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Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker

APP STORE: App Store    Free
CURRENT VERSION : 10.3.4(2020-06-10)
APP CATEGORIES : Health & Fitness, Lifestyle
APP RATINGS & REVIEWS : 4.55 (264.51K)

600.0K   1.0M <5K


Personalized Diets and Meal Plans, food and exercise tracking, calorie counter, and healthy recipes, all in one place. Get healthy and feel great with Lifesum!

** App of the Day for 2019 **
** Editors' Choice 2018 **

Join 45 million users on the journey to better health and discover how tracking small habits can make a big difference in becoming happier and healthier.

Reach your health and weight goals through better eating:
- Deepen your knowledge to empower you to make more conscious nutritional choices
- Learn about healthy eating, not just about calorie counting
- Get a better understanding of which foods you should put more or less of onto your plate
- Get help making the right choices at the grocery store
- Discover how making small changes, like simply switching brands, can have a positive effect on your health
- Find healthier alternatives to your favorite foods

What you can do as a free Lifesum user:

- Follow a Classic Diet and get your calories and macros (carbs, proteins, and fats) tracked
- Easy tracking with barcode scanner and picture recognition
- Get basic food and meal ratings, so you know whether you’re in line with the recommended energy amounts for each meal
- Get a basic day rating to see how well you’re meeting daily intake goals, plus the quality of foods you track each day
- Track your daily habits with water, fruit and vegetable, and seafood trackers
- Track your weight and waist measurements
- Save your favorites – create and save foods, recipes, meals, and exercises (limited)
- Import and export your nutrition data, exercise data, and weight and body measurements to and from the Apple Health app

The added value when you join Lifesum Premium:

- Widest variety of Diets (Ketogenic, Clean Eating, Paleo, 5:2, 6:1, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, High Protein, etc.) and Meal Plans (Vegan for a week, Keto Burn, 3 Week Weight Loss, etc.) to choose from
- Access to our recipe library along with daily recipe suggestions
- Create and save an unlimited number of foods, meals, recipes, and exercises to enjoy one-tap tracking
- Detailed nutritional information (potassium, sodium, fiber, added sugar, saturated fat, unsaturated fat, and cholesterol), so you know you’re hitting the daily recommendations
- Net carb tracking to help you stay on course and below daily limits if you’re following a Keto diet
- Detailed food and meal ratings (“great source of fiber,” “high in sugar,” “low in sodium,” “high in sodium,” etc.) so you know how closely different foods align with your specific goals and preferences
- Adjustable settings for macronutrients, giving you customized recommendations to follow based on your unique needs and preferences
- Body measurement tracking (weight, waist, body fat, chest, arm, BMI) - excellent tools for highlighting your progression to health
- Ability to connect with fitness apps like Withings, FitBit, Endomondo, and Runkeeper
- Health Test & Life Score – a weekly health score based on 16 nutrition and exercise measurements, so you understand where you are and what’s next for you to build a healthy lifestyle

Lifesum Premium Subscription (3, 6, and 12 months):

The subscription period will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. To turn this function off, simply go to your iTunes account and turn off auto-renew. Renewal payments will differ depending on subscription and pricing at the time of renewal. Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

Terms and Privacy Policy: http://api.lifesum.com/mobile-terms





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Infused Water - For Ultimate Detox and Weight Loss

Name:Infused Water - For Ultimate Detox and Weight Loss                                                Price:$0.99

Description:Infused water, the healthiest drink you'll ever drink. And with this app it's super easy to make!

It's well known that drinking water is good for your metabolism. These detox cleansing fat-burning water recipes are inexpensive, have almost zero calories, and taste great too! Infused water has full flavour, is all natural and great for your body.

Serve some nice cucumber lemon water at dinner, and surprise your friends.` Or take your pineapple melon water to the gym. There are lots of recipes in this app for every situation.

You will lose weight just switching to this healthy drink instead of soda's fruit juices or dairy.

All waters in this app have different qualities. It's easy to navigate per quality or taste, or you can search the name of your favourite fruit or vegetable. Put it on the shopping list and make that awesome drink,

You are getting the taste of fruits and vegetables and herbs but not the carbs, sugars or calories.

