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3pRally - TSD Rally

APP STORE: App Store    ₹ 2,799
CURRENT VERSION : 2.1(2018-11-29)
APP CATEGORIES : नैविगेशन, खेल

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3pRally is the most complete tool for Regularity Rally (TSD).

Now integrated with Flic, the smart wireless button (http://flic.io)!

Using 3pRally you will be able to be always a step ahead, thanks to the easiness of use and the high level of customisations available.

Main features are:
● All the relevant information are always available on the Main View (Speed, Time and Distance)
● Additionally, you can always access to the Compass, the Direction of Movement and the current coordinates
● Change the main information displayed by simply tapping it from the top of the screen
● Reset the partial counter
● "Quick Restart" to reset all the counters (Partial and Total) and restart with just two taps (we need to ask you for the confirmation, right!?!)
● Control the app via Flic, the smart wireless button (http://flic.io)
● Possibility to "unlock" the average speed from the partial counters (time and distance)
● Manual adjustment of the distances (and so the speeds) is available at any time
● Choose to show the Current or the Total Average speed (in addition to the partial average speed)
● Reverse/Rewind button to decrease the drown distances in case you missed a turn (or similar)
● Pause button in case you need to temporarily stop the trail (to be enabled from the Settings)
● Show your track in real time on the map
● Customise the position of the Reset Buttons on the screen (left or right)
● Manually (case by case) or automatically save your tracks (enable Auto Save to save them all)
● Add your own informations to the saved tracks (name and description/notes)
● Possibility to export the saved tracks in GPX or KML format (accessible from the saved tracks list in the Map View)
● Share an high definition image of your track with your friends
● Works with miles or kilometres, by choosing your device settings or letting you choose what you prefer (Settings)
● "Night view" to use the app during the night or with low light situations (Settings)
● Reduce the risk to erroneously change the view by enabling the "two fingers swipe" (Settings)
● Possibility to show the speed with or without decimals (Settings)
● Possibility to hide the average speed (Settings)
● Need support? An in-app tutorial and a contextual help are always available within the app. Give them a try!

Manual adjustment
● accessible by double-tapping the distance labels (when distances are the main information displayed)
● "one off" adjustment by entering a new distance (or modifying the measured one)
● "recurring" adjustment by adding a calibration percentage to the measures derived by the GPS
● not enough time to calculate the % recurring adjustment? Just enter the new distance and the app will calculate it for you!

Need a new feature? You experienced an issue or want to suggest us how to improve our 3pRally? Tell us via support (at) 3pmaster.com, directly within the app (from the settings view) or via our support site (see below).

Data connection is only required to access the maps.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Please consider that 3pRally relies on the device GPS to measure the distances you travel. Accuracy may vary depending of the GPS satellite reception quality.

Thanks to icons8.com for several icons (http://icons8.com).
Thanks to Alice & Flavia for their patience and to Quinten for his fantastic support!





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Partometer3D measure on photo

Name:Partometer3D measure on photo                                                Price:$1.99

Description:Partometer3D is camera measure app for area, perimeter, length, ratio, circle parameters, angle measurements. It can be used as a ruler or tape measure for accurate measurements on pictures / photos. This app allows users to make measurements in any defined plane in 3D space.

Info and demo video: http://goo.gl/UpCKrR

The measurement / object plane doesn't have to be parallel to the camera plane.
It expands number of situations where application can be used. For example, big objects now can be measured by taking a picture from a side, objects and distances that are difficult to reach can be measured as well.

Partometer3D has the same application area as "Partometer - camera measure", but gives you more flexibility and power. Angle Mode can be used for roof angle measurements. This data can be used in SolarMeter app for solar energy calculations.
The app has the following distinctive features:

- measure in any selected plane in 3D space
- Length, Angle, Area, Circle Modes
- add/delete any number of measurement/ruler lines
- values assigned to each ruler line
- measure objects in different directions
- share measurements
- find object ratios, if you don't need absolute measurements
- compare object parts to each other
- use custom and predefined reference objects
- angle measurement partially visible or out of view
- irregular shaped area measurements

Partometer3D uses a phone/tablet camera and any available object with known size as a reference to perform measurements. To define the measurement plane a rectangular object (sheet of paper, credit card, custom object) is used.

The App shows measurement results in different units: meters, millimeters, centimeters, feet, inches based on user settings. It also calculate dimensions of the object in relative units with respect to the reference object (ROL).

There is an option to make a picture or upload picture from Library. Zoom View feature helps to align object boundaries accurately.

"Partomter3D - camera measure" can be very useful if you need to measure bigger distances on a plane, where the simple ruler or tape measure is difficult to apply.

