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Pola. Zabierz ją na zakupy

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CURRENT VERSION : 1.7(2019-06-02)
APP CATEGORIES : Lifestyle, Reference

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Masz dość masówki globalnych koncernów? Szukasz lokalnych firm tworzących unikalne produkty? Pola pomoże Ci odnaleźć polskie wyroby. Zabierając Polę na zakupy odnajdujesz produkty “z duszą” i wspierasz polską gospodarkę.

Zeskanuj kod kreskowy z dowolnego produktu i dowiedz się więcej o firmie, która go wyprodukowała. Pola powie Ci, czy dany producent opiera się na polskim kapitale, ma u nas swoją produkcję, tworzy wykwalifikowane miejsca pracy, jest częścią zagranicznego koncernu.

Jeśli znajdziesz firmę, której nie ma w naszej bazie, koniecznie zgłoś ją do nas. Pomożesz nam w ten sposób uzupełniać unikalną bazę polskich producentów.


Pola allows you to scan bar codes from products and learn more about their manufacturers.





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MrMC Touch

Name:MrMC Touch                                                Price:$5.99

Description:MrMC is a software media center for playing videos, music, and pictures. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, and other digital media files from local storage media and media devices/servers such as Emby, Plex, HDHomerun, TVHeadend and more.

- integrated Trakt support
- integrated Plex client with Direct Play
- integrated SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP clients
- integrated LightEffects client (boblight/ambilight)
- integrated SQLite or external MySQL databases for video/music libraries
- supports DVDs with DVD menu support
- supports MKV, AVI, DivX and other video files
- supports ACC, FLAC, DD, DTS and other audio formats
- supports MythTV, HDHomeRun and many other IPTV devices
- user installed python addons/plugins are not supported

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Name:Pyszne.pl                                                Price:£0.00

Description:What's for dinner? Whatever you fancy! Find all your favourite meals and via the Pyszne.pl iPhone or iPad app and order in a few simple steps!

Whenever you start to wonder about what to eat, just open our app: We have everything you want! Order your favourite pizza, sushi, salad, burger or poké bowl and get it delivered to your doorstep. It's super simple! Choose from more than 6.500 of local restaurants and popular chains (such as Subway, Pasibus, North Fish and Da Grasso). Whether you crave Chinese, Indian, Italian, Asian or Greek food, at Pyszne.pl you'll be spoilt for choice.

The advantages of our app:
- Quick and easy: We make ordering food effortless.
- Re-order button: Enjoy that delicious meal again with one push of a button.
- Favourites: Conveniently find your favourite restaurants on top of the list.
- Helpful filters: Filter on reviews, distance, popularity, price, delivery costs, alphabet, relevance and more.
- Food Tracker®: See when your food will be delivered via our handy Food Tracker®.
- Safe payments: Securely pay online via credit card, PayU, PayPal or Klarna.
- Map view: Check out the restaurants near you on the map.
- Pick up option: Choose to pick up your order effortlessly.

How it works:
Ordering is really easy. Use the locator or fill in your postal code manually to define where you want the food delivered. Pick your favourite restaurant and dishes. Then, effortlessly pay online or simply pay cash at the door.
Curious when your food will be delivered? You can follow your order from the kitchen to your doorstep via the Food Tracker®! You will also receive 3 messages to update you on the status of your order: one to confirm your order, one to tell you the restaurant is preparing your food, and one when your food is on the way.

Our app features at a glance:
• Clear design: The design is clearer, cleaner and cooler than ever!
• Great overviews: Get a clear overview of opening times, delivery costs and minimum order amounts.
• Variation: Enjoy a wide selection of cuisines, such as Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, vegetarian and much more!
• Reorder: Choose an order from your order history and reorder in no time.
• Popular dishes: Find an overview of the restaurant's most popular dishes.
• Languages: Easily switch to English, French, German or another language.
• Addresses: Use one of your saved addresses in the app for your next order.
• Filters: Quickly find your favourite restaurants thanks to our many filters.
• Map view: See the exact location of every restaurant on a map.
• Pick up: Choose to pick up your food.

