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Jelly Jam Crush - Match 3 Game

APP STORE: App Store    Free
CURRENT VERSION : 1.3.3(2019-11-06)
APP CATEGORIES : Games, Puzzle, Strategy, Entertainment
APP RATINGS & REVIEWS : 3.8 (14.05K)

6.0K   9.0K 12.01K


The most addictive puzzle game on mobile today! Work your way through matching three or more jellies and creating boosters! Enjoy your Jelly Jam Crush adventure now!
THE BEST LEVELS: HUNDREDS of levels to beat and NEW LEVELS added every week!
CHALLENGING AND FUN PLAY: Gather powerful boosters to beat the toughest stages.
PLAY WITH FRIENDS: Show off your gaming progress on the leaderboard to your friends! Beat your friends’ score on every level and keep track of it!

How To Play
Swap and Match at least 3 jellies of the same type to burst!
Make unique combinations to get powerful bombs!
Play more levels to activate new characters and collect boosters!
Leverage powerful boosters to help clear obstacles!
Achieve 3 stars for each level to get more boosters!
Aim to use the least moves to achieve goal! 

Sync between devices and play anywhere, anytime! ****************************************************

Follow Jelly Jam on Facebook for more bonus: fb.me/JellyJamCrush

Questions? Suggestions? Send message to: m.me/JellyJamCrush

Please note that Jelly Jam is a completely FREE match 3 puzzle game. It’ free to download and play, but there are game items available for purchase with real money.





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Ulike - Define trendy selfie

Name:Ulike - Define trendy selfie                                                Price:Free

Description:【Perfect your features with personalized fine-tuning】
Touch-up your eyes, nose and mouth right after photo-taking. No more need for post-editing. Save your favorite edits that define your gorgeous features so you will never have to retouch again!

【Variety pose samples for your reference】
Follow the guideline and easily get the fashion blogger style’s pictures. Selfie, street snap, shopping, travel... With various themes, you can find suitable pose for different scenes.

【Look more stylish and classy than ever】
Never bored with our various filters and makeup tools. Style cover looks of your own.

【Look lovely anytime with enhanced filters】
Innovative filters give you a glowing and supple complexion. Trendsetter, Indie, Artsy, Retro... Choose your favorite filter! We have every style for you!

- Corporate partnerships: ulike_mkt_bd@bytedance.com
Facebook: Ulikecamera
Instagram: ulikecamera
Twitter: @CameraUlike

【Ulike VIP Subscription Notice】
1. Vip service names
Ulike monthly vip, $3.49/per month
Ulike 6-month vip, $13.99/ per 6-month
Ulike yearly vip, $20.99/per year
Hereinafter referred to as "VIP"
VIP can unlock the following membership benefits: paid filter, paid looks, corrector, Retouch

2. After subscribing to the VIP account, relevant fees will be paid upon confirmation of purchase. The original package will be automatically renewed when the VIP subscription expires, unless you turn off the automatic renewal 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Renewal will occur within 24 hours of the end of the current subscription period and will automatically deduct the next VIP subscription period from your Apple id.

3. Any unused functions during the 7-day free trial period will be terminated when users pay for the service.

4. Automatic renewal for Apple in App Payments: Go to iPhone "Settings"-->Enter “iTunes Store and App Store”-->Tap“Apple ID”,select“view Apple ID”,enter“Account Settings”page,tap“subscribe”, and select Ulike VIP to cancel the subscription.

5. Terms of Service & Privacy Policy link:http://ulike-ures.faceu.mobi/bm/agreement/index.html?lan=zh

Rating:4.7                                               Show Detail

12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull - A Strategy Hero Quest Game

Name:12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull - A Strategy Hero Quest Game                                                Price:$1.99

12 Labours of Hercules II : The Cretan Bull - An addictive Strategy Time Management Simulation Quest

With over 1 MILLION downloads on the desktop platform it is now hitting the iOS store in all its glory!

●Stunning HD graphics with colourful comics and Hercules' surprising tricks.
●Amazing new Wonders: Ancient Zoo, Aviary, and more!
●Collect pieces of numerous incredible puzzles to solve!
●Over 40 Levels & also unlock extra bonus levels!

Help Hercules tame the great Cretan Bull!
Accompany Hercules in quest for the Cretan Bull! Meet heroes and gods, fight beasts and build Wonders!

A hero from Ancient Greece, Hercules, who tries to tame the great Cretan Bull.
The evil goddess Hera frightens the bull, which goes wild and ruins the roads and buildings. You help Hercules to save the day.
As you move forward, you also get a chance to build Wonders and solve incredible Puzzles.


Website www.jetdogs.com/
Facebook www.facebook.com/JetDogs-Studios-1493529560901683/
Twitter www.twitter.com/jetdogs


Rating:0                                                 Show Detail

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles

Name:Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles                                                 Price:Free

Description:Solve your favourite jigsaw puzzles on the go! Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles provides an unbeatable puzzle solving experience for puzzle lovers of all ages.

Jigty's unique design means no two pieces are the same shape, for the most challenging puzzle experience yet.

