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Russian Drift Racing

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CURRENT VERSION : 1.0(2015-07-18)
APP CATEGORIES : Games, Sports, Racing

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The legend of the Russian car Ready to compete with ?

Race To Join, And Win , New Cars And New Tracks Open.
The Legend Of The Russian Competition Of Their Cars To Drift And Do Enjoy

- 5 Different Cars In Game.
Vaz 1111,Moskvich,Vaz 2106,Vaz Samara Ve Modified Vaz 2106
-7 Different Game Map.
-2 Different Mode Options
-5 Different Engine Sounds
-Advanced Setting Menu.
-Car Options Modified
-High Quality HD graphics.
-Low Systematic Phones Optimized For Graphics.
-The Quality Of The Graphics Options
-3 Different Control Option, Sensor,Steering And Button
-Russian And English Language Options.
-Quality Music And Sounds
-Realistic Control System And Race.
-Quality Artificial Intelligence System
-Tour And Ranking System
-Free Gold Options
-Air Horn

In the game, Problems and Suggestions Mail to you ;





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Traffic Turn

Name:Traffic Turn                                                Price:Free

Description:New and innovative hyper-casual game for you again!


1. Insert queued vehicles into the highway traffic, incoming vehicles won't wait for you.
2. Get extra points for inserting multiple cars in a row.

Just tap the touchscreen.

Hope you'll enjoy the game!

Rating:4.5                                               Show Detail

Driving Zone: Japan

Name:Driving Zone: Japan                                                Price:Free

Description:Driving Zone: Japan - a simulator of street racing on the cars produced in Japan.

In this game is presented a variety of cars of the Japanese manufacturers: from classic city cars, to worship drifting cars and modern sports cars. Each of the vehicles in the game has it's own specifications and engine sounds. Well detailed body and dashboard create the effect of full presence and realism.

The game offers four unique tracks with different weather conditions. Drive on scenic country road dotted with cherry blossoms, or go for a ride in the Japanese city, which is particularly beautiful at night, thanks to the traditional Japanese lanterns, hanging over the road. If you are a real extreme racer, you should drive on winter track with dangerous icy road. You can choose the starting time of the day, that will change dynamically.

Start the engine, press down on the gas and chase as quickly as possible. Earn points by overtaking traffic cars, you need them to open the new vehicles, modes and other features of the game.

This racing simulator gives you the ability to choose the style of driving that can be tranquil and safe or extremely racing. The abundance of settings allows you to customize a level of car physics realism, from arcade and simple to the most realistic, as in the difficult racing simulator in which you will need to show your driving skills.

Record your gameplay videos and share them to your friends in social networks with Everyplay Service. You can edit recorded video replays and comment them using the camera and microphone on your device.


- Modern beautiful graphics;

- Realistic car physics;

- Change the time of day in real-time;

- Qualitatively modeled Japan cars;

- 4 tracks with different weather conditions;

- First person view / interior camera.

This game is quite realistic, but it is not designed to teach you how to street racing. Be careful and responsible when you're driving real car. Enjoy virtual racing in heavy car traffic, but please observe the traffic rules and be careful on real roads.

Rating:3.9                                                 Show Detail

Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Russian

Name:Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Russian                                                 Price:0đ

Description:Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary, English-Russian

A trusted English-Russian dictionary from Cambridge with more than 20,000 easy-to-understand definitions and 25,000 example sentences to help you use English in real-life situations. Works offline!

Perfect for Russian learners of English, this Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary app offers audio pronunciations in both British and American English. Developed using the unique Cambridge Learner Corpus of written and spoken English, the app comes with tips on how to avoid typical errors made by Russian learners and a thesaurus to help you build your vocabulary.

Key features

• Russian translations for 20,000 English words and phrases.
• English Vocabulary Profile levels to help you prioritize your vocabulary learning.
• 25,000 examples from the 1.5-billion-word Cambridge English Corpus show how words work in typical contexts.
• Audio pronunciations let you hear the words spoken in both British and American English.
• 50 most common errors made by Russian speakers, explained in Russian.
• Thesaurus feature helps you to learn different words with the same meaning.
• Extra app features let you create flash cards to quiz yourself, save favourite words, and save your search histories.

Search and navigation features

• Full text search feature lets you look up words efficiently throughout the whole dictionary, including usage examples
• Smart lookup lists similar words in case you misspell your search, and helps find words in any grammatical form
• Multiple clipboard lookup: Copy as many words as you need when you’re reading, paste into the app, and view all the entries for your words
• Wildcard Search if you are unsure of the exact word spelling. Use “?” and “*” symbols to replace the missing letters.
• Search for anagrams (e.g., tab-bat)
• Hyperlinks between entries
• PenReader multilingual handwriting recognition support

Interface features

• Enhanced customization options allow you to modify animated menus and choose background colours
• Enlarge or reduce font size for entries and the index
• Landscape-mode support
• Fully iPad-optimized interface
• No Internet connection required: download a dictionary once and use it on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without any additional expense

About Cambridge

Founded in the mid-16th century, Cambridge University Press is a world-leading publisher of English learning materials. Playing a leading role in today’s global educational market, Cambridge University Press publishes titles written by authors in over 100 countries.

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King of Steering

Name:King of Steering                                                 Price:Free

Description:English description
Play King of Steering and become a Multiplayer drift Legend!

No need to look for adventure, King of Steering has multiple control system which will ensure fun and excitement to user, drifting is more fun and consistent like never before with the realistic car controls and sfx.

