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Discover free audio stories that entertain, inform, and inspire. Explore shows you'll love from entertainment and comedy to news and sports.

• Stream over 750,000 shows with over 20 million episodes.
• Subscribe to any show for free. Get notified when new episodes are available.
• Save your cellular data and listen anywhere. Simply download the episode to your Library.
• Continue listening on all your Apple devices and see your latest episodes in Listen Now.
• Find the most interesting shows picked by our editors, and the most popular shows in Browse.
• Explore updated categories, and collections curated by our editors.





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Mixcloud - audio & dj mixes

Name:Mixcloud - audio & dj mixes                                                Price:Free

Description:Mixcloud is the global community for audio culture.

Explore millions of radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts made by passionate creators around the world, for free.

The Mixcloud app gives you a free listening experience to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Mixcloud App

• Explore a wide range of genres and categories for free

• Follow creators / DJs / radio stations and keep up with their latest shows

• Tune in to radio stations across the Globe

• Keep track of your listening and streaming history

• Listen to what’s trending near you and around the world

• Queue up what you want to listen to later

• Sync your listening experience across your devices

Mixcloud Select

• Upgrade to Mixcloud Select to get more from your most loved creators / DJ channels for a small monthly fee

• Directly support your favourite artists and the music they play in their shows

• Listen to Select creators / DJs / radio stations offline

• Access exclusive shows and posts
• Access the back catalog of your favourite Select creators / DJs / radio stations

Mixcloud Premium

• Upgrade to Premium to listen to your favourite creators / DJ channels without ads or play restrictions

• Get access to upfront tracklists

• Access the back catalog of your favourite radio stations without limits

Mixcloud Pro

• Are you a creator / DJ / radio host? Upgrade to Pro to get access to the tools you need to grow and monetise your audience

• Get closer to your fans with Mixcloud live

• Allow your fans to show their support by subscribing to your channel

• Grow a real fanbase

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Think Dirty – Shop Clean

Name:Think Dirty – Shop Clean                                                Price:Free

Description:Think Dirty is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products. It’s an independent source that allows you to compare products as you shop. Just scan the product barcode and Think Dirty will give you easy-to-understand info on the product, track dirty ingredients, and shop for cleaner options.

• Barcode Scanning: Over 850,000 cosmetics and personal care products majority from Canada and the U.S. are currently in our database.

• Dirty Meter®: A comprehensive rating is given, along with detailed (but easy-to-understand) information on ingredients, certifications, and health impacts.

• My Bathroom Rating: Keep track of what’s already in your bathroom. Learn your current bathroom rating, and track your progress on “cleaning” it up.

• Shopping Lists: Save products to make shopping faster and easier.

• Shop Now: Buy products directly from Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Well.ca, Sephora.com, Amazon.co.uk.

• UPC Submission: Are we missing a product? Use your device's camera to scan its barcode and capture the list of ingredients with OCR, then submit it to us. For registered users who submit products, we thank you and will notify you once they are in our database.

As mentioned in:

Bloomberg, New York Times, O Magazine, Today's Show, NPR, Fast Company, Huffington Post, TED Blog, Allure Magazine, The Atlantic, PSFK, New York Magazine, Buzzfeed, Consumer Reports ShopSmart Magazine, Global News, Toronto Star, City TV, CTV, App Central, Brit + Co, Refinery 29, Telegraph, The Guardian, Design Taxi

"What changed my routine and really my life is the Think Dirty app." - Ruby Rose

25+ Apps To Make Your Everyday Life Easier – TED Blog

7 New Beauty Apps You Need to Download Now – Allure Magazine

26 Underrated Apps Every Twentysomething Should Download Right Now – BuzzFeed

The Beauty And Fashion Apps You Need To Download, ASAP – Glamour Magazine UK

“It helps me make informed choices on products that I am bringing home.”
– TED Blog Staff, Kyle Shearer

"Tse's quest for greater transparency is personal. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor, so she's sensitive to hidden dangers in the products around us."
– Fast Co. Exist

"Think Dirty miiiight be the best app ever" – Grist

"Buying safe cosmetics has never been easier." – Ecouterre

"Brilliant idea: 'Think Dirty' app tells you the ingredients in your cosmetics."
– Inside.com Jason Calacanis

"Think Dirty is an app that makes figuring out exactly what you’re slathering on your face, lips, bod (and, yikes, then washing down the drain) as easy as snapping a picture."
– Brit + Co.

