Case Study: Increase App Downloads By 1478%!

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the world is entering the era of the Internet of Everything, App is the nerve center of the Internet of Everything. According to statistics, in 2019, the world’s App downloads reached 204 billion times, the global app store’s total expenditure is 120 billion US dollars, and the average daily time users spend on mobile applications is 3.7 hours. This shows that there is still a huge market for App growth, so how can we quickly increase App downloads in 2020? Below I will use the AppSimilar tool for case analysis: how to increase app downloads by 1478%!

About the AppSimilar, it is a free App & ASO data analytics tool, currently collecting 80% of the global App market data, mainly for Apple App Store and Google App Store. It can help you gain insight into market opportunities and monitor competitors’ ASO strategies.

“Candy Crush Saga” is a gem cube game developed by the British online game company King Digital. As of March 2020, “Candy Crush Saga” has surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on the Facebook platform, with 456 million monthly active players worldwide. Below I will analyze how it succeeded.

How did “Candy Crush Saga” increase downloads by 1478%?

1.Insight into App Market Data

Sometimes, we need to count the market data display of competitors ’apps. The information statistics in the Store are not very complete, but you still want to know the downloads, earnings, reviews, daily activity data of the App in the App Store. AppSimilar can provide you with These data, for example, the following is the latest market data of “Candy Crush Saga” on AppSimilar:

Store                           Downloads                 Revenue               Reviews                   DAU

Apple AppStore             2.0M                         6.0M $                 3.54M                     6.10M

Google Play                   15.0M                       24.0M $               28.14M                   19.47M   

*Data represents prior 24 hours (ending 4am PDT). Changes in downloads, revenue and rank are day over day changes.

Insight into the market data of competing products App is the first step for us to do app store optimization.

2.Monitoring Ranking change

1) Monitoring App Rankings

In the process of doing App Store Optimization, we need to monitor changes in the ranking of competing App in app store. Let’s take a look at the ranking change of “Candy Crush Saga” in the Apple App Store:

Candy Crush Saga App Ranking

As can be seen from AppSimilar, on the 28th Feb of “Candy Crush Saga”, the ranking of the App in the Apple App Store dropped significantly.

When the ranking of competitors’ App in the app store changes greatly, it is helpful for us to seize the opportunity to quickly optimize our App ranking and improve the ranking in the app store.

2) Monitoring Region Rankings

We all know that if your app is going to be globalized, you must pay attention to the changes in the ranking of competing apps in various regions of the world, which can help you find the blue ocean market. Let’s take a look at the ranking change data of “Candy Crush Saga” in major global regions:

Candy Crush Saga countries changes
Candy Crush Saga Regions changes

As can be seen from the two figures above, the ranking of “Candy Crush Saga” in terms of regional rankings has not changed in the last month in all categories, but the ranking changes in the Games category have fluctuated significantly. From the perspective of major countries, in all categories and game categories last month, the rankings in Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan China, and Thailand are very low, and the changes are obvious, but there is no ranking in China. Therefore, these five countries are areas where you need to focus on marketing.

Monitoring regions changes in the ranking of competing App will help to find potential markets and realize a new round of user growth in the App.

3.Monitor App Reviews

1)Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and ratings are the performance of users and the app store’s trust in the app. The more good user reviews, the store will give a good rating. When the user searches, the store will also give more opportunities to show to the user. Let’s take a look at the Reviews & Ratings data of “Candy Crush Saga”:

Candy Crush Saga reviews & ratings

2) Regions Breakdown

The app store will rate the same app according to region. Because different regions, people ’s favorite apps and app functions will also vary from person to person. Take a look at the ratings of Candy Crush Saga in different regions:

Candy Crush Saga regions Breakdown

3)Versions Breakdown

The app will always update iteratively, and once updated, some users will like it, of course, some users will not like it. If more people like the new version, it means that the version update is worthwhile, otherwise, it will be very good. Bad version update. The following is the update details of “Candy Crush Saga” version.

Candy Crush Saga versions Breakdown

The above actual case data proves that user reviews and store ratings are very important. It is necessary to pay attention to user feedback and actively make changes. The regional rating changes. The App affects the rating due to the version update, which is helpful for us to quickly seize market opportunities; Finally, it is very important to do a good job in the localization of the App.

4.Monitor App Keywords Changes

Keyword research and optimization is the core of App Store Optimization. When users are searching, it will allow your App to get more display opportunities in the App Store. Let ’s take a look at the data of “Candy Crush Saga” keywords analysis.

1) For example, in “Candy Crush Saga” in Canada, the search volume is less than 60 for keywords, the total number increases by 71, the number of keywords for top 1 increases by 64, and the number of keywords for top 5 increases by 7. The keywords for low and medium traffic have increased a lot.

Candy Crush Saga Keywords Changes

2) The expansion of keywords is also very important. As shown in the following figure, the number one keyword is very difficult and the settlement is very small. These words are generally its core brand words.

Candy Crush Saga Keywords Metrics

Insight into the keyword changes of the Jingpin App can quickly help us choose more suitable keywords, avoid the sharp edges, and find keywords that have not been fully used by Jingpin. If you want to use advertising to seize keywords that are difficult to compete with, you can give it a try if your budget is sufficient.

The above is the ASO data strategy analysis of “Candy Crush Saga”. According to this Case Study, using AppSimilar can help you quick insight into the competitor’s app store optimization strategies, and develop your own ASO plan to quickly increase App downloads.