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Totally Fun Spider Solitaire!

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CURRENT VERSION : 1.15(2019-10-08)
APP CATEGORIES : Games, Lifestyle, Card

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Boy Howdy's Spider Solitaire is the best Spider Solitaire app ever, and it's 100% FREE!

• Spider Solitaire is an elegant solitaire game where you try to move all the cards into stacks in descending order to clear them from the board
• NEW - optional video tutorial teaches you how to play Spider if you're new to playing!

• Fast and intuitive controls - Just tap on a card or stack and watch as it magically moves where you want it to go!
• You can also drag and drop cards and stacks if you want to!

• Beautiful, easy to read cards!
• No timers at all! Just relax and have fun!
• Unlimited undo support, with no penalties if you want to go back and try things a different way!

• Auto-highlight shows which cards can be moved and which cards are "stuck" under others until you free them up
• 4 difficulty levels of Spider, either using all cards of 1 suit for a fun game, 2 suits for experienced players, and 3 or 4 suits for a super-challenging game

• Global high score leaderboards with Game Center
• Your progress is automatically saved, all the time, so go ahead and take that call or jump out to any other apps - you can come back and pick up playing right where you left off!

• Sounds can be disabled if you want a quiet game
• You can even listen to your own music while you play

Thanks for playing!
Search for Boy Howdy to see all our free games!





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Okey Vip

Name:Okey Vip                                                Price:Free

Description:Türkiye'nin en popüler mobil internetsiz Okey oyunu artık iPhone ve iPad'lerde. Ücretsiz indir ve hemen oynamaya başla. Hem bedava okey oyna hem de çanak kırıp milyonlarca altın kazan.

ÇANAK kırmalı ve SEVİYE ilerlemeli ALTIN kazanmalı OKEY geliştirilmiş oyun keyfi ile hizmetinizde.

Efsane oyun OKEY artık İnternetsiz! Oynadığınız en hızlı ve en eğlenceli OKEY oyunu olması da garanti. Oyunumuzu mutlaka deneyin. Zorlu rakipler, keyifli anlar sizleri bekliyor.

OKEY'de veya 101 OKEY'de gerçekten ustaysanız ancak bu oyunu bitirebilirsiniz.

***** Her gün oyuna giriş yapın ve günlük hediye altınları kaçırmayın.

***** Trafikte sıkılmaya son. İster otobüste ister metroda, hatta yolda yürüken bile; oynamak için online olmanız gerekmiyor. OKEY VIP ile her yerde okey oynamak mümkün.

***** MİLYONLARCA altın GOLD kazanma şansı hem de BEDAVA.

Oyunumuzun özellikleri:

- Akıcı, yumuşak grafikler
- Çanak kırarak biriken altınları kazanma
- Seviye atlayarak daha büyük bahisler oynama
- Güçlü yapay zeka
- 24 farklı oda ve her oda için ayrı arkaplan
- Avatar seçenekleri
- Kimseyi beklemeden oynayabilme
- Yarım kalmayan oyunlar
- Internetsiz oynayabilme
- Birçok ünlü ile oynayabilme.
- Bedava okey oynayabilme
- HD oynayabilme
- Tabletinizde, telefonunuzda her yerde oynayabilme.
-iPad desteği.

Görüş ve önerilerinizi bize iletin.
[email protected]

İyi eğlenceler!

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Dungeon Crusher: AFK Heroes

Name:Dungeon Crusher: AFK Heroes                                                Price:Free

Description:Play it with just one finger!
Simple and instantly addictive gameplay!
The game is for real lazy ones, doesn't require a lot of time: the characters explore dungeons even if you're offline. All you need to do is take your reward from time to time.
The combat mechanics of the PvP competition is unique to games of this genre - collected heroes may be used both for leveling and for building arena squads to compete against other players in various competitions.

Key features of the game:
- Over 150 unique characters.
- Clans and their development.
- 8 science trees with over 100 different skills.
- Unique PvP combat mechanics.
- Loot equipment from monsters
- Craft new items with 1000's of recipes
- Over 60 special artifacts.
- Battles with hundreds of different monsters.
- PvP-mode against other players.
- More than 10 amazing locations.
- More than 10000 levels.
- 9 powerful skills to be used in combat.
- System of daily tasks, quests and other objectives.

Some of game modes:
- Pass the caves and battle with the ordinary monsters.
- Search artifacts in special caves.
- Story mode which tells you about the game world.
- Battle with legendary bosses.
- Random combats with other players during the adventure.
- Arena: compete with other players.
- Sieges: battle with great bosses.
- Mines: collect great treasures with your characters.