Update the car like never before with all new paint system that lets you customise body and glass color choosing from infinite color combination possible to make and look your car as you wish.
A new set of decals like Graffiti Text , Pattern , Sticker , Flags, Vinyl Stripe, Camel etc will serve you to make look your car unique and we will keep adding new decals to keep your fashion wardrobe fresh and exclusive.
Not only visual upgrade try our unique tyre configuration in garage like never before in a mobile game giving and ultimate experience of customization.

Play the game with more than 30 awesome realistic 3D cars with amazing drift in various mode.
Try to stay away from the police ! Stop at the check post if ran away form their, get ready police chase is on and it's fun though.
Connect in the multiplayer to drift it with friends. Create your own network room or join existing.

Gameplay Environment
Try out 3 different environment with a unique experience in each like never before.
Check out City , Highway and all new “TAFGER” environment in both multiplayer and single player mode.
Also select whether you like to play in bright sunny day or dark night, it should be rainy or a beautiful evening to drift on.

KOS features unique drift modes which will take you in whole new level of drift and gameplay.

Drift Modes
Arabic Drift

Gameplay Controls
Accelerometer (gyroscope) or touch steering mode.
Slider or touch throttle.
Automatic or manual transmission.

Not only car customization you can now also select player and customise its outfit to matching environment or of your choice. To try out variety of guns check out police outfit. All guns are unlocked at start to use for one time.


- If the game doesn't start up, runs slowly or crashes, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.
If you have any questions contact us through our Support system: https://umxstudio.co/en#contact-us or via e-mail at support@umxstudio.co

Rating:4.15                                                 Show Detail

Car Simulator OG

Name:Car Simulator OG                                                 Price:Free

Description:你真的会觉得你在车子的车轮后面 驾车与你的朋友围绕城市巡游,体验苦难的同时,感受酷炫无比

你在驾驶室内有360度的视角 玩伴们正在等你加入他们的游戏
根据你自己的规则设置竞赛! 打开音乐,出发吧!!!

游戏提供在线任务竞赛 (多人游戏模式) 可以用来与真正的玩家竞争,击败他们,并赚取更多的钱

1 不要超速 开车时要小心以避免碰撞或弄坏你的车
2 注意交警 如果你超速,就会得到一张罚单
3 注意交互式提示
4 别忘了在加油站给车加满油
5 行贿比官方罚单便宜
6 为了您的方便,开车时请注意看开门

请注意 交互式按钮的输入区是围绕屏幕中心的 带控制按钮的侧面区域不是活动的
要成功激活游戏的互动部分,必须首先在 360 度模式下将感兴趣的组件拖到屏幕的中心 按键以确认您的选择

- 有趣的互动游戏,有无休止的重玩价值
- 每日奖励
- 第一人称模式
- 丰富详细的车型
- 车内的很多组件都是交互式的
- 你可以有很多方式修改和调整你的车
- 有趣的城市及周边地图
- 交互式的加油站
- 有趣的请求 - 以及游乐场风格的任务
- 多人游戏模式任务

游戏包括额外的3辆汽车 有一辆车的电池坏了,第二个没有电池
第三个少了轮子. 找到一个能使它们再次启动的方法,它们就是你的!!!

有 3 种方法获得新车 免费,打折,或在展厅买


Rating:3.5                                                 Show Detail

MadOut Open City

Name:MadOut Open City                                                 Price:$1.99

Description:Madout Open City это боевые гонки. Уничтожайте противников, улучшить свой автомобиль и оружие. Почувствуй динамику погони и боевых сражений. Наслаждайтесь хорошей физикой машин. Вы можете выбрать из более чем трех десятков автомобилей, открытый мир, а также различных погодных условий.

В отличие от других игр, где вы можете только ударить соперника в бок, эта игра позволит вам творчески избавиться от конкурентов. Как насчет того, чтобы разбить автомобили? Вы можете сделать это! Чтобы избавиться от соперников с помощью ракет и мин, снести их с пути вашего автомобиля. Положите страх в них! Делайте все, что вы хотите - нет никаких правил, кроме желания победить. Возможность модернизировать свой автомобиль.

Rating:1.65                                                 Show Detail

Top Bus Racing . Crazy Driving Derby Simulator Game For Free 3D

Name:Top Bus Racing . Crazy Driving Derby Simulator Game For Free 3D                                                 Price:Free

Description:◉◉ Top Bus Racing ◉◉

◉◉ Free Bus Racing Simulator Derby Game For Kids! ◉◉

The school bus drivers of Miami are preparing for the most important competition of their lives!

In this Vice Race, everyone wants to win and prove who is the best School Bus driver of Miami!

Choose your preferred bus and discover the craziest buses race in the world!

You have to show all kinds of truck driving skills: speed, skill, aggressiveness and much more!

Avoid collisions with innocent cars that come your way! This could mean a tragic end for your bus in the Vice competition!

Do not run out of fuel, enjoy the realistic graphics and heat the clutch!

Schools are waiting for their new hero, do you want to be the most prestigious bus driver in all Miami?

Download the best bus game of the moment and follow us on the social networks!

Follow us on Twitter: @LabCave
Give us a like on Facebook: www.facebook.com/LabCaveGames

Rating:1.85                                                 Show Detail

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Name:Extreme Car Driving Simulator                                                 Price:Free


Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the best car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine

Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free!
Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you!

Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt of this open world city!

NEW: Mini game checkpoint mode.
NEW: Drive with traffic !!!!!
Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.
ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!
Explore a detailed open world environment.
Realistic car damage. Crash your car!
Accurate physics.
Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows
Several different cameras.

Rating:4.15                                                 Show Detail