How to Get 5 Star When User Rate My App?

Why stars matter

There are a lot of articles about things that affect your app positions in the store. Each one of them has a rating on the list and it’s totally logical. The more positive ratings your app has the more potential and trust it gets from algorithms. It automatically seems like a lower risk to suggest it to app store visitors. So it’s crucial in ASO to keep it higher as it affects your rankings and conversion.

The question here is how to work with it.

Disclaimer:The major part here is the app itself. If it’s objectively bad no ASO, ads, and other out-app activities won’t change it.


Don’t forget to request it from your users. The possibility that a user will get back to your app page in a store and leave the rating there is looow. So just add requests to leave the rating right in your app.

Stores advise you to be careful with it and follow simple rules:

  1. Wait for it. Don’t ask to soon and give your users time to click-through your app;
  2. Hit when it’s hot. Find the perfect timing for the request. For example, it can be shown after the completed level in a game or action in an app.
  3. Don’t spam. Make the pause between two shows so the user won’t get bothered.

Bonus for Google Play. If a user left a low rating you can open the support ticket instead of sending it to the Google Play.


Things get serious here as everyone can see the reviews to your app and unlike the rating, it’s way more detailed. The few things to remember when working with reviews:

  1. No ghosting — answer to each and one of them. Use the reply opportunity to make users change their negative review to positive. And ask to recommend your app to friends and colleagues when answering positive ones.
  2. Keep it updated. If it was about the bag and you fixed it, mention ii in the answer so your app page visitors wouldn’t be worried.
  3. Don’t tolerate spam. If a review is irrelevant or spammy, make sure to send it to app stores support so they delete it.

A tool to simplify it

We at AppSimilar understand that rating and reviews analyze is necessary. And we just released the Rating and reviews table to simplify it for you. You can analyze ratings and reviews of your app to find the ways to grow it. It has awesome filters like the app version. data period, and status. You can learn more about it on our blog and please feel free to try it/leave your feedback or share your view on the rating situation. Thanks!


This is very important because when new users find your application, they first look at your ratings and reviews. So, if you need reviews from users there are different services that provide real reviews from people. This is very helpful to increase downloads.