"An App That Helps You Find the Safest Make-up."
– The Atlantic

"With a tool like Think Dirty, consumers can help find and promote good companies that are using non-toxic ingredients. You shouldn’t have to be a toxicologist to know how to find safer products."
– Janet Nudelman, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

"I love knowing the health impact of what's on my bathroom shelf. Every consumer of beauty products needs this free app"
– Karina Birch, Founder of Rocky Mountain Soap

As a small team, we are working diligently to accommodate the overwhelmingly positive amount of users' submissions (especially from our international users) to our database.

We appreciate constructive feedback. Please email us at questions@thinkdirtyapp.com if you have comments or suggestions.

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Name:healow                                                 Price:Free

Description:healow™ lets you communicate with your doctor’s office and access up to date medical records. You will be able to access your appointments, lab results, vitals, manage medications and other personal data all within one app. From the healow™ app you can manage multiple accounts and access your and your family’s medical information.
Find a doctor and book your appointment - fast, free & easy, at your convenience – morning, noon or late at night! No more waiting on the phone with your doctor's office for an appointment. Find an appointment that works for you and book instantly – on the go!
Set your goals and track them easily using trackers. Use our weight management & activity trackers to reach your fitness goals. Track your numbers regularly to watch the trends change and share your progress with your doctor. Stay motivated to make healthy choices.

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WhatsApp Business

Name:WhatsApp Business                                                 Price:Free

Description:事業者とお客様とのコミュニケーションを円滑にする、シンプルなツール。— WhatsApp Business from Facebook

WhatsApp Businessは事業者向けのWhatsAppです。お客様とのより効果的なコミュニケーションを図り、ビジネスを発展させるお手伝いをします。

ビジネス用とプライベート用に個別の電話番号をお持ちなら、WhatsApp BusinessとWhatsApp Messengerを同じ携帯電話にインストールし、それぞれの番号で登録できます。

WhatsApp Messengerの機能に加え、WhatsApp Businessではこんなことが可能です:

• 事業者のプロフィール:事業者のプロフィールを作成し、Webサイトや位置情報、連絡先など、有益な情報をお客様に伝えます。

• ビジネス用メッセージツール:不在メッセージを使って、不在のときにもお客様に素早く対応します。

• 固定電話をサポート:固定電話でWhatsApp Businessを利用し、お客様がその番号にメッセージを送ることができます。認証の際に「電話で認証」を選択し、電話で認証コードを受け取ってください。

• WhatsApp BusinessとWhatsApp Messengerを同時使用:同じ携帯電話で、WhatsApp BusinessとWhatsApp Messengerの両方を使用できます。ただし、それぞれ別の電話番号の登録が必要です。

• WhatsApp Web:パソコンのブラウザから、より効率的にお客様に対応できます。

WhatsApp BusinessはWhatsApp Messengerをベースにしており、マルチメディアの送信、無料通話*、無料国際メッセージ*、グループチャット、オフラインメッセージなど、頼りになる機能をすべて備えています。



いつでも皆様のお声をお待ちしております! ご意見やご質問、ご不明な点がございましたら、smb-iphone@support.whatsapp.com へご連絡ください。

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CBS Sports Fantasy

Name:CBS Sports Fantasy                                                 Price:Free

Description:Manage, track and get the best advice for your fantasy teams all in one place. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or hockey, the CBS Sports Fantasy App has you covered.

-Draft from anywhere with support for auction, snake, and mock drafts.
-Set your lineup, add/drop players, propose/monitor/accept trades.
-League chat to trash talk opponents all week long.
-League standings and power rankings.
-Player profiles with stats, projections, and upcoming matchup information.
-View league rules and draft results.

