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APP STORE: App Store    $1.99
CURRENT VERSION : 1.2(2017-06-27)
APP CATEGORIES : Photo & Video, Social Networking

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Introducing Pro HDR X, a complete overhaul of Pro HDR, the world’s most popular HDR camera app.

In 2009, we created Pro HDR, the first full-resolution mobile HDR app ever released. It has won many awards and been purchased over a million times. A massive upgrade, Pro HDR X captures true HDR images automatically and instantly, with dramatically better results than ever before.

"Pro HDR X is far better than Apple's built-in software" -- TUAW

Going way beyond the limited HDR built into iOS, Pro HDR X dynamically analyzes the scene in realtime and provides up to 10 additional stops of dynamic range. For the first time, Pro HDR X now uses *three* separate full-resolution exposures to generate your HDR, giving you maximum dynamic range with minimal artifacts and noise. And we still also offer manual mode for those who wish to select their exposure points by hand. Plus, there’s even a new slider that lets you fine-tune exactly how much HDR effect you want after your shot is captured.

Not only does Pro HDR X feature a massive leap in image quality and speed, we’ve totally redesigned the UI, bringing a modern look and feel to the app. We’ve hand-crafted the interface to perfectly suit each device’s native size and resolution, from 3.5" to 5.5" iPhones. And we haven’t forgotten iPads, which also feature brand new interfaces perfectly suited to their larger screens.

The features don’t end there. Pro HDR X also includes:

• Advanced photo library support, from editing single images to aligning and merging HDRs from two or three bracketed images. We even let you import giant DSLR images from your photo library (up to 24 megapixels) so you can create professional HDRs on the go.

• State-of-the-art image registration and blending. We precisely correct for translation and rotation between images, giving you the sharpest possible images. And of course, our images are saved at full resolution.

• Rear and front camera support (real HDR selfies… yay), self-timer, flash options, digital zoom, cropping, and grid overlay

• Live-updating sliders to perfect your HDR; control HDR strength, brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and tint, or let Pro HDR X pick the best settings for you

• Beautiful filters and frames custom written and designed by us

• Text captions so you can add words to your photos (your choice of font and color)

• Geotag (optional) GPS + Compass / EXIF data saved to your camera roll

• Share your HDRs with the world via built-in iOS sharing support





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Name:Musemage                                                Price:$3.99

Description:***Best new app in China, Singapore, Japan and 15 other countries/regions.

***Awarded App Store Photography & Video recommended App in the United States, Canada, India, and Brazil.

***Top 10 Photo & Video categories app in: Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Russia.

Please note: Full features are only supported by iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad mini2, iPad Air, iPod 6 or newer devices, with iOS 8.0 or later.

With just a simple download, Musemage opens up your mobile device’s camera like no other app can do. Musemage’s most unique feature is that it enables you to use different filters, and effects all in real-time processing while shooting , without waiting, in full HD video and full-resolution photos!

Musemage’s newest version now adds a "video post-editing” function meanwhile it works for 4K videos too!

Try it now, and witnessed the awesome features of Musemage!

【7 Professional Shooting Modes】
Video Mode: Experience multiple shooting features opening simultaneously.
Time-lapse: Different time-lapse speed and various real-time filters and effects as you want.
Photo Mode: Various camera lens and filters all in real-time to help you get a good shot.
Blue Screen: Replace any background into funny picture, or video of your choice.
Manual Mode: Manually adjust focus, white balance, shutter, ISO function.
Stop-Motion: Shoot frame-by-frame, and control the frame rate, easily shoot wonderful videos.
Magic Color: Feel free to change the color of any object, useful in any situation.

【Superior User Experience in Video Editing】
Clip: Cut out any wanted moments with your videos.
Joint: Multiple video clips can be merge into one.
Post-processed Beautify: Smoothen your skin and make it glow.
Music: Add background music from your iTunes Store or included music.
Filters: Apply camera lens filter or color filter in your video
Label: Add your personal label and watermark to shine the video.
*****P.S. Musemage supports 4K videos in all after-processing features.

【Abundant Real-time Functions in shooting】
Exclusive image stabilization
Five-axis image stabilization, digital video image stabilization technology brought to the mobile phone. Hand-held shooting on bumpy conditions are guaranteed rock solid frame.

Real-Time Beauty
Full HD video real-beautifying, repair wrinkles and blemishes, hair, eyes and other details. Instantly have a smooth face.

Noise at night
Easily shoot at night with Musemage’s HDR function at night and reduce noise effect.

Real-time HDR
Automatically control the brightness of the picture detail, restore normal exposure, shadows and highlight detail 3 EV or more. Changing the exposure and tone mapping, rendering more realistic and brighter scenes.

