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APP STORE: App Store    Free
CURRENT VERSION : 7.29.0(2020-06-09)
APP CATEGORIES : Travel, Utilities
APP RATINGS & REVIEWS : 4.7 (623.75K)

40.0K   <5K <5K


Discover Cabify, a transport app that lets you move around the city comfortably and safely with your private car and driver. Begin to travel around your city Cabify style. With just a couple of taps of the app you can order a ride. In a few minutes you’ll have a car with a chauffeur waiting to take you wherever you want. And all with high safety standards.

How does Cabify work?

1. Order or reserve your journey. Open the app and tell us where you are and where you want to go. Choose the type of vehicle your want to travel in; Lite, Kids, Executive… discover all the options available in your city!
2. Confirm your journey and… a driver’s on their way! We’ll tell you the name of your driver and your vehicle details including the registration plate, and how far away it is.
3. Know the price before you travel. Forget about taximeters because we tell you from the start how much you’ll pay for the ride. What’s more, you can select the payment method that most suits you (credit or debit card, cash, PayPal… ).
4. Share the experience. You can send your journey details to family or friends so they know where you are in each moment.

What’s more, you can personalize your ride. In the Cabify app, select what music your prefer, whether you want the driver to open the door for you and if you want the air-conditioning on. All so you can move around the city in the most comfortable way possible.

Where is Cabify available?

Cabify is already available in more than 40 cities and is becoming a great alternative to owning a car or to other means of transport such as public transport or taxis.
- Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Mérida, Monterrey, Querétaro, Puebla.
- Colombia: Barranquilla, Bogotá, Cali, Medellín.
- Chile: Concepción, Santiago, Valparaíso.
- Ecuador: Guayaquil, Quito
- Panama: Panama City.
- Peru: Lima.
- Argentina: Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mendoza.
- Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo.
- Brazil: Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Campinas, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, São Paulo.
- Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Alicante.
- Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Algarve.

What advantages does the Cabify app give you?

- Safety for you and yours. All journeys are geolocalized and can be shared immediately with a family member or friend, so they know which car and driver you’re with and where you are.
- The best drivers in the market. The selection process in Cabify is the most rigorous around. All the drivers go through a series of tests and training.
- Know the price before you travel. In all our journeys we show you the price before you order a ride. This way you can travel relaxed, knowing how much you’re going to pay.
- 100% personalization. You decide how you want to get around. Cabify differs from other public transport options or taxis due to how customizable it is to use. From choosing the payment method that best fits you to selecting the type of music that you’d like to hear. And all without any extra costs.
- With just one account, more than 40 cities. If you like to travel with Cabify you can do so in more than ten countries without the need to create new accounts or worry about how to pay.

Do you want to be a driver with Cabify?

If what really moves you is helping others discover the city, join one of the fleets of drivers that use Cabify. Start to drive with a safe app that offers you the best fares. Learn more and register in cabify.com/drivers or download the Cabify Drivers app.

Looking for corporate transport options for your business?

Offer your employees the best cars and drivers, with Cabify. Our corporate service will allow you to have a large fleet of vehicles at your disposal, designed to meet all your company’s needs. In addition, our management platform will allow you to have greater control of expenses and journeys made. Find out more at cabify.com/business.





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Top 8 Similars More Similar Apps

Stengt Tunnel - er veien åpen?

Name:Stengt Tunnel - er veien åpen?                                                Price:0,00 kr

Description:Lar deg raskt og enkelt se om veier eller tunneler er stengt eller åpen. I tillegg se trafikkmeldingene som angår veien.

Viser status for:
- Oslofjordtunnelen
- Nordbytunnelen
- Operatunnelen under Svartdalen
- Ryenlokket tunnel
- Strømsåstunnelen
- Tromsøysundtunnelen
- Fannefjordtunnelen
- Atlanterhavstunnelen
- Skatestraumtunnelen
- Gudvangatunnelen
- Stampeleinåstunnelen
- Merraskottunnelen
- Elgskauåstunnelen
- Åkrafjordtunnelen
- Eidsvågtunnelen
- Nøstvettunnelen
- Eidsvolltunnelen
- Stavnetunnelen
- Ilsviktunnelen
- Skansentunnelen
- Strindheimtunnelen
- Gruatunnelen
- Hagantunnelen
- Viggjatunnelen
- Grillstadtunnelen
- Stavsjøfjelltunnelen
- Skaret tunnel
- Oddernestunnelen
- Fosskollentunnelen
- Flere kommer

Hvilken tunnel eller vei trenger du? Send en tweet til @olekenneth

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BiTaksi - Cebindeki Taksi

Name:BiTaksi - Cebindeki Taksi                                                Price:0,00 €

Description:Cebindeki Taksi, BiTaksi!
Şehir insanı için yapılmış en iyi uygulamalardan biri!