-Scoring previews for every matchup every week.
-Get fast and accurate fantasy point updates with Gametracker.
-Live matchup projections powered by SportsLine.
-Weekly matchup recaps.

-Player Rankings from CBS Sports Fantasy Experts.
-Constantly updated fantasy advice videos and articles.
-Depth charts, roster trends, and player projections to help you make the best decisions.
-Updated news, injury reports, and performance predictions .

-Set up your draft.
-Create and review scoring settings and categories.
-Easily invite friends via text, email, and social.

California Privacy/Info We Collect - https://ca.privacy.cbs
California Do Not Sell My Info - https://ca.privacy.cbs/donotsell

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Chromecast Streamer

Name:Chromecast Streamer                                                 Price:Free

Description:Milhões de usuários, centenas de milhares de críticas, simplesmente o melhor aplicativo para o Chromecast e o Chromecast TV. É "o aplicativo" para qualquer pessoa com um Chromecast.

Com o Streamer for Chromecast, você pode usar o Chromecast com todo o potencial. O Chromecast Streamer permite que você faça muito. Aqui está como:

Configurar o Chromecast:
Você pode configurar o dongle do Chromecast seguindo algumas etapas fáceis. Existem instruções claras e até um tutorial em vídeo para guiá-lo.

Fotos do elenco:
Com o Chromecast, você pode transmitir suas fotos para a TV. Seja em fotos de viagens, fotos, fotos ao vivo ou até vídeos Slo-mo, você pode transmitir com o aplicativo Chromecast. Você pode fotos do Chromecast, vídeos do Chromecast e gravações do elenco do Chrome.

Música do elenco:
Você pode transmitir músicas do seu aplicativo Chromecast para a sua TV. Navegue pelas suas músicas e elenco. É simples assim.

Elenco da câmera:
Transmita sua câmera ao vivo para a tela da sua TV. Aplique filtros e divirta-se muito.

Tela de transmissão:
Transmitir a tela do telefone para a TV. Você pode usá-lo para transmitir apresentações ou exibições. Também é melhor para jogar jogos Chromecast.
Nota: alguns aplicativos têm conteúdo protegido por direitos autorais e não permitem transmissão de tela. Esses aplicativos geralmente recomendam maneiras alternativas de transmitir. Entre em contato com nossa equipe de suporte se tiver algum problema ao transmitir um aplicativo.

E muito mais... :
Há muitos outros recursos esperando por você para explorar. Continuamos adicionando coisas novas. Assim como você, o aplicativo nunca envelhece.

