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As we all know, the rapid development of smartphones has brought explosive growth of App. At the same time, Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List achieved 20.00K downloads, which was a huge success. To succeed, APP analytics and ASO are indispensable. So it is very important to monitor and analyze the ASO strategy of App in the app store for App developers. Apple App Store and Google Play are the first choices of app developers.

Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List has achieved great success in Google Play, how to do app store optimization to increase app downloads? AppSimilar provides you with a complete Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List ASO analysis report to help you to do optimization and promotion in-app store to get more downloads.

1.Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List's Basic Information

Download Revenue Rating Reviews
20.00K < 5k 90 232.24K

*data on 2020-02-29

2.Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List's Rankings And Reviews 

The higher app’s natural ranking in the store, the greater traffic, and the more accurate users will come. An important criterion for defining the effectiveness of ASO optimization is to look at the changes in the ranking of App applications in the App Store.

App reviews in the app store can help you to iterate and optimize the app. At the same time, the store will also recommend your app to users.

AppSimilar is one of the best Free App Analytics Tool which can help us get app market insight in real-time. And you can easily know your competitors' app ranking and reviews.

Search your competitors through AppSimilar, then check their app data, and finally develop your ASO strategy.

Rankings and reviews:

  • Revenue ranking: In the last 30 days,  viewing the "Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List's" revenue change in the India region.
  • Regions ranking: Check the ranking change of "Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List" in Great Britain.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Viewing the number of interactions of "Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List" in the app store.

Viewing Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List’s rankings and reviews changed, so that optimizer can determine the key areas for ASO optimization.

3.Demographic data analysis of Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List

Audience analysis is very important in the ASO optimization process, which helps operators to find precise traffic and obtain accurate user groups. The current audience analysis is mainly from the following dimensions:

  • Daily Active User:Users who use Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List every day
  • User Gender:Users of Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List are mostly male or female
  • User Age:Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List‘s users are in which range
  • Regions Breakdown:Where are Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List's users distributed

If you want to know in detail what percentage of the Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List users are, and what age group users are most active, we will have very accurate statistics to show you.

4.Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List's Keywords Spy 

The core of ASO is keyword optimization, occupying good keywords, which can cover users' search needs in the application store so that there will be continuous traffic.

As can be seen from the Keyword Overview, the Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List’s keywords ranking and the total number of changes in the recent 30 days are convenient to find potential keywords in the competition and grab search traffic.

We can use the keyword data provided by ASOTools, including the difficulty of the keyword, search volume, etc., to judge whether the keyword is suitable for us.

5.More Other Apps' Report 

AppSimilar also provides you with more app analysis reports related to Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List. Analyzing only one application is not enough to help you make the most informed decision. Therefore, you need to see more analysis on the Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List report to help you better understand your competitors.


The Best Free App analysis tool we use for Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List is AppSimilar. So, what can AppSimilar help us do? I think it can help us solve the following problems:

  1. You can view any App you want to know directly on AppSimilar without going to Google Store or Apple Store to check the basic information of the App.
  2. Insight into the changes in the rankings of competitors' apps in the app store, and learn from each other's ASO strategies.
  3. Through audience data analysis of competitive products, find accurate users.
  4. Expand long-tail keywords to increase the visibility of your app in the app store.
  5. Analyze the keyword design of competitors and grab the keywords of traffic.

To sum up, this is a free App analysis and ASO analysis report provided by AppSimilar. The real-time data of the App is mainly from App Download, App Revenue, App's DAU, App Reviews In Google Play, App Ratings InGoogle Play, and Version and other dimensions for a comprehensive analysis.

 ASO analysis mainly includes the four major aspects of App Ranking Charts, App Reviews & Ratings, App Demographic Analytics, and App Keywords Analytics. Through comprehensive data insight analysis of Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List, it helps you to do competitive product research and timely adjust operation optimization strategies. Amplify the benefit ratio.