Top-grossing Mobile Games In Apple Store In May 2020

2019 was another brilliant year for mobile game revenue, and mobile games have already dominated the total gaming industry revenue as well. In 2020, the mobile gaming market is getting bigger, it’s revenue also increased.

Let’s check out the performance of top-grossing mobile games worldwide by revenue in Apple Store in May 2020.

Roblox is the highest-grossing game in North America and Europe

The top-grossing mobile game by revenue was Roblox from Roblox Corporation in North America and Europe, with approximately $49 million in user spending, followed by Fantasy Westward Journey from NetEase and Candy Crush Saga from King.

In Asia, the highest-grossing app store games vary by countries

In most Asian countries, the top-grossing game app was Roblox, but the second highest-earning mobile game was different in different countries. In Japan, North Korea, and Vietnam, Candy Crush Saga was the second most profitable game, while in India, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, the second is PUBG mobile.

The situation is different in China, the top-grossing mobile game was King of Honor, and its revenue estimates hit $103 million in May, much higher than other gaming apps, followed by PUBG mobile of the Chinese version, it also achieved around $92 million last month. Both of them are from Tencent.

As we can see above, Roblox is the top-grossing mobile games by revenue in most countries in May, however, Tencent’s Honor of Kings was once again the highest-grossing game of the month globally, generating close to $103 million in gross revenue,it’s almost twice that of Roblox.

How the Honor of Kings makes money?

Having first arrived on our smartphone in November 2015, Honor of Kings quickly established itself as one of the leading smartphone gaming apps. Meanwhile, technology has developed rapidly recent years, and most of the time, many mobile game market trends are influenced by different technological advancements(AR, VR, Cloud gaming,5G),even years later, this game, published by Tencent, is still leading the pack, with revenues in the Apple Store along amounting to 103 million U.S. dollars by month.

Although Honor of Kings is free to download and can be successfully played without any purchase, the freemium model allows players to buy peripheral products, such as limited hero skins, garage kit……This tactic, since adopted by many gaming apps, has proved to be very profitable for Tencent. And it also benefits by in-game advertising, these advertisements are embedded in the game scenes and characters, which would not make players feeling bad, nor affect the game effect, and at the same time, it got a lot of publicity. Besides, Esports has brought huge profits to the operator, Honor of Kings, as well.


Apps like Honor of Kings, PUBG Mobile, and Candy Crush Saga have, for the most time, seen revenue rising for these months in 2020. Such an increase in user spending may be caused by in-gaming events, new features, or other events. And in 2020, the outbreak of Coronavirus may have contributed growth to the revenue of these gaming apps, because people have spent most of the time on their phone when they stay at their home since February 2020.