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상담사 연결 없이 요금/사용량 조회, 서비스 신청/변경, 모바일 멤버십카드 기능까지 편리하게 이용할 수 있는 LGU+ 공식 무료 어플리케이션입니다.

국내 통신사 고객센터 앱 중 고객만족도 1위!
U+ 고객이라면 데이터 요금 걱정없이 무료!
* 단, 데이터 로밍 이용 중에는 이용이 불가합니다.

■ 청구서가 오기 전까지 지난달 사용 요금이 궁금하셨죠?
- 예상 청구금액 실시간 확인 가능
■ 소액결제 사기, 각종 스미싱 피해로부터 고객님을 지켜드립니다.
- 차단/차단해제
- 한도관리
- 이용내역 조회
- 비밀번호 설정/해제
- 결제업체 연락처 등 상세정보 확인
■ 언제 어디서나 통신요금을 신용카드로 즉시 납부할 수 있습니다.

1. 휴대폰은 물론, 홈 상품(인터넷/TV/070) 요금 및 청구서 조회
2. 휴대폰 요금제 및 부가서비스 신청/변경
3. 기본제공 잔여량 및 실시간 요금 확인
4. 소액결제 차단/차단해제 및 이용내역 확인
5. 모바일/홈 상품 약정정보 확인
6. 글로벌로밍 조회
7. 가까운 직영점 찾기
8. 자주하는 질문 찾기





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Apps Similar To U+고객센터

Top 8 Similars More Similar Apps

FaceU - 아름다움을 불어넣다

Name:FaceU - 아름다움을 불어넣다                                                Price:₩0

Description:Faceu has boasted approximately 300 million users all over the world, being extremely popular in Japan and South Korea. It has become a selfie APP used by all kinds of fashion icons, web celebrities and renowned stars.
Special effects including rain control, magics control and various film style filters updated, providing fresh ways to take selfie everyday!

【Over 1000 special sticker effects】
Seeing yourself being more glamorous with FaceU. Adorable cat's ears, dog's ears and animal stickers; chic outfits/accessories; interesting 3D effects, movie styles and fireworks; hair colors always changing; twisting facial expressions; styling in an ancient way; music stickers; multi-cell photo frame stickers and various kinds of special sticker effects are updated everyday for you to discover and explore!

【Powerful retouching function for your skin and styling】
Retouching function for your skin from level 1 to level 5, enabling you to get rid of the pimples, freckles and scars with one simple click while remaining a natural texture on your face. With a variety of face shapes for your choice, why not have a test on what kind of face shape you own?

【Professional filters】
Over 30 different fashionable filters available for you to switch around. Professional photographers and designers are invited by FaceU to modulate the filter. By routinely updating different styles of filters, even the same sceneries will be shot with different touches.

【Short videos+ music stickers】
More than 100 music stickers to be used with videos! And the FaceU music library offers massive background music for you to choose at will. From now on, video shooting will be way more interesting!

【GIF emoji packages】
You are now able to create your own GIF emoji packages with FaceU! GIF emojis are widely used in global social networks. The accelerating play mode facilitates to display your facial expressions and moves in a more amusing way~

(Facial recognition technology provided by SenseTime)

Comments are always welcomed~ Please contact:
supportfaceu@bytedance.com for feedbacks; and
faceu.business@bytedance.com for business cooperation
Facebook: Faceu.official
Instagram: faceu_official
Twitter: @Faceu_official
One step to solve all problems, please contact our Facebook messenger: FaceU Feedback
(click https://m.me/join/AbbY3OnvUYFQfgn9)

Rating:4.65                                               Show Detail

LG ThinQ

Name:LG ThinQ                                                Price:Free

Description:Il servizio Smart Home che permette di utilizzare gli elettrodomestici in modo intelligente!
Oggi, anche la vostra casa diventa Smart insieme a LG ThinQ che permette di utilizzare ancora più comodamente i vari elettrodomestici e dispositivi IoT della LG.