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Cá lớn nuốt cá bé 2020

Name:Cá lớn nuốt cá bé 2020                                                Price:0đ

Description:Eat The Fish, Fishing Frenzy has returned with cute gameplay.

Very simple to play, let eat the smaller fish, don't let your fish being eaten by other bigger fishes.

Hope you will remember your childhood.

There is leaderboard that let you challenge with other player.

This game kill the time very good.

Let's play

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Chez Moi - Ideas for Lunch

Name:Chez Moi - Ideas for Lunch                                                 Price:$0.99

Description:If you know someone who would like a reminder of a healthy delicious lunch choice, use this app to find a suggestion and then send a text with the pre-populated content to anyone in your contact list … or type in any mobile phone number. This is seamlessly integrated with your Contacts, so there is no set-up required for this to be useful.

Use this app for yourself, a senior, a student who studies too much and forgets to eat or as a lunch club roulette application.

It is a great way to:
- get more micronutrients
- have fun
- eat healthily
- help others
- connect with seniors and/or students

We hope you enjoy this application. It is currently optimized for viewing on the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus. If you have ideas for enhancements, please let us know. This was fun to develop and we would love to hear ideas of how to make it even better.

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Healthy Options Philippines

Name:Healthy Options Philippines                                                 Price:₱ 0.00

Description:Designed with a dynamic interface with multiple features, the Healthy Options mobile app was developed to help educate and empower our customers to take charge of their health.
Check out the great features of our mobile app:

• Access your membership profile and points right on your smartphone.
• Use the handy virtual membership card each time you shop. No more plastic!
• Receive exclusive notifications on events and promotions.
• Find store locations nearest you. Get contact information, store hours, and directions.
• Enjoy delicious and wholesome recipes you can easily cook in your own kitchen.
• Read our monthly News Digest to keep abreast on the latest health and wellness topics.

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Stepz - Step Counter & Tracker

Name:Stepz - Step Counter & Tracker                                                 Price:Free

Description:O Stepz é um aplicativo conveniente de contagem de passos, que implementa o Apple Motion Coprocessor, que coleta seus dados de movimento automaticamente em segundo plano enquanto economiza a vida útil de sua bateria. Este simples aplicativo de contagem de passos foi desenvolvido especificamente para iPhone e Apple Watch.
Você caminha o suficiente ao longo do dia? Saiba mais sobre sua atividade diária e entre em forma atingindo suas metas!
Para lhe dar uma visão geral completa do progresso da sua forma física, o Stepz pode importar todos os datos anteriores do aplicativo Apple Health.
O Stepz respeita a sua privacidade: todos os seus dados pessoais de sua rotina são armazenados internamente no seu dispositivo e nunca são compartilhados na rede sem o seu consentimento explícito.

* Figurando na Página Inicial da Apple Store como um dos Melhores Novos Aplicativos em 22 países (abril 2015) *

- Integração total com o Apple Health
- Monitoramento automático dos seus passos
- Precisão sem necessidade de GPS
- Funciona em segundo plano com baixo consumo de bateria
- Valores diários, semanais, mensais, anuais e de horários
- Cálculo de distância
- Definição de metas diárias
- Mostra andares subidos
- Sincronização inteligente de dados com App Apple Watch
- Conecte-se com seus amigos

- Widget no iOS Today para o Centro de Notificação
- O ícone do aplicativo mostra sua contagem de passos

“Agora que conheci o aplicativo Stepz não busco mais outros aplicativos. É o melhor aplicativo para acompanhar meu progresso. Depois de conhecê-lo você não buscará outro”. (set 2018)
“Eu amo este aplicativo. É a ferramenta que eu precisava para me motivar a caminhar mais. Obrigado. Mantenham o bom trabalho.” (jul 2018)
“Eu amo este aplicativo de caminhada. Eu tentei alguns outros e li as avaliações do STEPZ... decidi tentar ‘só mais um’. É o melhor aplicativo que já usei. Adoro o contador de calorias dele também. Nem mesmo o aplicativo Health que vem com o iPhone se compara com ele. Obrigado!” (nov 2017)


Inscreva-se para aproveitar os recursos descritos acima.
• Duração da assinatura: semanal
• O pagamento será cobrado em sua conta do iTunes assim que você confirmar a compra.
• Você pode gerenciar suas assinaturas e desativar a renovação automática nas Configurações de sua Conta após a compra.
• Sua assinatura será renovada automaticamente, a menos que você desative a renovação automática com pelo menos 24 horas de antecedência do final do período atual.
• O valor da renovação será cobrado em sua conta dentro das 24 horas anteriores ao final do período atual.
• Ao cancelar sua assinatura, ela permanecerá ativa até o final do período. A renovação automática será desativada, mas a assinatura atual não será reembolsada.
• Qualquer parte não utilizada de um período de teste gratuito, quando oferecido, será descartado no momento da compra de uma assinatura.

