AppSimilar Launches New Advance Rankings Feature To Redefine Your App Ranking

App rankings contain a variety of information. If you use the App Store or Google Play, you can get very limited information. And looking for data requires you to switch back and forth between pages, which requires you to spend time and effort. That’s where Advanced Rankings come in.

Advance Rankings went live on December 3, 2019, providing three important features for app developers and sales teams. First, historical ranking tracking (including downloading and grossing); second, ranking interval statistics (focus on the historical performance of the app); third, ranking statistics by country (this will save a lot of time for app managers). These features will help you better improve your app performance and user satisfaction.

Take the Disney + App as an example. If you look at the AppStore and Google Paly, you can only see its ranking on the Free and Grossing lists. The fundamentals of information are very narrow. If competitors can quickly see the ranking performance of their app by country and track the ranking history, they will quickly troubleshoot issues affecting ranking. Disney will also be an opportunity to occupy the market because of inefficient manual investigations and subjective conclusions.

Ranking is critical for apps

This has a decisive effect on your subsequent ASO strategy and optimization of App usage. A good ranking will bring more traffic, and the snowball will grow bigger and bigger. But if the ranking history is not tracked, it will not be possible to make a strategy for the next operation.

Ranking stable

There are two cases of the best ranking. First, it is stable in the top position, with only small fluctuations. This shows that the user situation of the App is stable, and the occasional version iteration has little effect on App performance. Second, the rankings show a spiral upward trend. This shows that even if the ranking performance is not good at the beginning, after using the correct strategy, the user experience and ASO work together, resulting in a steady rise in rankings.

Sudden rises and falls are not good news for any product.

Historical data tracking

AppSimilar counts the ranking of the App in the past year and displays it through a line chart. You can intuitively see the changing trend of rankings. Not only that, but we also provide category filters and country filters. Whether the curve is stable and there are huge fluctuations can be tracked in real-time, and measures are taken to solve the problem.

Country Summary

AppSimilar summarizes the data of different ranking intervals. You can see the distribution status of the rankings. Knowing where your app is most of the time, this is a way to expose problems and is suitable for data-sensitive product managers.

The country’s ranking distribution allows global app managers to understand the rankings of different countries. According to the cultural differences in different countries, users are accustomed to make fine adjustments to products in a timely manner. Let the App perform well in every country.

Fit Into a Comprehensive Strategy

Advance Rankings can provide powerful ranking analysis functions, as mentioned earlier, reducing workload and subjective errors. Combined with the upcoming ASO functions, you can develop a more perfect strategy for your app.

Most importantly, we don’t need high fees. Simple and fast to provide you with quality data services.