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It is one of the preferred promotion strategies for App developers to optimize App Store and increase App downloads. ASO is a long-term organic growth method that can bring you long-term benefits. With the rapid development of mobile smartphones, the total number of apps has increased by orders of magnitude. ASO tools have also been significantly developed, and are now indispensable tools for developers to do ASO work.

aso tools
aso tools

I often see many bloggers recommending ASO tools, but do you know how to evaluate a good ASO tool? The key is whether you can do the following three things:

  • Real-time App list information and App real-time market data
  • Analyze the ASO optimization strategy of competing products
  • Expand long-tail words and develop keyword plans

Today, the ASO analysis tool that we need to evaluate is AppSimilar. It is a completely free App analysis tool. It mainly analyzes the apps in the Apple Store and Google App Store and collects 80% of the global App data. Next, I will use the ASO analysis tool which called AppSimilar to introduce from the above three aspects.

Real-time App Market Data

1.App Market Data

When you need to understand the basic market data of an app, such as downloads, revenue, reviews, DAu, etc., do you still need to go to the app store to find it? Tell you, no, just check the basic information of the app directly in AppSimilar, as shown in the figure below, directly find the name of the app of interest and select the corresponding app store.


2.App List Data Information

In many cases, as an App promoter, we will often pay attention to the list information, which is to quickly understand the ranking of our App or competing App; in addition, it also provides new business opportunities for the business personnel. For example, in the Apple App Store, compared to the previous month, the first app on the free list is zoom, the first on the paid list is TouchRetouch, and the most profitable is TikTok. In addition, the change in ranking is clear and distinct.


3. Publisher Information Data Collection

Perhaps this data module is more suitable for business personnel to develop their own business, so as to obtain cooperation orders, by collecting the sum of all the apps operated by the publisher, and the sum of their downloads, the sum of revenue, and so on.

Analyze The ASO Strategies Of Competitors’ Products To Form A Promotion Plan

Every successful App has its own promotion strategy, and for the publisher itself, this is an industry secret, and it is impossible for publishers to publicize the successful strategy of an App promotion. Therefore, with the help of ASO analysis tools, to interpret the secrets of publishers’ promotion of App has become the first consideration of many operators. So what tools can we use to gain insight into competing apps? Then combine your own products to formulate an ASO plan from the actual situation. Mainly from the following aspects:

1.App Ranking Analytics

The higher the ranking of the app in the app store, the greater the exposure, and the more natural traffic it corresponds to. What we need to do is simple, analyze the reasons for the rise or fall in the ranking of competing products, and understand the real reasons behind it. Analyze the ranking from the following aspects. The following is a line chart of Truecaller’s revenue ranking:

App ranking
App grossing ranking

Overall revenue ranking: In a certain period of time, the revenue of the App will change over time, learning the strategy of attracting users to pay for competing products.

Ranking of regions in the app store: The ranking of a certain region of the App changes. Regions with high rankings can not compete with it head-on, looking for regions where competing products have not been developed.

2.App Reviews & Rating Analytics

The number of reviews in the app store represents the popularity of the app in the app store. At the same time, the more users participate in the interaction, the store official will also give the app more opportunities to display. The most important thing is that App developers need to check user reviews in time to do a good product experience and version update. The analysis of Reviews & Rating can be analyzed from the following three aspects, as follows: Truecaller’s reviews & Rating.


Reviews & rating analytics: Understand the user’s favorite features and listen to the user’s best suggestions, it can make your product more in line with user needs.

Languages breakdown analytics: Learn the localization strategy of competing products App.

Versions breakdown analytics: Through the version and new information, experience the new features of competitive products and analyze the user needs behind.

3.Audience Data Analytics

At the beginning of the product setup, we will face the problem of user audience analysis. In the early stage of App development and design, you need to figure out who the user is, where, and what you like, and when the middle of App promotion, audience analysis is to To get the most App downloads, you need to figure out whether your users are mostly male or female, what age range they are in, and where they are mainly distributed. The following figure is Truecaller’s user audience analysis data:

audience analytics
audience analytics

Expand Long-tail Words And Develop Keyword Plans

Keywords are important information that matches the user’s search intent. The more precise the selected keyword, the stronger the search intent that can be represented. An important two step in forming a keyword plan:

1.Keyword Analysis Of Competitive Products

The keywords of competing products are tested by the market, indicating that they are worthy of your research and analysis. Often we need to study the keywords of competing products and focus on the following aspects:

1.Keywords, search volume, difficulty value in different regions
2.Keywords, search volume, difficulty value in different time periods
3.Keywords, search volume, difficulty value in top1, top3, top5, top10
4.Top10 keywords, search volume, difficulty value with the largest ranking change

The following figure is the detailed data of the top 1 keywords of TikTok in the United States.

top 1 keywords
top 1 keywords

2.Expand Long-tail Words

After researching and analyzing the keywords of competing products, you need to choose the keywords with low difficulty and moderate search volume, gather the core keywords of your own products, and form your own core keyword plan. The keywords expand more long-tailed words to cover the user’s search volume. The following is an example of how I enter the keyword “App” through the keyword expansion function on AppSimilar:

keyword search
keyword search

My Thoughts

For App developers, the core of the best ASO analysis tool is to help them gain insight into the ASO strategy of competing products and then formulate their own App ASO strategy to increase the download volume of the App. The value of the tool itself is to provide data intelligence, improve efficiency for the work, and save time and money costs. AppSimilar is an excellent product worth trying.