Let us know what you think
Loving it? Leave a review! Do you have tips, ideas or any other feedback for our app? Contact us at iosapp@pyszne.pl, and we'll gladly answer!

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Polar Flow

Name:Polar Flow                                                 Price:0,00 €

Description:Polar Flow is a sports, fitness, and activity analyzer to be used with Polar GPS sports watches, fitness trackers, and activity trackers.* Follow your training and activity and instantly see your achievements. You can see all of your training and activity data on your phone on the go, and sync them wirelessly to Polar Flow.

*Compatible devices: http://support.polar.com/en/support/polar_flow_app_and_compatible_devices

"I found Polar Flow to be a terrific complement to the Polar devices I tested, and it is completely in keeping with Polar's detail-oriented, elite-athlete focus on heart rate training and recovery.
– Lifewire

"Behind the devices is Polar Flow, a hugely powerful app that holds the key to better running."
– Wareable

Key benefits from using Polar Flow together with Polar products:

» Get a quick overview of your training on the go.
» Analyze every detail of your training session to maximize your performance.
» Create structured workouts and training targets, sync them to your device and get guidance during your workout.
» See your training data with weekly calendar summaries.
» Add and modify sport profiles easily. Choose from over 130+ sports.
» See a full list of your past training sessions.

» Follow your activity 24/7.
» Get a complete overview of your day with the combination of activity tracking and continuous heart rate monitoring**.
» Find out what you're missing from your daily goal and get guidance how to reach it.
» See the active time, burned calories, steps, and distance from steps.
» Learn about your sleeping habits with Polar Sleep Plus™: the intelligent sleep measurement automatically detects the timing, amount, and quality of your sleep. You'll also receive feedback on your sleep so that you can make changes towards better sleep***.
» Receive inactivity alerts encouraging you to get up and move.

**Compatible devices: https://support.polar.com/en/support/the_what_and_how_of_polars_continuous_heart_rate
***Compatible devices: https://support.polar.com/en/support/Polar_Sleep_Plus

Please note that M450, M460 and V650 are cycling computers and do not support activity tracking.

Polar Flow app allows you to share some of your wellness data with Apple Health. This includes details of your training, your heart rate, and steps.

DOWNLOAD Polar Flow now and turn your phone into a training and activity analyzer. You can find more info at www.polar.com/products/flow

Instagram: www.instagram.com/polarglobal
Facebook: www.facebook.com/polarglobal
YouTube: www.youtube.com/polarglobal
Twitter: @polarglobal

Find out more about Polar products at https://www.polar.com/en/products

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24FPS - Video Filter & LUT

Name:24FPS - Video Filter & LUT                                                 Price:Free

Description:** Melhores de 2019: Tendências de Aplicações do Ano ** - Apple
"O 24FPS permite captar impressionantes vídeos cinemáticos no seu iPhone" - Apple

A 24FPS convida-o a gravar e editar vídeos com filtros cinematográficos reais inspirados em títulos de filmes, com A.I. que aprende a estética da sua cor ao longo do tempo para recomendar efeitos únicos.

• Dê qualquer vídeo com um visual cinematográfico com LUTs feitos profissionalmente.
• Ajustes avançados em HSL, temperatura, realces, etc na edição.
• A.I. filtro de recomendação que aprende você como o seu uso mais o aplicativo.
• Estabilize as imagens à medida que você grava para um rastreamento cinematográfico suave.
• Zoom de inércia para tornar qualquer close dramático e divertido.
• Raspador de rosto de alta qualidade e alisamento realista da pele.
• Grave e salve instantaneamente vídeos filtrados sem demora.
• Adicione músicas e edite seus clipes com um conjunto completo de edição.
• Importe e processe vídeos de suas bibliotecas existentes.
• Importe e use qualquer arquivo Polarr QR Filters ou LUT (.cube).