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Classic Spider Solitaire Pro

Name:Classic Spider Solitaire Pro                                                 Price:Free

-Tap to move automatically
-multiple card faces and background
-unlimited undo

How to Play:
The object of Spider Solitaire is to remove all of the cards from the ten stacks at the top of the window in the fewest number of moves.

To remove cards from the ten stacks at the top of the window, move the cards from one column to another until you line up a suit of cards in order from king to ace. When you line up a complete suit, those cards are removed.

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Baccarat Live

Name:Baccarat Live                                                 Price:Rp 0

Description:Live Baccarat is the most realistic, social Punto Banco game on App Store.
Fast, fun and sexy, enjoy James Bond’s favorite casino game and meet people
around the world.

Plenty of features to keep you entertained whilst you win:

• Stunning graphics
• Live Multiplayer Gameplay
• Authentic Punto Banco rules
• Weekly Leaderboard – be the best and win more
• Avatar Builder – be a Hero
• Cocktails Bar & Lucky Charm stores
• Quick fire chat
• Daily free bonus just for coming back

Baccarat has special items for purchase using our in-game currency ‘Diamonds’
such as cocktails for the hottie on the table, a bling watch when you win (or
lose!), dress up as a ninja card player or much more. Try our amazing
mini-games Lucky Wheel and Scratch ‘n’ Match to win chips and diamonds!
Diamonds can be earned each day free of charge or purchased whenever you want
from our store

Baccarat Live is a free, online, game of chance and skill for entertainment
purposes only. It is not possible to win real money, real items/services/gifts
or goods in kind by playing our skill games. The virtual currencies used in
this game are called Chips and Diamonds and can be purchased in the ‘Store’ by
using real money. Chips and Diamonds cannot be exchanged for cash or be paid
out in any form and can only be used to play our game. Baccarat Live is intended
solely for an adult audience which is eighteen years or over.

Playing Live Baccarat does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Terms of Service: https://www.abzorbagames.com/terms-of-service

Rating:4.4                                                 Show Detail

Solitaire #

Name:Solitaire #                                                 Price:Free

Description:Welcome to the most popular Solitaire game!
It is a original classic cards game designed for Solitaire lovers and every new player (also known as Klondike or Patience)-- Easy to play and Full of fun. Solitaire game play can be simple and fast to start but not so easy to master. More and more users are joining us and having hours of fun everyday!

Open game tap or drag cards, bet you like these game highlights--
- Classic look but modern options, clean and intuitive design for smooth experiences!
- Vivid instruction with pictures to show. All helps you learn fast and sharpen your game skills!
- Unlock more challenges with different levels. Hurry up to complete and Get cool Badges!
- Create your own solitaire game world, customize with lots of wonderful themes and cards skins, choose Classic or Compact layout to make yourself comfortable.

Game Key feature:
- Single tap or drag to move cards
- Draw 1 card or 3 cards as you like
- Unlimited UNDOS supported
- Unlimited HINTS supported
- Float Hints and Auto Hints
- Random deals or Winning deals
- Auto-collect cards on completion
- Fun and challenging Time mode,
- Tournament Champions
- Screen Rotation with portrait or landscape
- Left hand mode option
- Timer, Moves and Statistics
- High Scores ranking up to top 10
- Play offline any time & any where

Download it NOW--
- Time to get yourself relaxed and have fun hours, just so easily!
- Use your Intelligence to play our solitaire game and train brain every day!
- We never stop adding new things and always keep optimizing game experiences for our fans!

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Time Card - Countdown

Name:Time Card - Countdown                                                 Price:$0.99

Description:Time Card, An app can be used to easily manage every date in your life that has special meaning to you.

In fact, everybody has his own demand on recording important dates in their lives. But most people can't persist on it for long time because the traditional date App is too professional, and it costs too much energy to use.

The biggest difference between the "Time Card" and the traditional APP is its beautiful UI and diverse gestures. The beautiful UI makes each date look more formal, and the variety of gestures make the operation within the App more easier. I believe that the friendly UI design and the soothing interactive animation will make you unconsciously love it.



● Soothing interactive experience
● Convenient gesture operation
● Customize background for every card
● Notification center widget


Suitable for:

● Students
Record the date of the important exam and let you know the number of days remaining.

● White collar
Record the start date of an important meeting, so you can do some preparation before it.

