How To Increase App Downloads By Mobile App SEO?

Why do App SEO

Increasing App downloads is the pursuit goal of App developers, among which ASO is the core, and improving the visibility of App in App stores is the goal. With the development of mobile Internet, the application of smart App covers our life scenes, and there will be many new ways to discover apps, among which the typical way is to find new apps through traditional network searches. Therefore, you need to act immediately to increase downloads by doing App SEO.

According to Google’s official data, 27% of users buy new applications outside stores and nearly one-third of them are found outside stores.

AppSimilar-Google Analytics
AppSimilar-Google Analytics

Therefore, the traditional mobile network search still has huge market potential. As operators, we cannot ignore this aspect. Next, we will focus on the combination of ASO and SEO, how to do the SEO of App well? I believe you will benefit a lot from it.

Factors affecting ranking

In mobile SERP, google’s algorithm for suggestion and ranking is different from that used in app stores, so the keyword ranking rules will not be the same. In the process of doing ASO and SEO, there are similarities in the factors affecting ranking. If an application ranks very high in the application store, then when doing similar searches on the Internet, its ranking is also likely to be very good.

Web page elements: URL/package, application name/title, a brief description, and a complete description. For iOS applications, descriptions do not affect ASO but affect SEO.

Out-of-page factors: user comments and ratings, installation volume and speed, and reverse links to authoritative websites.

In Google App store, we should focus on these factors, which will affect App ranking in mobile search:

  • URL: add your application name to the URL to maintain standardization.
  • Title: add target keywords to the title
  • Brief description: extended description of the title
  • Note: give a simple description of your App to let users know about it.
AppSimilar-google play SEO
AppSimilar-google play SEO

In the Apple App Store, we should focus on the following aspects, which are beneficial to SEO optimization of App:

  • Website: The URL applied in the store needs to contain Brand words
  • Title: The title of the application, including the target keyword.
  • Brief description: let users know more about your application
AppSimilar-Apple Store SEO
AppSimilar-Apple Store SEO

Best practices App SEO

ASO and App SEO complement each other. The higher the ranking of your application in the application store, the better the ranking of mobile search results. In the process of doing well in App SEO, do well in the following three important aspects, I believe you will increase more downloads.

1. Focus on keyword research on network search

Whether you are doing ASO or SEO, the selection of keywords is a basic task and a key process to test your analysis ability. The core goal is to select keywords with high traffic and low difficulty. Pay attention to three key points:

  • High traffic also refers to the search volume. If the traffic is too low, there are very few users searching for keywords.
  • The difficulty is low. Choose keywords with low difficulty
  • Matches the search intent. Irrelevant keywords have high traffic, but they are all irrelevant content. You need to change keywords

There are two ways to dig keywords in AppSimilar.

①The first method is to expand long-tail words through core keywords and then query the traffic and difficulty of long-tail words.

②The other is to seize the keywords of competitive products, both of which are very good.

2. Let your application get more comments and higher scores

The more comments the App has in the store, the higher the score will be, the more favorable it will be for ASO and SEO. If your App has a lot of comments in Google Store, the higher the score will be, then Google search will trust your store homepage and give the highest ranking display.

In addition, Google will also grab keywords from users’ comments in the App Store and rank them. Therefore, be sure to guide your users to make more positive and good comments. This will help increase App downloads.

3. Increase high-quality external chains

In order to increase the download volume of Apps, it is very important to have high-quality external links. In the promotion process, we need to expose our store list page and App download landing page to the greatest extent.

First of all, you need to design a download page on your website, introduce your App on websites with strong industry relevance, and exchange your links with them. The more backlinks you have, Google will rank your website higher.

You can try to add a link to the download page to your website title, and you can recommend your products to other social platforms.

Monitoring App SEO effect

1. Monitor the effect of Apple store App SEO

The accurate data provided by iTunes Connect can be found here: App Analytics> source> Web Referrers. Find “Google” and you will see the traffic and installation volume from Google from various countries/regions:

2. Monitor the effect of Google store App SEO

For Android applications, we need to take a wider range of actions. We can use 3 tools to track SEO: Google Play Console + Google Search Console.

3. Monitoring backlink

For anti-link monitoring, Ahref (or similar tool) is recommended. This is a tool I like very much. It is a very excellent tool. You can use it to do these:

  • UR: queries the visibility of your URL on the network. The higher the UR is, the better the ranking is.
  • DR: Domain name rating
  • Anti-chain domain name: the independent domain name that contains your link.

Final Thought

Our core goal is only one: increase downloads, so as long as it helps to increase downloads, it is worth trying. App SEO optimization is a very worthwhile thing to try. You need your patience and learning, long-term persistence, continuous tracking of results and optimization of the next step of the plan to do this job well.