Opções de assinatura 24FPS:

US $ 3,99 por mês
US $ 28,99 por ano

Você pode se inscrever para ter acesso a todas as LUTs premium oferecidas dentro de 24FPS.

Comece sua assinatura 24FPS com um teste gratuito de 7 dias. Assim que o período de avaliação terminar, será cobrada uma taxa de inscrição. As assinaturas são cobradas mensalmente ou anualmente na taxa selecionada, dependendo do plano de assinatura.

As assinaturas mensais ou anuais desbloqueiam os mesmos recursos em 24FPS. Os preços em outros países podem variar e as cobranças podem ser convertidas em sua moeda local, dependendo do país em que você vive.

As assinaturas são renovadas automaticamente com o custo do pacote escolhido, a menos que sejam canceladas com 24 horas de antecedência antes do final do período atual. A taxa de inscrição é cobrada na sua conta do iTunes na confirmação da compra. Você pode gerenciar sua assinatura e desativar a renovação automática acessando as Configurações da conta após a compra. Qualquer porção não utilizada de um período de avaliação gratuita será perdida quando o usuário adquirir uma assinatura durante a avaliação gratuita.

Termos de uso: https://www.polarr.co/policy/polarr24_terms.pdf
Política de privacidade: https://www.polarr.co/policy/polarr24_privacy.pdf

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Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Name:Photoshop Express Photo Editor                                                 Price:Free

藉助數百萬名創意人士使用的 Photoshop Express(快捷照片編輯器),隨時隨地充分發揮您的創意。在行動裝置上,使用具有全部照片編輯功能的易用型數字工作室,像專業人士一樣編輯圖片。

Photoshop Express 提供您指尖上的全方位免費照片效果和編輯功能。使用邊框和文字個性化您的體驗,增強顏色和圖像,創建圖片拼貼,執行快速修復並增強值得分享的時刻。

• 通過 Looks 類別中的照片效果強化您的時刻:黑白、肖像、自然和雙色調。
• 使用獨特的新混合效果增強照片的外觀。
• 使用簡單的調整滑桿探索色溫、自然飽和度和其他顏色效果。
• 消除大氣霧霾或進行去霧化,獲得清晰、細節豐富的風景。

• 通過新增隨時可用的背景、漸變和佈局,建立專業質量的照片拼貼。
• 套用樣式轉換功能,輕鬆為拼貼中的所有影像套用相同的外觀。
• 使用 Pop-Color 工具高亮顯示色彩主題,獲得驚豔效果。
• 通過套用精美藝術品的獨特效果,藉助照片拼貼製作工具發揮創意。

• 使用您獨特的個人風格自定義貼紙、meme 和圖說。
• 使用各種字型、顏色和不透明度控制風格化您的訊息。
• 使用照片配色邊框獲得靈感,或選擇獨特的定製框架。
• 使用平移、縮放和旋轉設置微調文字位置。
• 通過新增定製文字或標誌新增水印。

• 裁切、拉直、旋轉並翻轉相片,獲得亮眼構圖。
• 使用自動修復選項,按一下即可調整對比度、曝光度及白平衡設置。
• 從您最喜愛的瞬間中移除紅眼和寵物眼。
• 使用簡單的暈影強調您的主題。

• 將焦點轉移到特定元素,並用徑向模糊混合背景。
• 強化圖像並使用全面模糊功能創建運動感。

• 去除顆粒感或減低顏色噪訊,獲得水晶般清晰的圖片。
• 銳化細節讓您的照片看起來最美觀。

• 使用自動設定功能立即修復扭曲照片。
• 使用變形工具修正扭曲的取鏡。

• 使用移除污漬功能,輕鬆消除自拍和肖像中的瑕疵和斑點。

Photoshop Express 是由 Photoshop 系列開發商 Adobe 所隆重推出。

Adobe 使用條款:
您必須年滿 13 歲並同意遵守 Adobe 的條款和隱私權原則。

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Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders (FULL)

Name:Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders (FULL)                                                 Price:$6.99

Description:Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

Your weapon is your knowledge. Your wits will be put to the ultimate test!