● Literary youth
Record the date of an activity, so that you will not forget it because of some other tasks.

● New moms and dads
Record the baby’s date of birth and let you know how many days have passed since the day of birth.

● People want to record the date and make him better.

● People want to know how many days have passed since a particular date.


Contact me:

Got some ideas in your mind? Let’s get in touch! Say hello to [email protected]


One more thing. If you like this app, just take one minute to rate it, we'll appreciate it!

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Coordinate Convertor Pro HD

Name:Coordinate Convertor Pro HD                                                 Price:$0.99

Description:Fast & Accurate! Convert Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude ) between Decimal Degrees, Degree Minutes and Degree Minute Seconds format.

Pick your Location from Map & Convert if Coordinate is not known.
Also view Converted Co-ordinate & Address on map.
Copy Converted Coordinate to paste in notes etc.
Email KML file of Converted Latitude & Longitude.
Convert GPS Coords.
Calculate a position in a variety of formats.
Search Places and Convert Co-ordinate.
Find Address by Tapping on Map and Convert.
Easy to use interface.

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Business Card Reader

Name:Business Card Reader                                                 Price:Free

Description:ABBYY Business Card Reader Pro é um iPhone/iPad aplicativo de múltiplos recursos para se trabalhar com dados de contactos.

Recomendado por The New York Times, CNN, The Telegraph, Computer Business Review, Macworld.
Winner of RISING STAR Award in the “Mobile Field Sales & CRM” category in the Mobile Star Awards

Com o ABBYY BCR Pro você pode:
- Transferir dados de cartões de visita instantaneamente, em mais de 25 idiomas, direto para o seu iPhone/iPad.
- Salvar contatos no CardHolder - um arquivo especial com funcionalidades convenientes de pesquisa, seleção e agrupamento.
- Compartilhar dados de contatos via e-mail ou SMS

• A tecnologia ABBYY Mobile OCR mundialmente renomada da fornece qualidade e velocidade de reconhecimento de dados inigualáveis
• CardHolder – arquivo próprio do aplicativo com funcionalidades convenientes de pesquisa, seleção e agrupamento
• Normatização automática de números de telephone. Não importa como o número apareça grafado no cartão de visitas, o ABBYY BCR adicionará porções ausentes para que você estabeleça contato, mesmo se o código de país não estiver presente no cartão.
• Preenchimento automático de endereços. O BCR corrigirá quaisquer erros de digitação e preencherá campos ausentes do endereço.
• Troca instantânea de cartões de visita reconhecíveis via e-mail ou SMS em qualquer formato utilizável: texto, gráfico ou *.vcf
• Arquivamento e restauração de dados de cartões de visita salvos para serem transferidos para outro iPhone ou computador
• Exporte dados de cartões de visita escaneados para o Salesforce Leads (apenas para contas premium). BCR can export business cards to Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions of SF license. Professional Edition does not allow BCR export.
• Defina os comandos de voz na aplicação de Atalhos da Siri para abrir os cartões de negócio bastando dizer o nome do proprietário.
• Busca inteligente no Facebook e LinkedIn: conecte sua conta de mídias sociais ao cartão de visitas e carregue automaticamente sua foto de contato do Facebook.
• Realce de caracteres para verificação do resultado do reconhecimento.
• Backups automáticos.

Identifica cartões de visita em 25 idiomas, incluindo cartões multilingues:
- Alemão
- Coreano
- Dinamarquês
- Espanhol
- Estónia
- Finlandês
- Francês
- Greek
- Holandês
- Indonésio
- Inglês
- Italiano
- Norueguês (bokmål e nynorsk)
- Polaco
- Português
- Português (Brasil)
- Rússia
- Sueco
- Turco
- Ucraniano
- Checo
- Chinês simplificado
- Chinês tradicional
- Japanese

The free version is an ad-supported and provides only 10 recognitions at once.
Premium Account includes:
• Unlimited business cards recognition
• Export to Excel
• Automatic backup
• No ads

Premium Account auto-renewable subscription allows using all functions of this app. Subscription length periods: 1 month with 7 days free trial, and 1 year. The subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the period unless you choose to cancel the subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. You can manage your subscription and switch off the auto-renewal by accessing your Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription to that publication.

Read us:
Twitter @abbyy_mobile_ww

Privacy Policy https://www.abbyy.com/privacy/
Terms of Use http://www.abbyybcr.com/en/eula/

Deixe uma crítica se gosta do Business Card Reader. Obrigado!

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