[Funzioni principali]

■Registra e gestisci gli elettrodomestici di casa tua con l'applicazione ThinQ.
Puoi collegare facilmente vari elettrodomestici della LG, ad esempio TV, frigorifero, styler, lavatrice e perfino dispositivi IoT e visualizzarli tutto insieme.

■Aziona gli elettrodomestici a distanza anche quando sei fuori casa.
Con l'applicazione ThinQ puoi monitorare casa tua quando vuoi e dove vuoi. Puoi anche azionare l'aspirapolvere, la lavatrice, ecc. a distanza.

■Acquista le parti necessari direttamente dall'applicazione.
Usando il negozio dell'applicazione ThinQ, puoi acquistare le componenti certificati LG in modo sicuro.

■Utilizza la funzione Smart Diagnosis.
Attraverso l'applicazione, puoi controllare in anticipo lo stato dei tuoi elettrodomestici e prevenire i guasti.

※Le funzioni disponibili sull'applicazione potrebbero variare in base al paese.


-L'applicazione LG ThinQ supporta il sistema operativo iOS 10.0 e superiori. Le ricordiamo che con dispositivi iOS 9.3 e inferiori, non è possibile utlizzare l'ultima versione dell'applicazione.

[Autorizzazione dell'accesso]

Al fine di fornire servizi, LG ThinQ utilizza l'autorizzazione dell'accesso come riportato di seguito. Nel caso in cui l'autorizzazione dell'accesso sia facoltativa, anche se non si presenta il proprio consenso, è possibile utilizzare servizi ma l'uso di alcune funzioni dell'applicazione potrebbe essere limitato.

■Autorizzazione dell'accesso facoltativa
-Effettuazione di chiamata e impostazioni di chiamata: Servono quando si imposta la configurazione come paese, lingua ecc. e quando ci si collega alla nostra Assistenza Clienti dopo aver utilizzato la funzione Smart Diagnosis.
-Posizione: Serve per controllare informazioni SSID dei dispositivi al momento della registrazione e informazioni del wifi da collegare sulla lista wifi. Serve anche per cercare e usufruire delle informazioni come tempo, posizione attuale, ecc.
-Immagini, video, file: Lo spazio di archiviazione viene usato quando si scarica il software di dispositivo che deve essere collegato.
Inoltre, nel caso di certi dispositivi, si può inviare e salvare fotografie via smartphone.
-Contatto: Serve per controllare informazioni account quando si effettua il login sull'applicazione.
-Telecamera: Serve quando si legge un codice QR.
-Microfono: Serve quando si utilizza la funzione Smart Diagnosis.

Rating:4.15                                                 Show Detail

Ulike - Define trendy selfie

Name:Ulike - Define trendy selfie                                                 Price:Free

Description:【Perfect your features with personalized fine-tuning】
Touch-up your eyes, nose and mouth right after photo-taking. No more need for post-editing. Save your favorite edits that define your gorgeous features so you will never have to retouch again!

【Variety pose samples for your reference】
Follow the guideline and easily get the fashion blogger style’s pictures. Selfie, street snap, shopping, travel... With various themes, you can find suitable pose for different scenes.

【Look more stylish and classy than ever】
Never bored with our various filters and makeup tools. Style cover looks of your own.

【Look lovely anytime with enhanced filters】
Innovative filters give you a glowing and supple complexion. Trendsetter, Indie, Artsy, Retro... Choose your favorite filter! We have every style for you!

