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Idle Property Manager Tycoon

APP STORE: App Store    Free
CURRENT VERSION : 1.4(2020-02-05)
APP CATEGORIES : Games, Casual, Simulation, Entertainment

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Build, Upgrade & Get RICH! A Fun FREE Idle Tycoon Game!
Build Property to become a Real Estate Billionaire and Capitalist Tycoon!
One of the best Idle Games in the World!

● Build, UPGRADE & Rent buildings
● Rent to Star tenants to BOOST INCOME.
● Hire PROPERTY MANAGERS for automated collection
● INVEST in a new City around the World
● Simple tap controls & CASUAL idle gameplay

Bored of being a gold miner or working in a factory, supermarket, airport, prison or theme park?
Begin your communist or capitalist adventure today!

● Get Rich, Build Properties
● Attract Tenants to Grow your City!
● Unlock Celebrities to get Rich faster!
● Explore New Neighborhoods!
● Buy more to boost your wealth and become a Millionaire

Play the #1 Idle Building Clicker Game on Mobile! Download FREE!

©2019 Hothead Games
Idle Property Manager Tycoon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hothead Games, all rights reserved.





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Hobo World - life simulator

Name:Hobo World - life simulator                                                Price:Free

Description:An extreme tramp simulator!

Live the life of a tramp – survive, save money and try to rise above the crowd!

Life is cruel and only the most stubborn can survive life on the streets. Fight for your life – stay healthy, keep up your spirits and don't go hungry, otherwise you'll lose everything!
Hand in cans to get on the road to success!
Exchange currency at the best rates!
Break into big business and manage a corporation!
Amass influence and become the president!
Level up and become a level 80 tramp!
Survive, grow and become immortal!
Become the king of the tramps!

Subscription conditions:

- After you subscribe, you can manage your account and turn off automatic renewal in Account Settings.
- Your subscription is renewed automatically if you do not cancel it within 24 hours before its expiration date.
- When you purchase the app, your iTunes account is billed.
- Subscription fees: 1 week - 4.99$.
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
- Automatic renewals will cost the actual price shown in Subscription conditions section.
- Any unused time left on your trial subscription will disappear if you upgrade to the paid version.
- Your personal data is stored securely.
- Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

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12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull - A Strategy Hero Quest Game

Name:12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull - A Strategy Hero Quest Game                                                Price:$1.99

12 Labours of Hercules II : The Cretan Bull - An addictive Strategy Time Management Simulation Quest

With over 1 MILLION downloads on the desktop platform it is now hitting the iOS store in all its glory!

●Stunning HD graphics with colourful comics and Hercules' surprising tricks.
●Amazing new Wonders: Ancient Zoo, Aviary, and more!
●Collect pieces of numerous incredible puzzles to solve!
●Over 40 Levels & also unlock extra bonus levels!

Help Hercules tame the great Cretan Bull!
Accompany Hercules in quest for the Cretan Bull! Meet heroes and gods, fight beasts and build Wonders!

A hero from Ancient Greece, Hercules, who tries to tame the great Cretan Bull.
The evil goddess Hera frightens the bull, which goes wild and ruins the roads and buildings. You help Hercules to save the day.
As you move forward, you also get a chance to build Wonders and solve incredible Puzzles.


Website www.jetdogs.com/
Facebook www.facebook.com/JetDogs-Studios-1493529560901683/
Twitter www.twitter.com/jetdogs


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DealCheck: Analyze Real Estate

Name:DealCheck: Analyze Real Estate                                                 Price:Free

Description:DealCheck is the simplest and fastest way to analyze and compare investment properties on your iPhone or iPad.

Loved by over 120,000 real estate investors and agents, it's ranked Top 5 Real Estate Investing App in 4 countries, and has been featured by Forbes, BiggerPockets, Jason Hartman and others.

Whether you’re a new investor who wants to learn how to analyze investment properties, or an experienced professional who needs 24/7 access to powerful analysis, projection and reporting tools, you’ll love this real estate calculator.

DealCheck will help you crunch the numbers and perform due diligence on any rental property, BRRRR, flip, rehab project, multi-family or commercial building in seconds.

Quickly import property data from public records or enter it through a step-by-step wizard. Our app will calculate a complete analysis of the deal, including closing costs, mortgage payment, cash flow, ROI, profit and more.

You can look up recent sales and rental comps, create and share detailed reports, compare properties against your purchase criteria and perform reverse valuation analysis to determine your highest offer to the seller.

Your data will sync to the cloud and is available on any phone, tablet or computer. You can start your work on one device and continue on another without missing a beat.