33 camera lens filter and special effects filters
5 Lens Filters (bokeh, tilt-shift, vignette, etc.)
6 Distortion Filters (perspective correction, fisheye, etc.)
7 Art Filters (paintings, drawings, gouache, etc.)
5 Weather Filters (reflection, defog, snow, etc.)
5 Equipment Filters (spotlight, wide-screen, thermal, etc.)
5 Monster Filters (ghost, terminator, werewolf, etc.)

44 color filters in real-time
6 Adventure filters
7 Film filters
6 Black and white filters
6 Lomo filters
5 Documentary filters
4 Light leakage filters
10 Movie filters

*****What users are saying about Musemage? *****

Awesome!!! Shooting photo and video with live effect and a bunch of cool tools, all-in-one. Using this app with iPhone 6s gives even better result. I LOVE IT! – dogsaysmeow

Great app! I have been searching this type of app long since. Now i don't need any DSLR. Thank you developer.- Rupon Raj

I've been using this app almost exclusively for video for the past few months. The stabilization is insanely good and so is the de-noise setting. Really great Light room quality video filter presets.- jneate

【Contact us】
E-mail feedback: feedback@paraken.com
Instagram Account: musemage_app
Facebook Account: Musemage

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Bubbles Empire Champions

Name:Bubbles Empire Champions                                                Price:Free



* 体验上百个过瘾的关卡,充满有趣的谜题。
* 探索无限的泡泡射击世界,并享受经典的流畅游戏模式!
* 完成任务并获得丰富奖励。
* 通过关卡,获取胜利。
* 和勇敢的勇士一起战斗,征服所有趣味十足的挑战!
* 通过令人敬畏的技能提升增强游戏体验,并弹出所有彩球。
* 连续弹出7个泡泡可获得一颗火球,能够燃烧沿线的泡泡。
* 同时下落10个泡泡以上可获得一颗炸弹,能够释放周围的泡泡。
* 观察接下来的颜色,制定策略,用少量射击粉碎所有泡泡。
* 通过级别的动作越少,获得分数就越高!
* 克服障碍,爆破所有泡泡,赢得胜利。




免费下载,体验这款有趣的颜色匹配关卡游戏。你必须击中和爆破球,完成任务,并获得升级。数百个具有挑战性的通关之旅,随时随地体验惊人的游戏冒险, 无需连接 WiFi!




Bubbles Empire Champions是Ilyon Dynamics Ltd的註冊商標。

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图片合成器 - 潮人都爱的摄影修图神器

Name:图片合成器 - 潮人都爱的摄影修图神器                                                 Price:¥0.00





如果在使用中遇到問題?或對後續更新有意見或建議?請在問題反饋或發送郵件至 picmix@adnonstop.com 與我們聯系~

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LT - Long Exposure

Name:LT - Long Exposure                                                 Price:$0.99

Description:Lightmatic is the application for creating photos with Long Exposure effect. Download and create amazing shots expressing the dynamics of motion.

• Light Trails
Capture light trails created by cars, trains, fire or other objects emitting light, "freeze" the movement of clouds or the flow of water and draw something in the air using any light source.

• Limitless Long Exposure
Exposure in this application is not limited to certain time intervals.

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Camera+ 2

Name:Camera+ 2                                                 Price:$4.99

Description:Take your iPhone photo editing to the next level with Camera+ 2 - the best and most powerful photo capturing & editing app available. Camera+ 2 is designed by photo lovers on a mission to incorporate all the advances in photo technology that are being introduced year after year.

The RAW Editor includes tools such as Curves or a White Balance picker. The Lab contains many photographic tools that allow you to fine-tune the exposure, boost the shadows or sharpen your photo, among many others. Dozens of built-in filters help you get that final look.

RAW mode provides maximum flexibility for editing, by saving the exact image captured by the sensor at its full precision. Use our built-in RAW Editor to develop your images, or send them to your computer and keep using the tools you are already familiar with.

We have achieved a fantastic integration with the photos you already have in your library. Instead of clunkily importing a photo you want to edit, doing your thing and saving it back, simply switch tabs and edit it right in place. And you'll love the multitasking support in iPad. The editors can also be used on the photos in your Photo Library. Switch between your library and the Lightbox by simply tapping a button, or use drag and drop gestures in the iPad. Files and iTunes integration are also available to easily transfer pictures to your computer or other apps.

Camera+ 2 works great on iPhone and iPad. Use the same tools consistently across all your devices, and take advantage of multitasking in iPad. All features are included in your purchase for all platforms - no in-app purchases required.

Camera+ 2 adapts to your style and technical savvy. If you like the system camera, select the Auto preset to use a simple, clear interface that will let you concentrate on your shot. Camera+ 2 provides all the essential framing and exposure tools, and will select the best parameters for you.

