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TGI Fridays

APP STORE: App Store    Free
CURRENT VERSION : 6.0.19(2019-10-02)
APP CATEGORIES : Food & Drink, Lifestyle

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TGI Fridays ™

In Here, It’s Always Friday ®

With our latest version of the app, not only is going to Fridays for our signature entrees and amazing drinks even easier, but you can also mobile order to enjoy Fridays on-the-go. Use the app to:

• Order food and select beverages on your mobile device for easy and convenient pick up
• Pay your check at the table easily by credit card on your mobile device
• Find any Fridays using your current location by zip code or city and state
• Get maps and driving directions to the Fridays nearest you
• View and browse our menu for our daily handcrafted food and drinks
• View your rewards balance, claim and use your rewards

Download the Fridays mobile app now to start enjoying many more convenient and time-saving features.

Please note, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.





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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Name:Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle                                                Price:Free

Description:使用經典恐怖角色「Jason Voorhees」,在超過100個解謎關卡中跟蹤並屠殺露營者!從水晶湖營地到曼哈頓高樓住宅,從超高度安全管理監獄到雪花飛揚的滑雪度假村,Jason將會使世界各地(或許還不只如此)的受害者淹没在恐懼之中。

《Friday the 13th:Killer Puzzle》由邪典名作《SLAYAWAY CAMP》的開發團隊出品(5/5 - Rue Morgue, Touch Arcade, Gamezebo……「這是我見過的遊戲中,最荒唐、荒謬、暴力無比的遊戲。」-Dread Central)。


• 8個令人反胃的「章節」,總共超過100個解謎關卡!

• 見識Jason前所未有的一面:囚服Jason、冷凍Jason、末日Jason及更多!!!

• 陷阱!警察!SWAT部隊!地雷!轉盤式電話!傳送器!小貓咪!

• 選擇「R」模式以欣賞大量令人毛骨悚然的殺人場面,或選擇「PG」模式以享受幾乎老少咸宜的解謎體驗。

• 升級並解鎖無數可怕殺人兇器。

• 把你不要且生鏽的武器,換成閃亮且精銳的武器!*

• 在遊戲內進行*任何*購買,即可享有寧靜且無廣告的體驗。

• 無須網路連線!在飛機上、公車上,或在森林營火旁砍殺……千萬不要被Jason找到喔!


《FRIDAY THE 13TH》及所有相關角色及元素,皆為© New Line Productions, Inc.及Horror, Inc.之商標(以各公司的具體版權所有情況為准)。經許可使用。

《Friday the 13th:The Killer Puzzle》遊戲程式和內容之版權歸Blue Wizard Digital Inc.之子公司,©2018 Forest Green Enterprises Ltd所有。

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Cracker Barrel

Name:Cracker Barrel                                                Price:Free

Description:Thank you for downloading the Cracker Barrel app! From finding the closest Cracker Barrel to beating the line when you dine or ordering homestyle favorites to-go, we think you’ll find lots to love. Save more time by creating an account with your details for future To-Go ordering or joining our Online Wait list.


You can now pay your ticket from your table and skip the line at the register!

Get directions to your favorite Cracker Barrel store or view store details with one tap.

We’re giving you more ways to enjoy your Cracker Barrel favorites – at select locations, we’re offering delivery and curbside pickup!

We’ve also added our Lunch and Dinner Daily specials to the app. Now, it’s easier than ever to place an order for your homestyle picks. Just select a location and pick-up time, and customize your cravings.

Add your name to our Online Wait List before you arrive for parties up to six. Or, simply check the wait time at Cracker Barrel stores.

Access our Catering and Online Gift Shop through direct links.

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Train Driver Journey 4 - Introduction to Steam

Name:Train Driver Journey 4 - Introduction to Steam                                                 Price:$0.99

Description:Your journey as a Train Driver begins today in this realistic train simulator! From the makers of the world-leading Trainz series, take charge of a wide range of powerful locos, hauling thousands of tonnes of freight, shunting in the yard or shuttling passengers along suburban lines. Explore amazingly detailed and interactive routes from around the world from a variety of camera angles. Fun for ages 5 to 95!