It's the puzzle solving joy we all know and love!

- Intelligently designed: Every piece has a unique shape
- Beautifully easy: Natural interface that is simple and easy to use
- Increasing difficulty: Rotating pieces or solving puzzles from 4 all the way up to 625 (on 10'' tablets) pieces!
- Kids mode: Guiding lines and 'magnetic' piece locking for smaller puzzles
- Hundreds of images: Grouped in themes or customise by using your own photos
- Tournament pack puzzles: Compete globally and track your score on the leaderboards

This app contains:
- Promotion of Outfit7's products and contextual advertising
- Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps
- Personalization of content to entice users to play the app again
- The possibility to connect with friends via social networks
- The option to make in-app purchases

Terms of use: http://outfit7.com/eula/
Privacy policy: http://outfit7.com/privacy-policy/

Rating:4.5                                             Show Detail

Disney Frozen Adventures

Name:Disney Frozen Adventures                                                 Price:Free

Description:O mundo de Frozen, da Disney, ganha vida numa nova aventura emocionante de combinar 3. Junta-te a Elsa, Anna e Olaf enquanto constróis e renovas o reino num novo jogo para dispositivos móveis baseado nos filmes Frozen e Frozen 2. Cria e decora o reino de Arendelle e muito mais!

Explora e embarca numa nova aventura de Frozen que te levará a lugares novos e familiares em Arendelle e no mundo de Frozen. Joga centenas de jogos de combinar 3 e ganha flocos de neve para decorar o castelo e torná-lo incrível!

EXPLORA O MUNDO DE FROZEN: explora lugares novos e familiares em Arendelle e muito mais.

COMPLETA PUZZLES DE COMBINAR 3 EMOCIONANTES: joga centenas de níveis com puzzles de combinar 3.

PERSONALIZA O REINO: ganha flocos de neve para decorar e embelezar o castelo.

EMBARCA NUMA NOVA AVENTURA DE FROZEN: continua a história de Frozen para lá dos filmes.

JOGA COM AS PERSONAGENS DE FROZEN: joga e interage com Anna, Elsa, Olaf e muitos mais!

NOVIDADES CONSTANTES: os eventos contínuos mantêm a ação empolgante e desbloqueiam prémios especiais no jogo.

Junta-te a Elsa, Anna e Olaf numa nova aventura com puzzles de combinar inspirada em Frozen e Frozen 2. Joga centenas de partidas de combinar 3 com a ajuda dos teus personagens favoritos. Explora o mundo de Frozen enquanto avanças neste jogo de combinar 3! Diverte-te em novos locais enquanto completas missões para ajudar a decorar e a personalizar o reino. Decora a entrada do castelo, o salão e outras divisões em Arendelle da forma que achares melhor!

Joga Frozen Adventures gratuitamente e decora o castelo de Arendelle! Tudo o que precisas fazer é jogar e resolver puzzles de combinar 3. Esperamos que gostes do nosso jogo de recuperar o castelo!

Descobre a diversão empolgante de entrar numa aventura no mundo de Frozen. Joga partidas de combinar 3 para criar e decorar o castelo e o reino de Frozen! Explora novos mundos enquanto jogas este jogo épico de Frozen!

Transfere e joga gratuitamente o novo jogo de decoração de combinar 3 inspirado em Frozen, da Disney.

Inclui compras dentro da aplicação.

Rating:4.55                                                 Show Detail


Name:Wordzee!                                                 Price:Free

Description:What do the words ZEN, AXIOM and ESQUIRE have in common? They will all win you a ton of points!

Use your letters to create words and play them on the Wordzee board. Once you fill all 5 slots, you're guaranteed to earn a chunky bonus. And the best part? You'll finish a game in just a few minutes!

• Challenge a friend or random player to a turn-based game
• Play super-fast instant games with online players around the world
• Test your word skills against Kevin the tile in daily events
• Unlock and collect tilebacks like the cute teddy bear, sushi or watermelon

The more you play, the more rewards you collect! Find Kevin's many personalities and use them to add flair to your letters. You may even run into Penguin Kevin!

Compete against the Wordzee community in the High Score event, pile up your points in the Totalizer, or challenge Kevin to a nail-biting round of words in Blitz.

Wordzee - the most enjoyable way to train your brain.

Visit us at:


Wordzee has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously.

Good Times!

Rating:4.4                                                 Show Detail

Sweet Escapes: Build A Bakery

Name:Sweet Escapes: Build A Bakery                                                 Price:Free





ストーリーが進む中、動物の仲間たちがずっとあなたをサポートしてくれる… ただし、安全衛生局の検査官だけは邪魔をするかもしれないよ。




● おいしいスイーツのお店からなるバーチャルの村をデザインする。
● さびれたベーカリーを立て直し、新しいお店をつくる。
● それぞれのお店の外観や、どんなスイーツを提供するかを決める。"

● 作りたいスイーツを選ぶ。
● クッキー、キャンディ、焼き菓子など、お店のメニューをふやしていく。
● お客さんに特別なイベントを提供する。
● ベーカリー、ソーダショップ、キャンディショップなど、いろいろなお店をオープンする!
● レシピで使うフルーツやハーブなどを植えて収穫する。"

● スイーツがテーマの楽しくてハマるマッチングパズル。
● 便利なブースターや強力なコンビネーションを活用することで、楽しさや創造性が無限大に拡大!
● マッチ3パズルで3つ以上のピースをつなげて消そう!
● 手詰まりになったら、パワーアップを使って問題解消!"