Estamos felizes em ver que você pode fazer o seu Chromecast. Baixe Agora.

~~~ Fundição feliz ~~~

Algumas coisas legais seguem, por favor, tenha paciência conosco. Por favor, leia atentamente ou faça o download do aplicativo. Você sempre pode voltar aqui.


Opção de avaliação gratuita por uma semana. Sem compromisso, cancele a qualquer momento sem custo pelo Preço:
* $ 4.99 Mensal
* $ 17,99 ao longo da vida

* O pagamento será cobrado na conta do iTunes dentro de 24 horas antes do final do período de avaliação gratuita.
* Renovação: a assinatura é renovada automaticamente, a menos que a opção de renovação automática seja desativada pelo menos 24 horas antes do final do período atual.
* A renovação será cobrada dentro de 24 horas antes do final do período atual.
* As assinaturas podem ser gerenciadas pelo usuário e a renovação automática pode ser desativada acessando as Configurações da conta do usuário após a compra

Nenhum cancelamento da assinatura atual é permitido durante o período de assinatura ativo. Qualquer parte não utilizada de um período de teste gratuito será perdida após o prazo.

Nota: alguns aplicativos têm conteúdo protegido por direitos autorais e não permitem transmissão de tela. Esses aplicativos geralmente recomendam maneiras alternativas de transmitir. Entre em contato com nossa equipe de suporte se tiver algum problema ao transmitir um aplicativo.

Visite nosso site para ler sobre nossa Política de Privacidade ou Termos de Serviço.
Política de Privacidade: https://www.istreamer.com/app/ccs/privacy.html
Assinatura: Política: https://www.istreamer.com/app/ccs/subscription.html
Termos de uso: Política: https://www.istreamer.com/app/ccs/terms.html

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Tinycards - Fun Flashcards

Name:Tinycards - Fun Flashcards                                                 Price:Free

Description:Introducing a fun new way to prepare for tests and memorize vocabulary! Tinycards is a flashcards app made by the team behind Duolingo, the most downloaded education app in the world.

*Flashcards for Duolingo vocabulary.*
Love Duolingo? Review the words you’ve learned with Duolingo course flashcards!

*Prepare for tests effectively*
Tinycards uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help you remember new material. Time to ace your next quiz!

*Choose from thousands of topics or make your own decks.*
Create your own decks and share them with friends, or pick from a variety of ready-made collections. You’ll find flashcards for biology, chemistry, geography, history, language, and more!

*Tinycards. Big fun.*
Learn almost anything with delightful, animated flashcards. Have fun unlocking new levels and keeping your memory strength bar full while you learn.

*Simple and free.*
Easy to use, 100% free.

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Name:Bible                                                 Price:Free

Description:在全世界超过 1.8亿个设备上,人们用最受好评的圣经软件来阅读、聆听和分享圣经 --- 这可是完全免费的!超过1千个圣经译本,并有数百种语言的选择。还有数以百计的读经计划,以40多种语言呈献给您。添加您个性化的高亮显示、书签、公开或保密的笔记。



* 您有30多种语言的选择来设置圣经软件的使用介面。
* 备有775种语言,数以百计的圣经译本供您轻松选择。
* 从多个最常用的译本里选择,如 CCB 当代译本、CUNPSS 新标点和合本、CUNPSD 新标点和合本 (上帝版)、CNVS 新译本、CSB 中文标准译本、RCUVSS 和合本修订版。
* 离线圣经:在没有网络连线时也可以阅读 (只限特定译本)。
* 聆听有声圣经,享受全新的跳过功能、播放速度和定时器控制。 (有声圣经只限特定译本,并不提供下载)。

* 通过圣经软件中建立的友情,使圣经成为您最亲密的人际关系的中心点。
* 观看您和朋友一连串的读经活动,比如做笔记、做书签与高亮显示。
* 一起学习神的话语时,在圣经软件中通过评论来分享您的观点、提出问题并进行有意义的交流。

* 上百个读经计划: 您可找到灵修计划,还有在一年内借着探讨专题、部分或整本圣经内容来引导你的读经计划。
* 观看和分享《圣经》电视短剧、改变世界的电影《耶稣》和《The Lumo Project》
* 用关键字来搜索圣经。

* 全新的主题让您选择,通过调色板来个性化您圣经软件的整体使用体验。
* 经句图:将经文转为可以分享的艺术创作。
* 以您自订的色彩来高亮显示—— 就像用纸质圣经。
* 书签标示经文: 分享、背诵或者只是要标记您喜爱的经文。
* 通过社交网络、电子邮件或短信与朋友分享经文。
* 给经文添加笔记:可设置为只有您自己看得见的保密模式、或将笔记公开与朋友分享。
* 有了 YouVersion 的免费帐户,您可通过云端同步在任何接受支持的设备上看见您所有的笔记、高亮显示、书签和读经计划。
* 轻松阅读的设置,如字体选择、文字大小和亮度调整。

与 YouVersion 联系
* 在圣经软件里直接联系服务支持。
* 点赞我们的 Facebook : http://facebook.com/youversion
* 关注我们的 Twitter : http://twitter.com/youversion
* 跟进我们博客的最新消息: http://blog.youversion.com/zh-hans/
* 使用网络版 YouVersion : https://www.bible.com/zh-CN


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