Journey 4 - Introduction to Steam

This Journey takes you back to the 1940's and 50's when steam ruled the railroads! You start out with some introductory sessions to teach you how to handle the complex tasks of keeping your fire hot, water and coal levels maintained and avoiding wheelslip. You then move onto the famous Union Pacific BigBoy. The largest ever "4-8-8-4" steam loco consisted of a four-wheel leading truck for stability entering curves, two sets of eight driving wheels and a four-wheel trailing truck to support the large firebox. We have saved the best Steam locomotive for last. We are very excited to have this ultra high detailed train on mobile. Please welcome "The Blue Comet" in all its glory!

Sessions included in this Train Driver Journey include:

Steam - Basic Movement
Steam - Cutoff Control
Steam - Resource Management
The Blue Comet
The Repair and Rescue
Free Drive

Collect the full series of Train Driver "Journeys" and travel the world in charge of heavy freight, modern high speed passenger or old time steam locos. Each "Journey" is a stand-alone app or you can purchase many of the same Routes and Sessions via in-app purchase from our "Trainz Driver 2" and "Trainz Simulator 2" apps which also provide the amazing World Builder module to create your own tracks.

Other Train Driver Journeys include:
Train Driver Journeys (Free)
Train Driver Journey 2 - Iberia Interior
Train Driver Journey 3 - Waldabavale to Karrah Bay
Train Driver Journey 5 -Tidewater Point Rail
Train Driver Journey 6 - Highland Valley Industries
Train Driver Journey 7 - Rosworth Vale
Train Driver Journey 8 - Toronto Rail Lands.

More Journeys are planned for the future so please let us know in your AppStore review what your favorite trains or routes are so that we can bring them to you as soon as possible.

Note: Some content listed has been included in previous versions of the Trainz series, although new locos and sessions are being added all the time.

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Thai Airways

Name:Thai Airways                                                 Price:Free

Description:Whether relaxing holidays, city breaks, short trips, business or pleasure, simply download Thai Airways app to get your best travel companion.

From instant flight bookings to mobile check-in, whether it’s great value hotel stay or excess baggage, we’ve got them covered for your convenience.

Download now to get a comfortable & pleasant experience!

Your Journey starts here with Thai Airways app.

What can you do with this app?

• Contextual home screen
Get quick access to our services based on your travel journey

• Deal Card
Explore THAI’s great deals and promotional offers.

• Book a flight
Search for flight availability or access recent flight searches and book flights to your favourite destinations.

• My trip
Access your trip offline, and view details of your past and upcoming bookings.

• Check-in
Easier and simpler check-in process on your mobile device.

• Flight status
Find the updated status of your flight.

• Timetable
Plan your trips and check flight schedule beforehand.

• Talk to Nong Fah
Let our Chatbot, Nong Fah to be your personal assistant.

• Royal Orchid Plus
View your Royal Orchid Plus membership profile, Miles and member tier.
Pre-populate Royal Orchid Plus member details on the passenger information page.

• Multi-language support

Have a pleasant flight!

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Name:Wongnai                                                 Price:¥0.00

Description:Wongnai (wongnai.com) will help you to discover great restaurants, spas, beauty services, cooking recipes, hotels, and tourist attractions, which cover over 250,000 locations from all over Thailand such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chonburi, Pattaya, Ayutthaya, Korat, Khon Kaen, Hua Hin, Phuket and Hat Yai.

Not only does Wongnai provide you with detailed information about restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, spas, and salons. We also provide user-generated reviews and feedback from 3M Wongnai users. With more than 10 million reviews and photos, you'll never have to ask anyone about what to do or where to go again.

Our features include:
【Search】— Find nearby shops with address, phone numbers, menus, and operating hours
► Restaurants: Choose categories or dishes such as Thai Food, Buffet, Yakiniku, Shabu, Sushi, Steakhouse, Noodles, Seafood, etc.
► Beauty: Choose categories such as Spa, Salon, Manicure, Dental, Clinics, etc.
► Hotels: Resorts, Villas, Homestays, Vacation Rentals, etc.
► Attractions: Shopping markets, Temples, Parks, Natural Attractions, etc.

【Explore Hot and New】— Discover the newest and hottest restaurants near you.

【User Reviews】— Read and find out about what people really think about that particular place, to help you decide whether to try or not. You can also share reviews or photos with the community.

【Get Directions】— Easily get directions to destinations in Wongnai app via Apple or Google Map.

【Recipes】— Find quick & easy recipes that you can cook at home, and share your recipes to the community.

【Articles】— Recommend locally popular and interesting places, goodvibes, including restaurants, beauty services, trips, hotels, and attractions.

