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Battle Ludo Online

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CURRENT VERSION : 2.3.2(2018-05-30)

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Battle Ludo (Aeroplane Chess) is a simple & fun classic board game.

You would wonder why this simple game from childhood could still be this entertaining!

Enjoyed by adults and children alike, It is very similar to the traditional game Ludo and Pachisi. Players take turns to throw the die. The player have all four pieces finishing their journey wins!
The dice is absolutely 100% random for computer AI. Suggest easy mode for starting. Enjoy! ;)

What are you waiting for? Let's get it started!

- Support Online VS
- Support 1-4 Multiplayers!
- Play against 1-3 computers AI with 3 levels
- Nice Sound Effects
- User-friendly interface
- Classic memorable theme
- Multiple Language (English,中繁,中簡)
- Auto save game

The ludo game is called 飛行棋,飞行棋,Flying Plane Chess in China. It may be similar to the board game like Mensch argere dich nicht,Sorry!,parcheesi,etc.And some other places it may be known as Mens-erger-je-niet,Fia med knuff.
For any issues/bugs, please let us know at : info@sohomob.com (with device and version), we will try best to follow up.
We will keep improving the game. Please leave us some comment! Or email to: info@sohomob.com





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Name:模拟飞行翱翔:飞机飞行模拟器                                                Price:Free



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Name:欧亿婚恋-全球甄选优质单身                                                Price:¥0.00

Description:欧亿婚恋是一款全球单身婚恋交友app. 如果您是女士,您可以在欧亿婚恋app上找到世界各地与您兴趣爱好相同的男士,开启一段奇妙的缘分之旅;如果您是男士,您可以在APP中发现可以与您相知相伴的优雅女士,她们期待与您相遇。 欧亿婚恋的每一位用户都经过严格的身份验证,信息真实可靠。强大的翻译功能让环球沟通再无障碍。利用大数据精准匹配,帮您找到对的人,解决您单身的烦恼。

真实的个人信息: 欧亿婚恋上的用户都经过信息验证。 注册时必须上传自己真实的个人信息。我们严格的人工审核和视频认证系统,保证与您聊天约会的用户都是有交友需求的真实用户。



实时翻译系统: 我们提供在线翻译,为您解决语言障碍。您可以和国外人士,随时随地无障碍沟通。

如何保证交友安全? 我们做了以下措施:


你的一秒迟疑,或许错过了一生的ta。 来欧亿婚恋寻找ta,认识ta, 熟悉ta,爱上ta。
1个月VIP 328元;
6个月VIP 998元;
12个月VIP 1598元;



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中国跳棋  Chinese Checkers HD

Name:中国跳棋 Chinese Checkers HD                                                 Price:¥0.00

Description:[NEW] according to players' report, to prevent trouble-maker taking other seats, we will take the rules below from June 9th, 2015
1) each player can make at most 51 steps;
2) The player will be punished 8 score if he places his pieces on other's seats when the game ends.
Please obey the rules and have a good fun on Chinese Checkers.

[Grand Update, Must Download!] or you will miss the new features here :
* Optimize the 5 jumper AIs;
* Add Onine Game Hall, you can play it with your friends;
* Add Tips, FootSteps;
* Add Fast Paced Jump to jump over multiple empty grids.
Especially, you can enjoy all above free!

The most popular Chinese Checkers on App Store, over 5 000 000 downloads worldwide! The iPhone version is also available now.

The most intelligent Chinese Checkers on App Store! With 5 different AI levels, support players from 1 to 6!

Chinese checkers is a board game that can be played by two, three, four, or six people, playing individually or with partners. The game is a modern and simplified variation of Halma. The objective is to be first to race one's pieces across the hexagram-shaped game board into "home" – the corner of the star opposite one's starting corner – using single-step moves or moves which jump over other pieces. Others keep playing to establish 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and last place finishers. The game involves some strategy but is popular even among young children.