As your skills progress, or if you are already familiar with DSLRs, you'll feel at home in Manual mode. You'll be able to select the best lens, shutter time, ISO or white balance for your capture.

Other presets are available for purpose-specific captures, providing sensible settings for the task at hand. Slow Shutter allows you to take long exposures, even in daylight. Macro is optimized to work on close subjects, and Action tracks the object you select and automatically enables Burst so you don't miss the shot.

If your iPhone has multiple lenses, the Auto preset will use the best one(s) for your scene -just like the standard camera does- and will produce Deep Fusion pictures if it needs to. In Manual mode you are the boss: Camera+ 2 will always honor all the controls you choose. If you want to use the Tele lens, Camera+ 2 will not engage the digital zoom even if the Wide could gather more light. No more surprises after the fact.

Use Smile mode to shoot when people are smiling, or Stabilizer to ensure your iPhone is steady enough to produce a sharp picture. Burst and Timer can also be enabled any time you need them.

Focus Peaking highlights the parts of the image that are in focus, which is invaluable if you are focusing manually. Zebra Stripes detect those parts of your composition that are over- or underexposed.

Depth Capture, which is optimized for person subjects, is available in iPhones with dual or triple cameras, and in the iPhone XR. Depth information is saved alongside the image, and the adjustments in The Lab can be selectively applied to distant or close subjects.

Photos taken with Camera+ 2 go to the Lightbox by default. Filter them easily to focus on the ones you want to work on, and use the built-in editors to create the exact look you are aiming for. Save or share the final versions when you are done.

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Name:开发者头条Pro                                                 Price:¥1.00

Description:开发者头条 - 程序员分享平台
2015 年获「最美应用」官方推荐,程序员必装的应用。

开发者头条是由一群程序员创建的,我们运营了 developerWorks 的微博、微信,创建了码农周刊,已覆盖百万程序员;

> 我分享的,就是独家


> 技术极客的头条新闻

我们以技术和人工结合的方式,每天为你精选 IT 技术干货,精彩内容不再错过。

Java 编程语言类:技术小黑屋、Java程序员、Java技术文章---泥瓦匠、优质Java资源、JAVA干货、Java技术成长之路!、编码完成、JAVA黑洞、白话JAVA虚拟机、非全栈攻城师……
C / C++ 编程语言类:不会写Js的Python程序员不是好C++工程师、关于Cpp……
Python 编程语言类:Python China、编程派、Python技术杂谈、Python RESTful 服务开发者的关注点、一个python程序员的独白、蠎周刊、Python Web、关注网络安全和Python、数据科学、云戒云……
PHP 编程语言类:WEB资源网、PHP是最好的语言、PHP头条、超越PHP、PHP高手成长之路、PHP工程师、PHP架构思考、PHP和创业那些事儿、php开发经验分享、PHP7 教程……
JavaScript 编程语言类:web前端到js全栈的成长之路、百度Web前端研发部、Web前端开发、WEB前端、web前端开发知识、前端杂谈、前端工程手册、前端StepByStep、前端成长手册、前端外刊评论君……
Objective-C / iOS 编程语言类:iOS工程师之路、iOS相关、iOS开发精选、后端和iOS集中营、iOS大法好、iOS开发者……







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Football Superstar

Name:Football Superstar                                                 Price:Free

Description:Can you become the best footy player in the world?

Football Superstar focuses on character development rather than quick reflexes. You start the game as a 14 year old kid looking for their first professional contract and play until you retire. What happens in-between is up to you!

As you gain experience, you can upgrade abilities that suit your position and playing style. Perhaps you focus on speed, dribbling and crossing to become a world class winger or maybe you target strength, tackling and heading to become a defensive powerhouse? Inevitability, as your reputation improves, bigger and better clubs will attempt to sign you. Do you stay loyal to your current club or move to pastures new? Do you move for money or sign for your favourite club? It’s up to you...

One thing is for sure, you’ll need help. Hire agents, coaches and various other people to help you become more than just a player. Invest in property or businesses to make extra cash or get a stylist to make you more marketable opening the door to various endorsement deals.

Can you become the Football Superstar you know you can be?
Prove it…

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Flute Simulator PRO

Name:Flute Simulator PRO                                                 Price:0,00 €

Description:This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Flute.
Flute Simulator PRO - a new unique flute directly to your phone. About flute simulator, compose their own music using a brass instrument. Surprise family and friends!
Will appeal to all, especially to those who love good music! For those who love to write and make his own!
ATTENTION! The game was created for fun and jokes and does not bear any harm!
You can download the game now is completely free to use and without an internet connection! Leave us your feedback and evaluation, we really appreciate your feedback!

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