The ABC Murders is an adventure and investigation game adapted from the classic Agatha Christie novel. The player embodies the famous Hercule Poirot in a 3rd person perspective adventure game packed with mysteries. Once again, the private detective will find himself up against a mysterious opponent who goes by the name of ""ABC"". Your intelligence will never have been so challenged!

You will have to explore many crime scenes in various cities set in beautiful surroundings across the United Kingdom. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to cross examinations and deadly puzzles!

Observe, question and explore everything possible in order to make the smartest deductions and understand the murderer’s plans!

Key features:

o Examinations: The player can collect information by examining suspects and paying attention to what they say, how they say it and how they feel.

o Puzzles: The player will have to solve puzzles in order to obtain more clues.

o Brain Deductions: Depending on the clues collected, the player will be able to make deductions and find out more about the murderer.

o Timeline: As the player draws conclusions and progresses through the story, he can use Poirot's Timeline. This means that Hercule Poirot can build a timeline with all the relevant events revealed during the investigation.

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My Company Polska

Name:My Company Polska                                                 Price:0,00 zł

Description:My Company Polska nowy magazyn biznesowy skierowany do grupy małych i średnich przedsiębiorców, właścicieli tych firm i ich managerów. Jego zadaniem jest pomagać im w prowadzeniu biznesu, informować o rzeczach dla nich najważniejszych, a także inspirować do rozwoju.

Każdy numer magazynu składa się z czterech sekcji. W otwierającej pismo sekcji Know What przedstawiane są historie liderów firm i skuteczne strategie. W części Dossier redakcja przybliża reguły funkcjonowania wybranej branży lub gałęzi gospodarki, zaś w sekcji Know How zamieszczone zostaną liczne poradniki, pomagające prowadzić biznes w Polsce – z dziedziny finansów, inwestycji, ubezpieczeń, zarządzania, prawa i księgowości.

Aplikacja umożliwia kupowanie poszczególnych numerów magazynu w cenie 13,99 zł oraz prenumeraty 6-miesięcznej w cenie 54,99 zł lub rocznej w cenie 92,99 zł.

Zasady działania prenumeraty:
– Po wykupieniu prenumeraty Czytelnik otrzymuje wszystkie numery magazynu opublikowane w okresie trwania subskrypcji
– Opłata za prenumeratę jest pobierana w momencie potwierdzenia zakupu subskrypcji
– Prenumerata wydania cyfrowego odnawia się automatycznie
– Czytelnik może zarządzać prenumeratą (m.in. zrezygnować z dalszej subskrypcji) poprzez swoje konto w iTunes (dostęp przez ustawienia systemowe iPada lub iPhone)
– Rezygnacja z subskrypcji jest możliwa najpóźniej na 24 godziny przed upływem bieżącego okresu prenumeraty
– Opłata za przedłużenie subskrypcji zostanie potrącona w ciągu 24 godzin przed zakończeniem bieżącego okresu prenumeraty i będzie zgodna z aktualnym cennikiem
– Nie można zrezygnować z prenumeraty, za którą została pobrana opłata

Więcej informacji na temat prenumeraty, polityka prywatności oraz zasady użytkowania aplikacji dostępne są tutaj: http://mycompanypolska.pl/polityka-prywatnosci

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Name:我的學妹不可能那麼萌                                                 Price:Free


頂樓PK 制霸全國

學院進修 與你並肩而戰

校園奇遇 組隊冒險

溫馨友愛 共築愛的宿舍


Line ID:moemoegirls

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