt nach Hause.

Senden Sie Geld an mobile Geldbörsen auf den Philippinen, in Bangladesch, Indonesien, Nepal und Sri Lanka.

Senden Sie Geld direkt auf Bankkonten oder sofort an mehr als 12.500 Abholstellen in Polen, Bulgarien, Rumänien und der Türkei.

Senden Sie Geld direkt auf Bankkonten in Ungarn, Kroatien und der Tschechischen Republik.

Wir arbeiten zurzeit aktiv an einer Ergänzung mit neuen Ländern und an der Ausweitung unseres Netzwerks. Bleiben Sie dran!

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Name:CommBank                                                 Price:Free

Description:Join over 5 million Australians using the CommBank app. Bank with confidence anywhere, anytime.

Make payments

• Use your device to make fast, easy, secure payments with Apple Pay
• Receive, make and split payments using PayID, a mobile number or account number
• Paying with cash? Withdraw up to $500 from a CommBank ATM using Cardless Cash

Manage bills & payments

• Pay a bill or set up recurring payments with BPAY®
• Get bill reminders and notifications to help pay on time
• Pay your credit card, change your credit limit, lock payments, or set a spending cap

Track your spending & saving

• Saving for something? Set a goal with Goal Tracker
• Stay in control of your spending with Spend Tracker
• Get Transaction Notifications when you spend or receive money

Everyday banking

• See your account balance and transfer money between accounts
• Find your nearest ATM or branch
• Activate, lock, cancel or replace your card

Need help?

• Ask Ceba our virtual banking assistant your banking questions
• Use click to call to skip the automated questions and connect to the right person

Getting started

If you don’t bank with us, you can open an account in the app.
To use the app you’ll need iOS 10 or above and have your phone’s language set to English & region to Australia.

To use the Apple Watch app you’ll need watchOS 2 or above with your watch’s language set to English & region to Australia.

100% Security Guarantee

The CommBank app is covered by our 100% Security Guarantee, which means we’ll cover any loss should someone make an unauthorised transaction on your account using the app, provided you protect your phone and PIN and immediately notify us of their loss, theft or misuse, and of any suspicious activity on your accounts.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd. ABN 69 079 137 518

As this information has been prepared without considering your financial situation, objectives or needs, you should, before acting on the information, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Terms and conditions for the app and our products should be considered before making any decision. Fees and charges may apply. Goal Tracker requires a GoalSaver or NetBank Saver account in your name only. Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 Australian credit licence 234945.

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Regional Australia Bank

Name:Regional Australia Bank                                                 Price:Free

Description:A convenient way to manage your banking on the go.  The Regional Australia Bank app has been designed to be an easy-to-use banking experience in an intuitive and secure environment.

• Register your device using your Internet Banking credentials
• Choose your authentication method from either PIN, pattern or biometric (Touch ID and Face ID)

• Activate new cards
• Add your card to Apple Wallet*
• Set a new PIN on your cards*
• Put a temporary lock on your card
• Permanently disable your cards in the case they are lost or stolen
• Order replacement cards

Payments & transfers:
• Transfer between your own accounts
• Transfer to any bank account within Australia instantly using Osko
• Pay bills with BPAY payments
• Use saved payees and billers to make transfers simple and secure
• Schedule and manage recurring and future dated payments.
• Transfer from your loan accounts with our redraw facilities.
• Approve payments from accounts which have multiple signatories.

• Use ‘Quick Balance’ to view your account balance without logging in
• View your account details and transaction history
• Customise the look and feel of your accounts by uploading images for each account
• Add and delete new payees and billers directly on your phone
• View interest charged and earned during the financial year

Other services
• Find your nearest Regional Australia Bank branch  
• Find your nearest free Regional Australia Bank, Westpac or St George ATM
• Access our tools and calculators and see how much you can save or borrow
• Set up savings goals and track your progress
• Stay on top of our current interest rates and fees
• View Regional Australia Bank’s products and services range on your mobile
• Enquire about our products and services and our friendly staff will get back to you
• Keep up to date on the latest Regional Australia Bank news in your community
• Look up your previous login dates & times for peace of mind
• Easily update your contact details

Need Help?
• Take the inbuilt app tour and discover all you need to know
• From within the app, request a call from one of our experienced staff
• Easily contact us or view our branch details and opening hours 
• If you’re not already registered with Internet Banking contact us on 132 067 today
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/RegionalAustraliaBank
• Twitter: www.twitter.com/RegionalAustraliaBank
• Email: [email protected]

Note: Normal data charges apply. Please check with your mobile service provider for details.  By installing this app you consent to non-personal, anonymous usage data of the app being collected for the purpose of aggregated analysis of user behaviour and subsequent service enhancements. *Eligible cards only.

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