● 愛すべき動物たちが力を合わせてあなたのショップの再建を手伝ってくれる。
● 動物の仲間たちはそれぞれ、スイーツの才能や情熱を持っている。
● 気難しい安全衛生局の検査官から課せられる、さまざまな難題をクリアしよう。"



Rating:4.55                                                 Show Detail

Word Wow Around the World

Name:Word Wow Around the World                                                 Price:Free

Description:Word Wow ALREDEDOR DEL MUNDO: ¡El gusano ha regresado con un nuevo y divertido juego de palabras! Ábrete camino alrededor del mundo con tus habilidades para formar palabras.

¡Los juegos de palabras de Word Wow se han descargado más de 4 millones de veces! ¡GRACIAS!

Los nuevos tableros de tamaño doble, los divertidos impulsores y los agujeros de gusano son un desafío incluso para los jugadores más experimentados. Para aquellos que prefieren jugar más relajadamente, está disponible una NUEVA opción sin temporizador. ¡Reserva tu boleto de avión y viaja con el gusano!

Usa tus habilidades para formar palabras y ayuda al gusano a navegar debajo de las torres de letras, ¡pero ten cuidado con las nuevas trampas dobles de hielo! Sortea los obstáculos con tus habilidades para formar palabras antes de que se acabe el tiempo.

¡Recoge los impulsores especiales por el camino que te ayudarán en los niveles más desafiantes! ¡Encuentra gemas escondidas para desbloquear desafíos con bonus con los que podrás acumular una gran cantidad de puntos!

¡Si eres un amante de los libros y te gustan los sobresaltos, los crucigramas y los juegos de palabras, este juego es para ti!

¡Word Wow ALREDEDOR DEL MUNDO agudizará tu cerebro y se convertirá en tu nuevo juego de palabras favorito!

Tableros de tamaño doble: ¡más diversión de juego de palabras!
Más de 765 niveles para poner a prueba tus habilidades y desafiar a tu cerebro.
¡Un adorable personaje y brillantes y coloridos gráficos que te transportan alrededor del mundo!
Una gran cantidad de niveles con bonus ocultos para los fanáticos de los juegos de palabras.
¡Montones de nuevos impulsores y premios!
NUEVO modo sin temporizador.
Compite contra tus amigos de Facebook o desafía a tu cerebro jugando solo.
¡Compara tu desempeño con el de otros jugadores locales (20 km a la redonda) y jugadores de todo el mundo!
Bonus diarios gratuitos que te ayudarán cuando lo necesites.

** Reseñas de Word Wow **
5/5 "¡Altamente adictivo!" "¡No puedo dejar de jugar este juego tan divertido!"
5/5 "¡Este juego es muy divertido y el gusano es tan lindo!"
5/5 "¡Un gran juego para los amantes de los libros! "Me ayuda a mantener mi agilidad mental.... ¡y además no puedo dejar de jugarlo!

Rating:4.5                                                 Show Detail

Kings of Pool

Name:Kings of Pool                                                 Price:Free


Pegamos o tradicional bilhar bola 8 e fizemos um upgrade moderno e sofisticado. Cada detalhe foi discutido e desenhado com cuidado para oferecer a você um jogo que é fácil de aprender, muito legal de jogar e incrível de olhar.


Enfrente habilidosos jogadores de bola 8 do mundo inteiro. Ganhe e obtenha acesso a mesas exclusivas de alto risco. Junte dinheiro e transforme-se no jogador de bilhar mais rico do jogo.


Funde um clube com seus amigos mais habilidosos. Lutem juntos para chegar até o topo, ganhem prêmios incríveis e sejam os KINGS OF POOL. Com certeza causará inveja.


Seja o melhor jogador de bilhar. Suba de posição, demonstre suas habilidades, fique no topo da tabela!


Encaçape com magia usando nosso mecanismo de tacadas com truque.

Outros destaques:

* BILHAR MULTIPLAYER GRÁTIS - desafie jogadores de bilhar online, sempre grátis, para sempre.

* JOGUE COMO UM PRO - nosso avançado mecanismo de física oferece a precisão necessária para acertar aquela tacada perfeita todas as vezes.

* CHAT GLOBAL - converse com outros jogadores, gabe-se das suas vitórias ou detone seus oponentes depois de um jogo esquentado.

* PERFIL - mostre seus stats com tacos personalizados, insígnias e medalhas que você ganhou dando tacadas difíceis.

Acha que tem o necessário para ser o Rei? O caminho para transformar-se em bilionário com bilhar bola 8 começa aqui!

Rating:4.5                                                 Show Detail