- Corporate partnerships: ulike_mkt_bd@bytedance.com
Facebook: Ulikecamera
Instagram: ulikecamera
Twitter: @CameraUlike

【Ulike VIP Subscription Notice】
1. Vip service names
Ulike monthly vip, $3.49/per month
Ulike 6-month vip, $13.99/ per 6-month
Ulike yearly vip, $20.99/per year
Hereinafter referred to as "VIP"
VIP can unlock the following membership benefits: paid filter, paid looks, corrector, Retouch

2. After subscribing to the VIP account, relevant fees will be paid upon confirmation of purchase. The original package will be automatically renewed when the VIP subscription expires, unless you turn off the automatic renewal 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Renewal will occur within 24 hours of the end of the current subscription period and will automatically deduct the next VIP subscription period from your Apple id.

3. Any unused functions during the 7-day free trial period will be terminated when users pay for the service.

4. Automatic renewal for Apple in App Payments: Go to iPhone "Settings"-->Enter “iTunes Store and App Store”-->Tap“Apple ID”,select“view Apple ID”,enter“Account Settings”page,tap“subscribe”, and select Ulike VIP to cancel the subscription.

5. Terms of Service & Privacy Policy link:http://ulike-ures.faceu.mobi/bm/agreement/index.html?lan=zh

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Kostenlose Klingeltöne für das iPhone - Entwurf und Klingelton herunterladen App

Name:Kostenlose Klingeltöne für das iPhone - Entwurf und Klingelton herunterladen App                                                 Price:0,00 €

Description:All in ONE free RINGTONES App (convert music & record with mic & use extensive library)

Unlimited free ringtone!

Ringtone designer will convert all (mp3 & AAC) iTunes music to ringtones.

Ringtone recorder will allow to record family and friend voices as ringtones.

This is BEST FREE IPHONE RINGTONES APP in AppStore period!

Unique ringtones features:

Share ringtones on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LINE, email and SMS.

iOS 9 Text & Alert & SMS & iMessage tones support

Different genres : Pop, classical, piano, disco, etc (more than 50)!

Ringtones works flawlessly with almost all iPhone and iPad!

Rating:2.7                                                 Show Detail


Name:UpToDate                                                 Price:Free

Description:您需要成为UpToDate或UpToDate临床顾问的个人用户或 机构用户。

通过下载安装iOS App 到iPad®, iPhone®, 或 iPod touch®,UpToDate可随时、随地解答您的临床诊疗问题。

UpToDate是全球领先的基于循证医学原则的临床决策支持系统, 囊括了医务人员在临床诊疗时

60多项研究结果表明,UpToDate 的广泛使用能明显改善患者疗效、提高医疗质量。

UpToDate iOS客户端 特性包括:


我们欢迎您的反馈。 谨记,我们无法通过App Store回复您的意见。如果您有任何问题,中国地区请联系 chinasupport@uptodate.com ,其他地区请联系customerservice@uptodate.com。谢谢!

iPad, iPhone, 和 iPod touch是苹果公司在美国及其他国家的注册商标

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The Birdcage 2

Name:The Birdcage 2                                                 Price:Free

Description:Welcome to The Birdcage 2!

The story revolves around young sorceress who has just graduated from the school of magic. She heard tales of the powerful wizard Alzar, so she embarked on a journey to find him, hoping he will teach her advanced magic. She faced many obstacles, dangers, and revelations that ultimately forced her to make difficult choices.

Enter the magical land of Avem and learn what happens to our brave young sorceress. Intuitive touch controls, mechanical puzzles, and creative reasoning will enable you to free the innocent magical creatures imprisoned by dark magic.


Exclusive levels for iPhone X and new generation iPhones where you solve
puzzles using your face.


The puzzles will challenge your mind and push your reasoning skills to the next level.


Once you start, you will not be able to quit until all birds and dragons are free.


Slide through the screen and experience the real magic happening right before your eyes.


Disclose the adventure of the young sorceress and magical creatures locked inside beautifully designed cages.


Immerse yourself to the atmosphere of the story with the wonderful original soundtrack and chilling sound design.


Cast spells with the wand, find missing scroll parts, collect hidden diamonds and more!


Explore every object you see in the game to details. Many secrets are hidden as it is in its nature. Your observational skills might lead you to some big twists and revelations in the story.

