What Is App Analytics? And Why?

In this article, we will start with the analysis of App application advertising. This aspect affects mobile advertising and data about how mobile users interact with App applications. This information is important for you to learn about the effectiveness of mobile advertising and the effectiveness of App promotion. In part, he can guide you on what methods to take to improve, how to grow your app users, and how to increase your app ’s loyalty. Tracking and monitoring the application and its performance is the key to the development of the core business of the application. How to determine the content of the application changes needs to start from the actual application monitoring and analysis results. When it is necessary to increase revenue through advertising within the application, Application monitoring data analysis becomes very important. At this time, it is necessary to make full use of application advertising analysis.

APP Analysis

So, what is application analysis? What functional mobile app analysis tools are currently on the market? main-content:

  • App Market Analysis
  • App internal analysis
  • App application performance analysis
  • App in-app advertising analysis
  • How to choose an app

Let ’s first distinguish several concepts. App Analytics tools can be divided into the following categories, App Marketing Analysis, In-App Analysis, and App Performance Analysis. A brief introduction to these categories is provided below for easy understanding. App Analysis.

App Marketing Analysis

If you need to monetize your application, increase your return on investment, and increase your user retention, then get the source information of the user on other websites or channels, the download data of the application, and the recorded data information that has been purchased inside the application. It seems very important.If you have this kind of analysis, you can have a deeper understanding of the detailed data of the application marketing activities, and you can also know the installation volume, ranking, and income of your App competition products. The App store analyzes some Application keywords, descriptions, and all market data. Through these data changes, you know how to optimize the ranking of the App in the App Store.

In-App Analysis

Obviously, it means to monitor and analyze all the operating behaviors of users in the application, what users do in your application, and whether they always stay on the homepage. Here is a more important measure: user behavior data analysis is How much value does your application provide, for example, how to turn an inactive user into an active user? Is this known through these behavioral analyses?

App Performance Analysis

This is a program efficiency issue related to developers. If your application opens slowly or crashes, if your application responds extremely slowly to the network, if your application does not open on iPhone XS Max, you can imagine I know that the developer level of your program is very low, and all your program-related marketing plans will be wiped out.

At present, many third-party mobile application analysis tools have their own advantages. The dimensions of the displayed application analysis data are also different, but basically there are some common data. The following are some key indicators. You can know the effectiveness of mobile app advertising or app marketing.

1.User churn

the ratio of the number of users who continue to use your application in a unit of time to the number of users who have stopped using the program. If the user’s session is getting shorter and shorter, at this time you must consider whether there is a problem with the program or the program The content is not attractive enough, and the length of the conversation is a key factor affecting the churn rate.

2. User Daily Activity (DUA)

It is a measure of the number of users who log in and open mobile applications every day. Generally, the activity and length of stay of game application users will be relatively large. The daily life of non-game applications depends entirely on the attractiveness and operational capabilities of the product.

3. User monthly activity (MUA)

As the name suggests, it means the total number of users who log in and open the application each month.

4. Per capita income of users

App revenue generated by each user downloading and using the app.
Next, after knowing the most commonly used terms about the application, let’s start with the application marketing analysis and delve into the various analyses in the application promotion process.

What is App Marketing Analysis?

App Marketing Analysis provides app brands and developers with analytical data information about mobile app marketing performance. This type of tool monitors the number of times a mobile application has been installed by a user, the number of times the application has been opened, and specific operational data in the application. In recent years, it has become difficult to make a successful App application. According to relevant statistics, the number of application downloads is declining globally. At the same time, about 1k App applications are uploaded to the Apple App Store every day. Imagine how fierce the competition is. So how can we succeed in the fierce competition? There is no doubt that it is marketing through advertising.

Advertising promotion marketing needs to know clearly which advertisements are effective and which are not, and comprehensive tracking analysis is required to analyze which network channel can bring good results. This process requires some key reference data for evaluation.

Installed: The amount of application installed per unit of time, and the way to guide others to install the application is also important.

Open: When does your app open? Does it follow a specific deep-link, or is there a high percentage of users of other apps switching to your app? At a specific time of day?

Buy: When people buy an item in your app (or when they buy the app itself.

Registration: If the application requires registration, it’s important to understand why people decide to register and more importantly why people who drop out of school do so.

Viewed: Self-explanatory, it tells you that you should do more.

Sharing: On which platform and for what reason did you share a link to your application or its content?

Invite: Not only how many people you invite, but who you invite and who you invite is key to gaining these demographics.

Custom events: These are the metrics you set, for example, find out when people follow the “Customers who bought this product also like” button

Select the App Analysis tool

At present, there are many tools on the market, and the core focus of monitoring is also different. Some are in-app monitoring data, some are app store test reports, and some are advertising and marketing tracking monitoring. Here we recommend Appsimilar, which is a kind of monitoring all App download Intelligence analysis to help you understand industry trends.

To summarize, the real difficulty is how to handle all the data. Then, through continuous optimization and adjustment, a relatively good result is achieved. Only by fully understanding the data of each link of the application analysis can you know the specific optimization points and make adjustments.