More about measurements with camera and camera measure apps on our blog: http://goo.gl/amCVTD

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Track My Kid  - GPS localizer

Name:Track My Kid - GPS localizer                                                Price:$2.99

Description:Eine effektive GPS-Familie Locator zu verfolgen und folgen Sie Ihren Kindern, wo immer Sie sind, in Echtzeit.

Installieren sie die anwendung auf elternteil und kid phones (Sie können die Vorteile der familie Sharing-Option) und starten Sie nach ihren geliebten ones.

Sobald Sie die Lage ihrer Kinder erhalten müssen, klopfen sie einfach auf Ihren namen. Die APP wird Ihre position aktualisieren und Ihnen zeigen, wo sie sind. Sie können sie dann erreichen, anrufen oder text sie und sicher sein, dass sie sicher sind.

-Erkennen, wo sich ihre kinder zu jeder zeit
-Aktualisieren sie Ihre tatsächliche GPS-position mit einem einzigen hahn
-Holen sie sich ihre tatsächliche Adresse und aktualisieren Sie Ihre Informationen
-Nehmen sie mich dort (fragen sie die APP, um ihnen richtungen zu geben, sie zu erreichen)
-Kid menu, damit ihre kinder sie sofort anrufen oder ihren standort bei bedarf manuell aktualisieren können
-Kein abonnement erforderlich, keine versteckten Kosten
-Effektive batterie sparende architektur (nicht draining ihre batterie!)
-Keine inserate
-Der tracking-prozess ist aktiv, auch wenn die APP nicht läuft

Bitte beachten Sie:

Die APP ist optimiert, um akku-energie zu sparen, aber sie sollten sich bewusst sein, dass unter bestimmten umständen die batterie laufen könnte.
"die fortgesetzte verwendung von GPS läuft im hintergrund kann drastisch verringern batteriedauer."

** Diese APP ist nur für IOS-geräte verfügbar **

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Speedometer Simple

Name:Speedometer Simple                                                 Price:Free




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오픈라이더 - 자전거 내비게이션, GPS 속도계

Name:오픈라이더 - 자전거 내비게이션, GPS 속도계                                                 Price:₩0


- バイクコンピューター:シンプルで直感的なUI
- 完璧な組み合わせのマップとスピードメーター:地図とスピードメーターを変更することが簡単
- 統計とグラフ:地図上のさまざまなグラフとあなたのバイクの記録を分析します。
- ランキングレベル:友達との競争。
- センサー:お使いのBluetoothハートレートモニター、スピード&ケイデンスセンサーに接続します。
- 共有:あなたのソーシャルメディアを使ってレコードを共有します。また、インポートすることができ、それはGPXファイルにエクスポートします。
- サービスを接続します:あなたの自転車に乗っ活動をAppleの「健康」アプリに接続し、共有しています。
- アップルウォッチのサポート

- ダウンロード可能なオフラインマップ
- アップルウォッチ心拍センサーのサポート
- 取り外し広告

* Openriderマニアパッケージは$ 4.99 /月で利用可能です。あなたのiTunesアカウントを通じて購読して支払うことができます。



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Speed - A dashboard for driving, boating, biking and hiking

Name:Speed - A dashboard for driving, boating, biking and hiking                                                 Price:$1.99

Description:SPEED is a dashboard app for use whenever you’re on the move, whether by car, boat, bike or on foot.

Here are some of the things SPEED can tell you:

How fast am I going?
What was my top speed?
How far have I traveled?
How high up above sea level am I?
Where did I put my car?
How far away am I from where I started?
How far has the boat drifted?
How can I tell someone where to find me?

Feature list:

Speed: Current speed in mph, kph, knots or m/s
Max: Highest speed achieved
Odo: Distance traveled in miles, km or nautical miles
Altitude: Feet or meters above mean sea level
Beacon: Distance and bearing to a set point
Position: Current latitude and longitude
SMS: Send your current position by SMS
GPS signal strength
24 hour time with seconds
Battery charge level and charging indicator

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GR Lover - Ricoh GR Viewer

Name:GR Lover - Ricoh GR Viewer                                                 Price:NT$ 330

Description:● Concentrate on just one thing to solve the problem of transferring photos from your GR II, GR III, and other Ricoh devices.

『 Ricoh GR II & GR III Best Auxiliary App 』

* This photo allows you to view and transfer photo videos to your iOS device.
* RAW, JPG, MOV, photo video full format perfect support.
* Complete remote control function.
* Manually and automatically add location information and keep Exif information for later sorting and organization.
* Support multiple selection and selection, convenient operation.
* Supports positive sequence reverse ordering.
* Support batch download, background download, no need to stare at the phone to wait.
* Supports NFC scan connection GR II and Bluetooth connection GR III Wi-Fi, eliminating the cumbersome manual input.
* Auto image transfer
* Fancy Text.
* No ads to bother.
* A conscience of GR users and fans.