• Analyze single-family, multi-family and commercial rentals, BRRRR's (buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat), Airbnb's, vacation rentals, house flips and wholesale deals
• Import property description, value & rent estimates and photos from public records and listings
• Manage and itemize closing costs, rehab budgets, holding costs and operating expenses
• View in-depth property analysis, including purchase breakdown, financing, cash flow, profit projections and investment returns
• Calculate the capitalization rate (cap rate), cash on cash return (COC), return on investment (ROI), internal rate of return (IRR), gross rent multiplier (GRM), debt coverage ratio (DCR) and more
• Quickly vary your assumptions and view long term holding projections for rentals and profit projections for flips
• Look up recent sales comps, comparable rental listings and market statistics to help you estimate after repair values (ARV) and rent
• Export and share professional PDF reports with your personalized branding, contact information and logo
• View the names and contact information of current property owners
• Find investor-friendly lenders thorough a built-in directory
• Learn about real estate investing with our built-in real estate glossary, complete with explanations and formulas

Stop relying on complicated Excel spreadsheets or other’s advice and let DealCheck help you find your next real estate investment.

While other real estate investors make mistakes in their analysis, you can be sure that your proforma calculations and profit projections are 100% accurate, complete and unbiased.

And with DealCheck's beautiful property reports, you can get your offers accepted faster and impress your lenders, partners or clients.

While you can use DealCheck 100% for free, many users upgrade to DealCheck Plus or Pro to gain access to all features and tools. You can upgrade at any time and try the premium features free for 14 days.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes account after the free trial. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew in iTunes account settings.

We regularly release new features to make DealCheck even better. We'd love to include your suggestions - send us your ideas to [email protected].

Website: https://dealcheck.io
Help Center: http://help.dealcheck.io

Terms of Use: https://dealcheck.io/terms
Privacy Policy: https://dealcheck.io/privacy

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Planet Bomber!

Name:Planet Bomber!                                                 Price:Free

Description:Explore the galaxy and destroy planets.
Upgrade your abilities and defeat the bosses!

Terms of services : http://www.voodoo.io
Privacy policy : http://www.voodoo.io

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Zoo 2: Animal Park

Name:Zoo 2: Animal Park                                                 Price:Free


In the captivating animal game Zoo 2: Animal Park, you slip into the role of a zoo director. Take care of ferocious tigers and wily wolves, play with cute foxes and pandas, or pet the elephants and giraffes. Dive into an exciting zoo game story with lots of quirky ideas and unexpected plot twists.


Discover an extraordinary combination of zoo simulation and tycoon game. Explore a colorful and captivating game world full of snuggly bunnies, playful horses and sweet chimpanzees. Breed all sorts of cute animal babies, scrub enclosures and expand your park. Zoo 2: Animal Park boars a wide range of animal game features and customization options. This one-of-a-kind zoo game has a lot to offer:

• Take care of cute domestic and wild animals: Mischievous goats, playful pandas, majestic lions and more want to play with you!

• Design your zoo: New tycoon features or items are unlocked with every level up. Get more flowers, bushes, and trees; build new types of enclosures, shops, restrooms, benches and more

• Dive into a lovingly-detailed world: Meticulous animal animations and impressive 3D graphics will keep you immersed in the action

• Breed adorable baby animals: Rare coat color variations will make your animal world even more colorful!

• Be part of a gripping story: Entertaining tasks and quests will guide you along in the flourishing zoo of your dreams and introduce a quirky cast of lovable characters

• Participate in exciting events: Regular updates and thrilling events with exclusive rewards provide long-lasting fun

• Expand your zoo: Earn achievements in this animal game as you make the zoo of your dreams a reality


Zoo 2: Animal Park whisks you away into a breathtaking zoo game setting. There’s always something new to discover! Prove your skill as a manager and turn the small family zoo into the greatest animal park paradise on the planet! Experience the animal game sensation. Download the app now!

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Idle Robbery

Name:Idle Robbery                                                 Price:Free

Description:It’s time to make some MONEY. The Big Boss find some nice places to Rob.
Manage your crews to make the place empty and rob every single thing in that places before the cops came.
- Cool Missions to Rob
- Nice places to explore
- Searching the area for the big Treasure
- Nice, Smooth and Funny Animations
- Awesome Graphics

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Strike of Nations: Army Battle

Name:Strike of Nations: Army Battle                                                 Price:Free

Description:Smeed allianties tussen rijken en leid je leger in dit actierijke strategiespel met wereldoorlogthema. Lanceer reusachtige militaire campagnes om je vijanden en terroristische milities weg te vagen en uiteindelijk de atoombasis te veroveren. Strijd tegen naties en verover ze via allianties met andere rijken. Bouw een legerbasis met moderne tanks, luchtvaartuigen en raketten.

Strike of Nations - Alliance World War
Leid je leger als de opperbevelhebber.
Gebruik de atoomknop om raketten en atoombommen te lanceren.
Plan militaire operaties.
Bouw 20 verdedigingsmuren, schilden en Panzers.
Delf nucleaire substanties voor reactors.
Sluit je aan bij allianties uit 192 landen.
Upgrade en doe onderzoek naar zonne- en windenergie.
Vaag PvP-vijanden weg met chemische wapens op vrachtvliegtuigen.
Verover een atoombasis.