BiTaksi ile tek tuşla taksi çağır, tek tıkla öde!

BiTaksi sana en yakın taksiyi bulur ve yönlendirir. Gelen sürücünün ismini, resmini, puanını, taksinin plakasını ve kaç dakikada yanında olacağını ekranında görürsün. Taksinin gelişini haritadan izleyebilirsin. Nakit dışında kredi kartı ve BKM Express ile de ödeyebilirsin.

Yolculuk sonunda sürücüye puan verebilir, yolculuğun hakkında yorum yazabilirsin!

En kaliteli şöförler ile seyahat etmek istiyorsan, kolaylıkla taksi bulmak istiyorsan indir BiTaksi!

Duraktan veya yoldan taksi bulamadıysan, trafikte araba kullanmak, otobüs veya dolmuş beklemek istemiyorsan bir de BiTaksi’yi dene.

• Bozuk Para Derdi Yok

BiTaksi’de kredi kartıyla ödemek çok kolay! Bozuk parayla uğraşmak yok, sokak sokak ATM aramak yok.

• Yolculuğun Kayıt Altında

Takside bir şey mi unuttun? Hiç dert etme, yolculuklar kayıt altında.

• Ücret Hesaplayabilirsin

Ücret hesaplama menüsünden gideceğin yere ne kadar tutacağını hesaplayabilirsin.

• Yolculuk Rotasını Paylaşabilirsin

Yolculuğun sırasında konumunu yakınların ile paylaşabilirsin. Böylelikle yakınların yolculuğunu haritadan takip edebilir.

Ulaşımda teknoloji kolaylığını yaşa. Şu anda sadece İstanbul ve Ankara’da.

BiTaksi, hızlı, kolay, güvenli!

* Arkaplanda devam eden GPS kullanımı pil ömrünüzü tüketebilir.
* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Public Transport Simulator

Name:Public Transport Simulator                                                 Price:Free

Description:Jump behind the steering wheel in this driving simulator. There are three different types of missions, depending on what type of vehicle you choose. Choose one of many buses to transport passengers around the city. Jump in as a taxi driver and give a lift to clients waving their hands around the city. Choosing a race car, opens up Checkpoint racing tracks in the city. For each customer serviced or race finished, you get experience points, which unlock additional vehicles and locations. For each vehicle there are unlockable upgrades and paint jobs. Upgrades and paint jobs are unlocked simply by earning experience with that vehicle. Drive carefully! When you crash, passengers fall and you lose experience.

• Fully modeled 3D environments and vehicles.
• Interior and exterior view with free look.
• Realistic physics and ragdoll.
• Accident replays with screenshot possibility.
• Different control options.
• Bus driving.
• Taxi driving.
• Van driving.
• Bonus cars and races.
• Leaderboards.

Rating:4.55                                             Show Detail

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing

Name:Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing                                                 Price:Free





 スリル満点の 3D HD視覚








Rating:4.65                                                 Show Detail


Name:Gum VPN                                                 Price:Free

Description:Enjoy safe and private Internet access with the world’s most advanced VPN - Secure & Private VPN. Stream your favorite content anywhere you go. If you are looking for a fast, secure, reliable and private VPN app, this is it. And we have free servers!


* Fast Speed

* No Logs

* Servers All Arount the World

* Private Connections

In-app purchases:
You can become a premium user and get more features through auto-renewable subscription:

Weekly subscription: first 3 days for free, then $9.99 per week

Semiannualy: $37.99 per 6 months

Yearly: $67.99 per year

Monthly: $12.99 per month

- This subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- Your iTunes account will be charged for subscription renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
- You can turn off the auto-renew by going to your account setting at any time (24-hours before the end of the current period), but no cancellation for the current subscription period.

