Similar Apps |How To Increase App Download With It?

I believe that you will often hear the topic of similar Apps from your friends recently. It is true, so am I. I guess you must want to know: what are similar Apps? How to make your App appear in similar apps in the App Store? so that your App can get a higher ranking in the store.

Why are there so many topics about Similar Apps?

Obviously, similar Apps is completely different from the hotlist and recommended downloads. However, their ultimate goal is the same, that is, to increase the display opportunities in the application store, thus increasing the download volume of the App. Therefore, as long as your application can appear in the “similar” label in the application store, your App downloads will increase a lot.

Now it seems that if the App can appear in similar applications, isn’t it great!

What are the characteristics of similar apps

From the perspective of a marketing promotion strategy, keeping the similarity with your competitive App as much as possible can make users know your App quickly. When you look at similar applications in the App Store, you will find that similar applications listed in the store have the following characteristics:

Appsimilar-candy crush soga
AppSimilar-candy crush saga
  • Similar core functions
  • Themes colors are very similar
  • icon icons are very similar

How to make the App appear in the Similar Apps of the App Store

This is the most important part of our article. After learning this method, you will become an expert in application stores. These influencing factors may not necessarily make your App appear in similar Apps, but they will directly affect entering similar Apps. Therefore, only by ensuring the variables in the process can there be good results in the end. The following factors will affect App Display in Similar Apps:

  • Downloads-Google Play usually lists applications with similar download ranges in the similar applications tab, and applications with similar downloads are displayed.
  • Natural language recognition: metadata optimization (title, description, brief description, keywords in user comments…) -Google Play must know the content of your application/game (theme) for listing in the similar applications list.
  • Image recognition: the shape, color, and style of icons and screenshots-Google Play must understand the meaning of your application and consider the visual resources of the list.
  • The larger the number of reviews and the higher the rating score, the higher the user’s attention, and the greater the chance of presentation.
  • Application category – this is not always the case, but choosing the right category can always be ranked in similar applications.
  • Android life-critical (xD), your application must be in good condition to rank in the similarity list. Google recognizes it, not what we think.

The above six aspects, I think, are the biggest factors that affect the App to enter a similar list. When we do a good job in-store optimization, we focus on the optimization design of these aspects, only in this way can you get more natural downloads.

Looking for promotion strategies of similar competing Apps on AppSimilar

AppSimilar is a tool that focuses on App analysis. Since its launch, it has been loved by many App store operators and developers. This is a good opportunity, I will introduce how to find similar Apps on AppSimilar. The main purpose of this way of viewing similar Apps is to make it easier for you to understand the promotion strategies of competitive products.

For example, if I enter “candy crush” here, the tool will recommend many similar Apps for me to choose from as follows:

AppSimilar- Keywords Search
AppSimilar- Keywords Search

When I click the App name “candy crush friends”, you will see some ASO data of an App similar to it, as shown in the following figure:

AppSimilar-Similar To Candy Crush Soga
AppSimilar-Similar To Candy Crush Soga

Great, if you need to research and learn some application store optimization strategies of competitive App, this tool will be a good choice, very good.


Whether it is Google Store or Apple Store, the display list of similar Apps is a way to obtain downloads. We all take actions aiming at increasing the downloads of users, which requires us to pay attention to the display situation of similar Apps frequently. As we all know, ASO is not only related to keywords searched by users. As long as it can bring presentation methods to the App and increase the download volume, it is worth learning and trying.