Not only does Wongnai helps you discover amazing things to do, we also provide services that make your everyday activities easier and more convenient when you wish someone else to help you get things done.

【Order Delivery】— Order food over 70,000 restaurants to your front door via Wongnai x LINE MAN.

【Reserve Tables】— Book and save up to 50% at top restaurants with no reservation fees via Wongnai x Eatigo.

【Reward Card】— Earn points via Wongnai app and get your privileges at the participating restaurants.

【Massage at Home】— Get outstanding massage delivered to your place whether it's your home or office.

【Buy deals】— Discover Bangkok restaurant week and awesome deals with discount up to 90% for restaurant and beauty services.

【Compare Hotel prices】— Find the best hotel prices from Agoda and Booking.

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Go Fish!

Name:Go Fish!                                                 Price:Free

Description:Lance a linha, chegue às profundezas e pegue o máximo de peixes que conseguir! Melhore o seu equipamento para pegar mais peixes e mergulhar mais fundo, faça descobertas raras e descubra novas espécies!

Características de Go Fish!:

- Jogabilidade simples e viciante: toque, lance a linha e pegue o máximo de peixes que conseguir!
- Melhore a sua rede para pegar mais peixes e chegar ainda mais fundo!
- O velho pescador continuará a ganhar dinheiro enquanto você estiver fora!

Que tal descobrir os mistérios do fundo do oceano? Go Fish!

Termos da assinatura:

Go Fish! O acesso à assinatura VIP oferece uma assinatura semanal: você tem um período de avaliação GRÁTIS de 3 dias, depois do qual será cobrado em US$ 6,49 semanalmente. Depois de adquirir essa assinatura, serão desbloqueados para você uma aparência de pirata exclusiva para o pescador, o Anzol de Ouro de receita dobrada e a remoção de anúncios não opcionais. É uma assinatura de renovação automática. O pagamento será cobrado na sua conta após a confirmação. A assinatura se renova a menos que você cancele a assinatura 24 horas antes do término do período. A renovação também será cobrada em sua conta.

As notas de preço são para clientes dos Estados Unidos. Os preços em outros países podem variar e as cobranças reais podem ser convertidas em moeda local.

Fim do período gratuito e renovação da assinatura:

- O pagamento é cobrado na conta iTunes depois da confirmação da compra
- A assinatura se renova a menos que você a cancele 24 horas antes do término do período atual
- A conta será cobrada pela renovação 24 horas antes do fim do período atual no preço padrão da assinatura semanal
- Para gerenciar a assinatura e a renovação automática, o usuário deve acessar as configurações de conta do usuário após a compra na loja
- Não é permitido nenhum cancelamento da assinatura atual durante o período de assinatura ativo
- Todos os períodos não usados do período de avaliação grátis serão invalidados ao comprar a assinatura

Para cancelar um período gratuito ou uma assinatura:

- Para cancelar uma assinatura durante o período gratuito, é preciso fazê-lo por meio da sua conta na loja. É preciso fazê-lo ao menos 24 horas antes do fim do período gratuito para evitar a cobrança.

Para obter mais informações, acesse https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT207865
- In order to cancel a subscription during the free trial period you need to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged.

Terms of use: http://privacy.servers.kwalee.com/privacy/GoFishEULA.html

For more info, visit: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT207865

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Cat and Mouse .io

Name:Cat and Mouse .io                                                 Price:Free

Description:O icónico jogo do gato e do rato chegou ao teu telefone!
Foge ao gato e não te deixes apanhar: cada rato capturado transforma-se num gato! Consegues ser o último sobrevivente entre os ratos?

Rating:4.25                                                 Show Detail

Happy Wheels

Name:Happy Wheels                                                 Price:Free

iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini 1, or better.**

Happy Wheels is a side-scrolling, physics-based, obstacle course game with over a billion plays online and is now available for your mobile devices. Assume the role of your inadequately prepared racer and ignore severe consequences in a desperate search for victory.

Now play as Pogo Stick Guy, Effective Shopper in an electric motor cart, Wheelchair Guy on a jet-powered wheelchair, Irresponsible Dad and his son on a bicycle, or as Business Guy on a personal transporter.

• Over 60 unique and challenging levels
• Create your own levels in the editor
• Deadly obstacles: spikes, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons, and much more
• Smooth, realistic physics
• Game Center leaderboard support

Rating:4.35                                                 Show Detail