● The Help Center of the "More" page will also periodically release some questions and answers, so stay tuned.

● If you feel that GRLover is good, you are welcome to give praise, I will do better.

● You can email me via “Feedback” in the app or check the instructions in the Help Center of the app.

* Due to the limitation of the background logic change of the iOS system, the app will be "killed" when retiring to the background in some system versions. If you want stability, try to keep the app running in the foreground during the download process.

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Fitmeter Bike - GPS Cycling

Name:Fitmeter Bike - GPS Cycling                                                 Price:$4.99

Description:Fitmeter Bike convierte tu iPhone o iPad en un ciclocomputador con una increíble gama de funciones. Tu sesión se monitoriza mediante GPS y todos los datos se presentan en tiempo real. La aplicación está diseñada para una amplia variedad de usuarios, desde principiantes hasta profesionales.

- La ruta y el posicionamiento GPS de la sesión se muestran en un mapa con marcadores de distancia
- Velocidad actual
- Distancia
- Duración de la sesión
- Tiempo de parada
- Detección automática de paradas
- Velocidad media
- Velocidad máxima
- Monitorización de altitud. Subida y bajada
- Calorías quemadas
- Apple Watch. Monitoree y controle su actividad usando su Apple Watch
- Medición de frecuencia cardíaca. Use su Apple Watch o un sensor Bluetooth externo
- Sensor de ritmo y velocidad
- Pulso medio
- Tiempos parciales
- Historial. Todas las actividades se almacenan y se pueden consultar. No hay límite de cantidad de sesiones
- Exportar todas las actividades a un archivo CSV
- Estadísticas por sesión. Velocidad y altitud sobre distancia
- Estadísticas de las 10 últimas sesiones
- Récords. Consulta todos tus records y un resumen de todas las sesiones
- Compatibilidad con Facebook. Publica tus sesiones en tu muro de Facebook
- Compatibilidad con Apple Salud: Distancia en bicicleta, Energía en actividad, Entrenos, Peso
- Sin publicidad
- No se requiere registro
- Sin anuncio por correo electrónico

El uso continuo del GPS en segundo plano puede reducir considerablemente la duración de la batería.

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Trial Xtreme 4

Name:Trial Xtreme 4                                                 Price:Free

Description:*** Mais de 150.000.000 de downloads!!! A série Trial Xtreme tem o orgulho de apresentar: o melhor jogo de moto radical do mundo!!! ***

Sinta a adrenalina tomar o seu corpo EM MAIS DE 100 FASES DESAFIADORAS E ESPETACULARES, repletas da mais pura emoção.
Ganhe dinheiro em corridas, torneios e duelos. Prove ser o melhor piloto entre seus amigos e trilhe o caminho da glória para chegar ao topo do ranking mundial!

Esse não é um jogo de moto qualquer. A nossa nova tecnologia de física Xtreme e os controles altamente precisos ajudarão você a superar obstáculos insanos em corridas que beiram o limite da realidade! :)

ARENA DE TORNEIOS RADICAIS – Corra contra outros pilotos do seu país e de todo o mundo para ganhar dinheiro e outros prêmios incríveis.

DUELOS RADICAIS – Quer ganhar uma nota preta? Entre na arena de duelos e aposte contra outros pilotos para dobrar o seu dinheiro.

PISTAS RADICAIS – Os gráficos 3D mais insanos que você já viu, em fases extraordinárias para garantir uma corrida surreal.

CONTRATOS COM PATROCINADORES – Prove ser um piloto extraordinário para ganhar dinheiro dos patrocinadores ao correr contra os melhores do mundo.

MELHORIAS RADICAIS – Aprimore as suas habilidades, melhore seu desempenho nas pistas e turbine o visual da sua moto com opções fantásticas.

ESTILO! – Estilize seu piloto com uma variedade impressionante de equipamentos e mostre a todos quem é que manda no pedaço.

Privacy Policy:http://www.deemedya.com/privacy
Terms of Use: http://www.deemedya.com/license

Visite nosso site oficial: http://www.deemedya.com
Curta nossa página do Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Deemedya
Para suporte: support@deemedya.com
Para comentários e sugestões, acesse: https://www.facebook.com/Trial4
Confira nossos vídeos e trailers de jogos: https://www.youtube.com/user/DeemedyaMS

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