A basic strategy is to find the longest hopping path that leads closest to, or immediately into, "home" – the destination star point at the opposite side of the board. (Multiple-jump moves are obviously faster to relocate pieces than step-by-step moves.) Since either player can make use of any hopping 'ladder' or 'chain' created, more advanced strategy involves hindering an opposing player, in addition to helping oneself find jumps across the board. Of equal importance are the players' strategies for emptying and filling their starting and home corners. Games between experts are rarely decided by more than a couple of moves.

Differing numbers of players result in different game layouts. Each layout imposes a different best-game strategy. For example, if a player's "home" or destination corner is empty (not an opponent's starting corner), the player can freely arrange his/her pieces to serve as a 'ladder' or 'bridge' between the two opposite ends. But if a player's opponent occupies the home destination corner, the player might be better advised to play a "waiting game" until all pieces have moved out.

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Name:飞行棋-多人对战版                                                 Price:¥0.00

Description:Each player rolls the die, the highest roller begins the game. The players alternate turns in a clockwise direction.

To enter a token into play from its staging area to its starting square, a player must roll a 6. If the player has no tokens yet in play and does not roll a 6, the turn passes to the next player. Once a player has one or more tokens in play, he selects a token and moves it forward along the track the number of squares indicated by the die roll. Players must always move a token according to the die value rolled, and if no move is possible, pass their turn to the next player.

When a player rolls a 6 he may choose to advance a token already in play, or alternatively, he may enter another staged token to its starting square. The rolling of a 6 earns the player an additional ("bonus") roll in that turn. If the additional roll results in a 6 again, the player earns an additional bonus roll. If the third roll is also a 6, the player may not move a token and the turn immediately passes to the next player.

A player may not end his move on a square he already occupies. If the advance of a token ends on a square occupied by an opponent's token, the opponent token is returned to its owner's yard. The returned token may only be reentered into play when the owner again rolls a 6. Unlike Pachisi, there are no "safe" squares on the game track which protect a player's tokens from being returned. A player's home column squares are always safe, however, since no opponent may enter them.

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Name:全民飞行棋-大富翁飞行棋游戏                                                 Price:Free



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Auto Chess War

Name:Auto Chess War                                                 Price:Free


In this magical-realist strategic PvE game, you need to purchase your men and arrange your own tactical formation to battle. You should upgrade your pieces and try various combinations to enhance your combat skills. Please notice that each piece has its unique skills and the key point to victory is how you locate the proper use of your pieces.

Followed the principle gameplay of auto chess, we are trying to provide you brand new experience with the arrived Endless Mode and the first chapter of Adventure. We’re still working for the further chapters of Adventure, equipment system and a new PvP mode that is very different from other auto chess games.

- Magical-realist characters and scenes. Human, Orc, Elf, and Beast allows you an exotic experience
- Unique battle view and gorgeous effects
- Your battle progress will be saved automatically, so please feel free to turn off the game and come back latter
- The roguelike Adventure provides different experience to you with each new Adventure
- Endless Challenge allows you to break your limits by increase the final wave by 5 with each stage clear

From the Developer
We’re a very small group (6 persons!) that has worked for this game for less than three months. We are working very hard to add more functions so please and please rate us as high as you possible to support us if you like this game. Your support is our energy to develop this game :-)

About the Update
1. We schedule to update this game each two week, with at least 3 characters and new hyper-casual gameplay and functions in each update.
2. Sometimes the following updates might last for month with a new hard-core gameplay, however we won’t let wait for more than two months.
3. We always update as soon as possible if you encounter great bugs or difficulties in value.

- Abount VIP
1. 50% Extra EXP and Gems when clear each chapter
2. +1 Basic income in battle
3. Availability to SUMMON your roles in battles
4. Skip ads.

7 days (Auto-Renewing): $0.99 / week
30 days (Auto-Renewing): $1.99 / month
Forever: $9.99
Basic on you location, the price may be change. See in puchase progress.

About Auto Renewing Subscription:
- Payment: Users confirms purchase and payment and then credits to their Apple account
- User can manage their subscription and auto-renewal through their Apple ID account settings
- Cancel renewal: To cancel your renewal, please manually disable the auto-renewal in iTunes/Apple ID settings management subscribe 24 hours before the expiration
- Renewal: Users’ Apple account will be charged within 24 hours before expiration. After that, the subscription period will be postponed for one subscription period.