Termos de serviço: https://bendingspoons.com/tos.html?app=839671656
Política de Privacidade: https://bendingspoons.com/privacy.html?app=839671656

Tem algum recurso que você gostaria de solicitar para ver em uma versão futura do aplicativo? Não deixe de nos contatar em stepz@bendingspoons.com

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Yoga for Beginners | Mind+Body

Name:Yoga for Beginners | Mind+Body                                                 Price:Free

Description:Yoga is a great way to relax and melt the stress away.

Yoga for Beginners is the perfect app to help you get started.

• Handcrafted workouts to get you started on your yoga journey.
• Soothing voice guidance that will help clear your mind.
• Beginner friendly yoga workouts that are easy to learn and perform.
• Workout anytime, anywhere. A yoga studio right in your pocket.
• Apple Health integration to track workouts, calories and weight.
• All workouts are 100% Free!

Take control of your health and fitness and practice yoga with us everyday!

Free, quick and effective. What are you waiting for?

Let 7M help you get healthier today!

Terms of Use: https://www.workoutinc.net/terms-of-use
Privacy Policy: https://www.workoutinc.net/privacy-policy

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シンプル歩数計 - おすすめ歩数計アプリ1万歩(ほすうけい)

Name:シンプル歩数計 - おすすめ歩数計アプリ1万歩(ほすうけい)                                                 Price:¥0









-> iPhoneには自動的に歩数を記録する機能がついており、このシンプル歩数計アプリはその機能を利用することによって、過去にたまっていた歩数データも見ることができるようになっています。つまりアプリをインストールする前にすでにiPhoneが歩数を自動で記録してくれていたので、それを表示しているというわけです。

-> 無料で使うことができます!アプリ内にある広告を非表示にしたり、一部のデザインに変更したりするときだけ課金が必要となりますが、ほとんどの機能はすべて無料で使うことができます。


※ 満足度No.1について
日本国内AppStore 2020年2月1日〜2020年5月1日の歩数計アプリ検索人気上位10位内のアプリにおいて、低評価(星1または星2)の割合が最も低い /出典: App Annie

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Fast BP - Blood Pressure Log & Tracker

Name:Fast BP - Blood Pressure Log & Tracker                                                 Price:$0.99

Description:* The fastest way to save a blood pressure measurement and see your weekly statistics! *

Fast BP is a blood pressure and heart rate tracker for Apple Health. Note that this app cannot measure your blood pressure - please use a blood pressure monitor recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.

Other blood pressure tracking apps make you painstakingly spin a dial to select tiny numbers. With Fast BP, just tap the large numbers on the keypad and tap save - we automatically move you from systolic to diastolic to pulse. With our Fast Focus entering your measurement can be as simple as 8 taps!

Fast BP provides an overview of your measurements as weekly averages (since blood pressure readings often vary throughout the day). You can also enable color highlights to see patterns in your measurements from week to week.

Keeping track of your blood pressure is a great habit for your health, and Fast BP can remind you to measure your blood pressure daily.

Using Fast BP you can email measurements from the last month or year to your doctor. Also with your blood pressure readings in Apple Health, you may enable other apps to use and share that data with your healthcare professionals.

Main features:
- Quickly save your blood pressure and pulse to Apple Health
- Weekly averages of blood pressure with configurable color highlights
- Reminders to take your blood pressure daily
- Share measurements with email (in HTML table and CSV formats)
- Save measurements using your Apple Watch

Fast BP is intended as a tool to keep track of and share blood pressure measurements utilizing Apple Health. Any health related information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a replacement for the advice, diagnosis, or treatment of healthcare professionals. Fast BP is not a substitute for a doctor or healthcare professional and cannot measure blood pressure.

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