Plan je strategie -> Delf bouwstoffen -> Bouw een basis -> Ontwikkel dodelijke wapens -> Sluit je aan bij allianties en rijken -> Zoek de vijand -> Val aan met alle macht van het leger -> Verdedig de basis en CLAIM veroverd gebied

Vernietig meer dan 1 miljoen spelersmachten en opstandige naties via gezamenlijke operaties

Raak ervaren met futuristische massavernietigingswapens. Gebruik een mix van traanbommen, biochemische dodelijke substanties, waterstofbommen, tanks en thermonucleaire reactors om steden binnen seconden weg te vagen. Introductie van Amerikaanse vrachtvliegtuigen met straaljagers en getrainde gevechtspiloten om te vechten tot de dood erop volgt. Train een vloot van onderzeeërs met ballistische wapens om heimelijk terroristische campagnes te bestoken.

Engeland won WOI en WOII met sterke allianties met de VS en Rusland. Sla de handen ineen en verzwak vijanden. Combineer gezamenlijk legers en uitrusting om op veilig te spelen. Kies voor gezamenlijke atoomaanvallen na rivaliserende naties te hebben vervreemd.

Maak high-tech munitie om de heerschappij op het slagveld te vergroten.
Delf uranium, plutonium, radium, thorium en cesium, plus andere gevaarlijke radioactieve mineralen
Converteer plant-, zonne- en waterbronnen tot accu's met een hoog voltage.
Train het grootste leger dat de wereld ooit heeft gezien in de gevechtsmodus en ontwikkel hun vaardigheden.

Vergroot je macht om fantastische beloningen als oorlogsbuit te verzamelen. Doe mee aan wereldwijde events, waarbij alle spelers moeten samenwerken om te slagen, of sluit je aan bij gevechten op meerdere servers en bewijs de superioriteit van jouw server. Het plezier van verwoesten en nieuw land bezetten houdt nooit op!

Heb jij wat nodig is om de titel van keizer te pakken en op de rode atoomknop te drukken? Sluit je nu aan bij de oorlogsmacht en neem je lot in eigen handen.

Jij bent de baas van doodseskadersoldaten en moet bombarderen om de oorlog te overleven. Alleen een legendarisch teamgevecht met een goede stadsverdediging biedt totale bevrijding en zorgt ervoor dat je de grenzen van je rijk uit kunt breiden. Leid drones, chinooks, helikopters en vloten met raketvliegtuigen.

Gebruik de wereldoorlog III-kaart om taken te voltooien met aanvalssimulaties. Ontwikkel je sluipschutters via geweeraanvallen voor de ultieme overleving. Zet raketwerpers met een kort bereik in dodelijke oorlogen in.

Strike of Nations is een volledig gratis spel met als thema moderne oorlogvoering. Je kunt met betaalde items spelen om het tempo van grondstoffenverzameling en bouwactiviteiten te versnellen. Meer dan 1 miljoen spelers vechten actief voor het grootste rijk, maar alleen strategische spelers veroveren de wereld.

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Landlord Tycoon

Name:Landlord Tycoon                                                 Price:Free

Description:Este jogo de dinheiro ocioso motiva você a se tornar um mestre do mercado imobiliário! Invista em propriedades da vida real para construir seu império!

Em Landlord, o primeiro jogo magnata de negócios baseado em realidade, você pode apreciar um simulador de negócios, jogo de negociação e um pouco de realidade estética, tudo em um. É um jogo de fluxo de caixa onde você pode comprar, vender e trocar propriedades digitais, e com GPS e geolocalização, você joga o jogo em seus locais atuais!

• Inicie sua viagem imobiliária com US $ 50.000
• Construa o império de sua cidade baseado em lugares que você conhece; por exemplo, sua escola ou escritório
• Torne-se rico e ganhe dinheiro cada vez que alguém fizer o check-in em sua propriedade
(criado pelo Foursquare e pelo Facebook!)
• Melhore suas propriedades para ganhar ainda mais ou venda-as para obter um lucro rápido
• Aprenda finanças e economia possibilitadas pelo leilão realista

Torne-se o senhorio do seu império da cidade e tire proveito dele para se tornar o capitalista mais rico!

LEMBRAR! Você é o magnata dos negócios, então invista sabiamente - compre ações, troque com outros jogadores e concorra com seus amigos. Neste jogo a dinheiro, cada dólar conta à medida que você avança e constrói seu monopólio da vida real.

É uma batalha bilionária! Neste jogo de gestão, competir com outros proprietários, convidar seus amigos e desafiá-los para ver quem é o melhor magnata. Aprenda a usar seu dinheiro, gerenciá-lo da maneira mais eficaz.

Você pode conquistar o mercado imobiliário e se tornar o maior magnata dos negócios?
Baixe o senhorio agora!

Rating:4.65                                                 Show Detail