- Privacy Policy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZivFL_Mlf2MYozlrqB8pd2FHk1opCXwKJZMYzYUoRtE/edit?usp=sharing
- Terms of Service: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cSvDk9-n1ZtAVbMLw8Txg2Mp19XG2jKBof2o5YifFSA/edit?usp=sharing

Recent Update:
- PVP Mode!
- Equipment System!!!
- 64 Chapter Adventure Mode
- Player Levels
- Piece Cultivation System
- Talents

Coming Soon:
Runes, PvP

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Auto-Chess-War-771944036532686/

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Name:Ludo STAR                                                 Price:Free

Description:Play your childhood favourite board game Ludo with various international rules. Enjoy the latest modern design.

Ludo STAR is best ludo game on IOS.
- Login with Facebook and invite friends to play with you
- Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches
- Play different variations: Classic, Master or Quick
- Play with your favorite rules like : Doubling of pieces, kill 1 before entering home etc.
- Play in offline mode (NEW)
- Download for Free
- Chat and send emoticons to other players while you play
- Feels like 3d ludo with 3d dice
- Add new people as Game Buddy, make more friends

Download this amazing Ludo, start rolling the dice and enjoy this fantastic online multiplayer game.
Relive your ludo days.

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Ludo Plus : Online Ludo Game

Name:Ludo Plus : Online Ludo Game                                                 Price:Free

Description:Ludo plus is a classic board game played between friends, family & kids. Play the royal game of kings, Recall your childhood.

Ludo is a strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die.

Ludo plus is a king of board game. Ludo plus game is played all ages people like kids , young and old man game. And its also known as Pachisi, and is very similar to a Spanish board game.

The Game of Dice is a dramatic point of the Indian epic Mahabharata where Duryodhana and Shakuni trick Yudhisthira and the Pandavas into losing all their wealth and possessions, including themselves and their wife Draupadi.

Ludo plus is a perfect time pass game of Ludo board game. You played Ludo in your childhood, now play on your phone and tablet. Ludo plus is played online with friends around word.
Ludo 3d, Ludo Multiplayer, Ludo Online, Ludo Online Multiplayer,
Ludo Games, Ludo game, Ludo game 3d, Dice Game, Ludo Dice Game, Fun Game, Board Game, Quick Game, Ludo, Ludo ( लूडो ).
Ludo game app.
Install ludo plus now and enjoy full on time.
Ludo Game Download for Free!
Ludo is The Dice Game is depend on your luck
Ludo is a mind and one type of puzzle game.

Features of Ludo Plus Game

~ Play online with your family and friends from Facebook World wide.
~ Global Compare your rank with your Friends.
~ Invite and challenge your Friends from Facebook in a private game room and beat them to Earn more coins.
~ Play with world wide players and make them your Friends.
~ play with customised Room amount and challenging your Friends around the wold.
~ Chat with fiends privately and rooms chat with friends publicly.
~ Express Gift to your world friends or Local guys and yourself by sending emojis to your opponents.
~ Feature of Ludo plus is the Boost Your Dice whenever you play.
~ Easy rules which can be ensue by players of all ages.
~ Play with Graphics a classic look and the feel of a royal game.
~ Not internet connection needed! Play against the computer and friends (Local Multiplayer).
~ exciting Daily bonus
~ Notify you where your friends online and offline.
~ spin wheel and earn free coin
The game and its variants are popular in many countries and under various names:
localized name of the game:

Fia med knuff (Sweden)
Non t'arrabbiare (Italy),
Barjis(s) / Bargese (Syria),
Parchís or Parkase (Spain),
Le Jeu de Dada or Petits Chevaux (France),
Pachîs (Persia/Iran).
da' ngu'a ('Vietnam')
Fei Xing Qi' (China)
Mens-erger-je-niet (the Netherlands),
Barjis / Bargis (Palestine)
Griniaris (Greece)
Parqués (Colombia)

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