Please check out our terms of use and privacy policy:
Terms of use: https://gumvpn.pro/terms.html
Privacy policy: https://gumvpn.pro/privacy.html

Rating:3.95                                                 Show Detail

The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

Name:The Simpsons™: Tapped Out                                                 Price:Free

From the writers of The Simpsons, comes the city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield! When Homer accidently causes a meltdown that wipes out Springfield, it’s up to you to clean up his mess… we mean, help him rebuild it!
Collect Your Favorite Characters
Help reunite Homer with his loved ones - Marge, Lisa, Maggie (and even sometimes Bart) – as well as his not so loved ones, like Ned Flanders. Re-populate Springfield with your favorite characters, from Barflies (Barney Gumble) to Wise Guys (Fat Tony). Add them all, we won’t judge! Dress your characters to the nines with options like Daredevil Bart or Lizard Queen Lisa, and relive scenes from your favorite episodes of The Simpsons!
Take Charge of Your Springfield
Can’t control your own life? Now you can control the lives of the citizens of Springfield instead! Make Apu work ridiculously long shifts at the Kwik-E-Mart, have Moe smuggle illegal animals, or make Homer toil poolside all day… that last one might not be so bad.
Build Your Own Springfield
Think Homer deserves to live next door to Moe’s? Or the monorail can survive a few more sharp twists and turns? Or 40% fewer health inspectors? Well you can finally make Springfield just the way you want it! Expand your town to the Waterfront, grow its businesses with the glamourous shops of Springfield Heights, and enjoy its sights, all with only a few taps.

Experience Unique Simpsons Stories
Catch exclusive animated scenes and new hilarious stories from the writers of The Simpsons. You know they’re good because they write for The Simpsons! Tapped Out is the most life-ruiningly fun Simpsons game you can play!
Always Something New for Your Favorite Town
Springfield might perpetually be on the verge of destruction, buy hey, at least it’s never boring. Whether it’s Halloween monster invasions, superheroes run amok, or chaos caused by one of Homer’s “great” ideas, you’ve got never-ending options to tap!

Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.
User Agreement: terms.ea.com

Rating:4.5                                                 Show Detail


Name:トイレ情報共有マップくん                                                 Price:¥0

Description:Dalam OPP curam, atau tidak ada pengalaman dari keringat dingin?
Waktu, tidak tahu mengunjungi Nandoki, OPP
Mutlak diperlukan untuk saat "toilet"
OPP Namun demikian, lokasi "toilet" tidak tahu, tapi ingin pergi sekarang! !
Yang bahkan sekali dan 2 tetapi bahwa ada pengalaman.
Untuk seperti OPP, di mana untuk menemukan toilet?
Dalam hubungannya dengan peta Google secepat dicari, "toilet" yang dapat digunakan dalam keadaan darurat nasional
Mudah, itu adalah peta-tipe navigasi app segera dicari.

Ini adalah konsep aplikasi informasi bersama oleh pengguna menyukai satu sama lain.
Mari berbagi informasi dan segera didaftarkan jika ada tempat di mana saya pikir ini
Orang untuk diselamatkan Anda harus memiliki pasti.

[Darurat pencarian toilet dan fungsi pin WC]
◎ navigasi GPS!
Menggunakan fungsi GPS dari Google Maps, atau memeriksa toilet dari lokasi,
Anda dapat memeriksa rute ke sana.
Juga-atau-! Karena mereka tegas dipasang juga fitur navigasi panduan suara pada sentuhan tombol!
Dan menatap dan mencari layar sudut Toka ... Anda tidak perlu adalah!

◎ jumlah rinci informasi! !
Ketika Anda tekan "WC pin" yang Sasa 'di MAP, Anda dapat memeriksa informasi toilet yang ditentukan.
Informasi adalah warna-warni! Washlet, multi-fungsi toilet ostomate Powder Room, popok tabel ...

◎ menambah dan berbagi informasi navigasi! Komunikasi dari pertemuan asisten cocok untuk menggantikan peta dan tujuan
Tekan "posisi" mark, memindahkan kursor ke lokasi toilet,
Ketika Anda menekan tombol Enter, masukkan informasi dari "toilet" baru,
Dan baru Anda dapat melahirkan "toilet pin".
Saya tidak tahu siapa saja dari bantuan, berdiri dalam peran orang lain.
Bukankah akan kontribusi kesejahteraan pertemuan saya indah komunikasi yang memegang dalam gotong royong?

