How To Make A Mobile App Business Plan In 2020?

Steve Jobs walked across the stage and introduced the following generation of mobile devices in 2007. Quick forward to 2019, the Mobile App Market has quickly snowballed into a currently $122B annually legendary creature. Is your mobile app business current with market trends?

How to make a mobile app business plan in 2020?

Underline how far we’ve come, they also help to know where we’re going. According to a recent study, App Store consumer spending is expected to surpass $284 billion globally in 2020.

Data from a free mobile analytics platform:

By collecting 147,579 app revenue results(latest updated in 2 days), you could find it’ll become a reality soon. Here comes the question, what’s the market size and share of your app business?

2. Competitors will tell you everything

Why your mobile app business makes a lot less money than competitors?

Perhaps it’s not hard to see:

  • Too few updates. More versions of an app on the shelves performed better.
  • Didn’t make good use of the social platform. There is no interactive data on facebook, which means that an app has not been promoted on Facebook, the largest social platform.

3. Focus the metrics which influence the app monetization

There are four metrics that you mustn’t get away: downloads, DAU(most important) and Revenue.

Revenue of different regions and platforms are different.

For example, an app named ”Netflix”, the best one made $43 million(6M downloads on App Store), while the worst one only made $4 million(10M downloads on Google Play). 

This app below get 25M revenue on the App Store in OCT. If the app is for Google Play and also for Japanese, it will have a higher chance of making more money than developers in other regions and devices.