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S7 Airlines: поиск авиабилетов

Name:S7 Airlines: поиск авиабилетов                                                 Price:0 ₽

Description:Travel does not end with a flight from one city to another. It just begins with the purchase of a ticket and is remembered by delicious breakfasts at hotels, scenic routes and the hospitality of the locals. Once you’ve planned a journey with the S7 Airlines app, it will be plain sailing to do it again and again.

Make plans:
- Get the best deals on S7 Airlines tickets and partners around the world.
- Book your accommodation: 2 million hotels, country houses, and apartments from Booking.com.
- Rent a car: search through 900 car rental companies in 160 countries with Rentalcars.
- Buy more luggage allowance, choose seats in the cabin, and order special meals.
- Save documents, travel companions, and payment data to make purchases in two clicks.

Hit the road:
- Check in for your flight without wasting time in lines and add your boarding pass to the Wallet.
- Measure your bags with AR and make sure it can be brought along as hand luggage.
- Transfer to business class and fly with high levels of comfort.
- Receive notifications about your flight status (directly from the announcement board) and check-in starting time.
- Ask the operator all your important questions via chat and don't waste time making phone calls.

Cover a lot of ground:
- Explore secret routes and find hidden gems in travel guides spotted by locals.
- Accumulate miles with the S7 Priority card and use them later to pay for new tickets.

S7 Airlines — Chase happiness!

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Name:이사만루3                                                 Price:₩0

Description:"디테일이 리얼이다!”
더욱 진화한 이사만루3! 진짜 그대로의 KBO를 만나보세요!

# 리얼의 디테일이 다르다
KBO 300여명 선수들의 특화 페이스 그리고, 특화 체형 & 파츠까지 구현한 디테일
국내 최대 규모 자체 ‘모션캡쳐센터’로 더욱 디테일해진 특화 루틴&스윙, 투구, 세레모니 모션
KBO 10개 전 구단 홈구장 전면 리뉴얼

# KBO를 담다
오늘의 승리팀과 베스트 플레이어는 누구? 그날의 로스터로 미리 플레이 하는 ‘투데이 라이브’
“담장 밖에서 뵙겠습니다!!!” SBS 정우영 캐스터의 중계
원 포인트 스폐셜 해설~ SPOTV 민훈기 해설위원의 코멘터리

# 더욱 진화하다
똑같은 선수는 이제 없다! 내가 원하는 스탯 성장으로 나만의 선수를 육성해보세요!
쉬워진 조작감 & 강렬한 타격감! 예측하고 허를 찌르는 ‘투/타 한판 승부’
실감나는 카메라 연출의 집약과 역대급 업그레이드의 인-게임 플레이

# 이것이 새롭다
나만의 새로운 승부! 대회를 직접 커스텀 하여 개최하는 ‘챔피언쉽’
단 3번의 터치로 게임에 진입하다! 퀵-매치 모드
새로운 카드 시스템 등장! 스타, 레어, 엘리트, 골든글러브, 타이틀홀더, 레전드 등 다양한 카드덱!
그 밖에 다양하고 새로운 신규모드 추가!!!

■ 이사만루3는 게임 플레이를 위해 아래와 같은 권한을 필요로 합니다.

[필수 권한]
- 저장공간 : 게임 이용 시 필요한 정보들에 대한 저장 및 가져오기에 필요합니다.
- 카메라 : 고객센터 내 문의 등을 위한 화면 캡처에 필요합니다.

필수적 권한 이외에 추가 수집되는 선택적 권한은 없습니다.

[접근 권한 철회 방법]
- 설정 > 이사만루3 선택 > 해당 권한 선택 > 접근권한 동의 또는 철회

■개발자 연락처
주소 : 경기도 성남시 분당구 판교로255번길 58 602호
고객지원 : 게임 내 설정 > 고객센터에서 문의해주세요.
이메일 : playball@gonggames.com

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