◎ informasi peta yang baik, jika peta hanya apa yang Anda butuhkan! !
Ketika Anda tekan "kaca pembesar" mark, Anda dapat mempersempit ke toilet diperlukan untuk menempatkan cek di toilet dari item yang ingin Anda gunakan!
Keraguan bahwa informasi adalah lebih banyak lebih baik. Ini tidak berguna tidak ada kenyamanan yang dapat diambil bila diperlukan informasi yang Anda butuhkan.
Itu sebabnya aku aplikasi peta untuk dipilih.

【Tentang opsi persembunyian iklan】
Untuk menyembunyikan iklan, Anda harus mendaftar untuk "Opsi Sembunyikan Iklan".

【Iklan Sembunyikan Harga Opsi dan Periode】
※ Harga dapat berubah.
※ Periode diperbarui secara otomatis dari tanggal aplikasi dan satu bulan.

【Metode penagihan】
Ini akan dibebankan ke akun iTunes Anda dan akan diperbarui setiap bulan.

【Rincian Pembaruan Otomatis】
・ Periode berlangganan akan diperpanjang secara otomatis selama satu bulan kecuali jika Anda membatalkan berlangganan opsi non-display iklan 24 jam sebelum akhir periode berlangganan.
・ Biaya perpanjangan untuk periode berlangganan (satu bulan) akan diselesaikan dan dibebankan dalam waktu 24 jam sejak akhir periode berlangganan.
・ Harap dicatat bahwa jika Anda berlangganan opsi sembunyikan iklan dengan biaya dari layar AppStore selama periode percobaan gratis sembunyikan iklan, periode uji coba gratis akan berakhir pada titik itu dan pembayaran akan terjadi.

[Cara membatalkan konfirmasi status pendaftaran / pembaruan otomatis]
1. Buka aplikasi "Pengaturan"
2. Pilih "iTunes & App Store"
3. Pilih "ID Apple: Alamat Email" yang ditampilkan di bagian atas layar
4. Ketuk "Tampilkan ID Apple" di sembulan yang ditampilkan.
5. Masuk sesuai kebutuhan
6. Pilih tombol "Kelola" di bawah item bertanda "Registrasi"
Aplikasi anggota bulanan yang saat ini terdaftar ditampilkan. Anda dapat membatalkan opsi sembunyikan iklan dari sini. Harap perhatikan bahwa Anda tidak dapat membatalkan opsi sembunyikan iklan dari dalam aplikasi.

【Pembatalan untuk bulan berjalan】
Kami tidak menerima pembatalan untuk opsi sembunyikan iklan untuk bulan ini.

Kebijakan privasi

ketentuan layanan

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Alicante Bus

Name:Alicante Bus                                                 Price:0,00 €

Description:App oficial de Subús, empresa que gestiona el transporte urbano en Alicante, para que vecinos y visitantes puedan acceder desde su móvil a toda la información actualizada sobre líneas, paradas, tiempos de espera, incidencias, puntos de interés cercanos e incluso la estimación de ahorro de emisiones de C02. Práctica y de fácil manejo. La aplicación cuenta con las siguientes secciones:

• Favoritos: Para guardar las paradas y líneas que más usas y así acceder más rápido.
• Plano: Paradas, líneas y puntos de venta de billetes más cercanos a tu ubicación, con imagen de Street View para ubicarlos.
• Avísame: Sistema que buscando parada, mapa o favoritos, recibir avisos sobre salidas de bus. Puedes filtrar que te avise cuando llegue el bus a la parada en una franja horaria.
• Próximo: ¿Cuándo llega el próximo bus?
• Código QR: Información de líneas y estimación de llegadas con la lectura del código QR de la parada.
• PDI: Puntos de Interés de Alicante, conectado con Google Places para mostrar información turística o de servicios; se puede visualizar junto con el mapa de paradas y líneas de bus.
• Notifícame: Activar notificaciones generales del servicio, como cambios de horarios o incidencias, para cada una de las paradas y líneas marcadas como favoritas.
• C02: ¡Gracias por usar el transporte público de Alicante! Aquí se ofrece el cálculo del ahorro en emisiones de C02 a la atmósfera cada vez que coges el bus y el acumulado de todos los usuarios.

Rating:2                                                 Show Detail