App Store Optimization Strategies On Google Play To Increase App Downloads

Importance of Google Play App Store optimization

As we all know, ASO is one of the important strategies to improve the natural downloads of the app store. When users are searching, let our App be displayed to the greatest extent for users to download. Currently, the two largest app stores in the world are the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The Google App Store covers more than 190 countries and regions around the world and has billions of Android active users. Therefore, it is a very important work to do Google Play App Store Optimization.

google play ASO-1
google play ASO-1

ASO is also commonly referred to by developers as application store SEO. The ultimate goal is to improve rankings, increase visibility, and increase users. The biggest difference between ASO and SEO is that ASO is used for App, and SEO is used for website optimization. They also have something in common, such as keyword optimization, external links, and conversion optimization.

For the optimization of the Google App Store, many people are very confused and do not know how to start. Below I will explain in detail the key points of the optimization of the Google App Store.

Google Play App Store optimization best practices

Practice is the best way to test your ideas. If you do n’t have more ideas about Google Store optimization, I have summarized 3 core methods of doing ASO optimization. They will be very suitable for you.

1.Google Play Store Product Details Page Optimization

Your product detail page in the Google App Store is the key link for conversion. On the product detail page, you can most directly communicate your product value and features to the user, and what practical problems can you solve for him. Therefore, the optimization of product pages is the core of ASO optimization. I will explain from the following 8 aspects.


1)App Title Optimization

The title affects user search results and conversion results, and it also affects the ranking of the App in the Google App Store. Google official also gave an opinion: the length of the title does not exceed 50 characters (converted according to 5 characters per word, the maximum number of words is 10). Therefore, in the title, you must put your brand words or the core keywords, you can also put some special symbols to attract users’ attention, and maximize the use of the title to improve App ranking. In the column header, we can refer to the following four formulas:

①Core keywords: brand words
②Core keywords-brand words
③Brand words: core keywords
④Brand words-core keywords

App Title
App title

2)Google Play URL Optimization

Add your keywords to your Google Play store link. This method has not been explicitly stated by Google officials, but after a lot of practice has proved that this method is very effective, he may be a very important factor in search ranking. For example: AliExpress added Alibab and Aliexpress keywords to URL links.

app url

3) Developer Name Optimization

The developer name is one of the factors that influence the ranking. If you add a few keywords (generally recommend 2) to the developer name, the effect will be very good. In addition, if you deal with the problems that users feedback in the comments in a timely manner, Google official will also make corresponding data records. It will be recommended first when users search. The format we adopt is: developer name: keyword1, keyword2.

4) App Description

A short and clear App description can improve your App ranking. It is a place that highlights the features and highlights of your App and directly affects the search display. You can directly add keywords (usually at the beginning or end) to the description, with the most descriptions Contains 4000 characters (converted according to 5 characters per word, can be up to 800 words), design keywords as much as possible, but please pay attention not to completely stack keywords, the description is organized and the structure is clear.

5) App introduction

App introduction will also affect search and conversion. The introduction generally contains up to 80 characters (converted according to 5 characters per word, up to 16 words), objective writing, you can add some core keywords to it, and let users get it directly from it value. E.g:

App introduction

6) App Icon

The icon is the element that the user sees at first glance. The visual effect affects the final conversion rate. The user will determine whether the app needs to be installed through the icon. Designing a brand new one is that the icon can allow the user to approve your app. The following is the official Google. Icon requirements:
① 32-bit PNG (with Alpha)
②Dimensions: 512 pixels x 512 pixels
③Maximum file size: 1024KB

7) YouTobe Video

You can create a video about your app on YouTobe, and then set the link of the video to the “promotion field” in the Google store, so that you can not only stream on YouToBe, but also do brand promotion, pay attention to these 1 details : Make sure it is the URL of a single YouTobe video, not the URL when the channel is playing

YouTobe Video

It is worth reminding that your video must be localized, different regions, different reading and aesthetic habits, and need to meet the local culture.

8) App screenshot

App function screenshots are also a key factor that affects user downloads, because users need to browse the general status of App functions before downloading before deciding to download. It is worth noting that the screenshot must be real and not too false. Once the user downloads and finds that it is too far away from the actual screenshot, the user will never come back.

Therefore, it is very important to give users a good first impression. Google official gives opinions. The maximum number of screenshots is 8 and the minimum is 2. The following are the specific requirements for screenshots:
①JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no Alpha)
②Minimum size: 320 pixels
③Maximum size: 3840px
④The maximum size of the screenshot cannot exceed twice the minimum size

A / B test to determine the best product page

A / B testing is a scientific method to verify the effect. The above-mentioned 8 aspects of product page optimization require A / B testing. You must prepare at least 3 groups for each aspect, and then arrange and combine them to obtain a variety of different products On the premise of keeping the time consistent, about a few days (generally 1 day or 2 days), find the product page with the best effect, this product page will be your first choice.

This process will be more difficult to repeat, only to make a plan, and then follow the plan, you will eventually succeed.

Keyword research and optimization

Keyword optimization is one of the core tasks of ASO and SEO, and it is also a systematic task. The overall method is: the first step is to determine your core keywords; the second step is to use core keywords to expand long-tail keywords . Pay attention to the following aspects when doing keyword research and optimization:

①Monitor the keyword changes of competing products and find keywords suitable for your competition.

For example, on AppSimilar, I check the number of keywords in the “candy crush Saga” competition in different traffic ranges, as well as the changes in the number of keywords in the top 20 rankings, so that I can quickly understand the competitors’ keyword layout strategy.


②Pay attention to the regional keyword changes, because the areas that the competitors have not yet covered are your opportunities. For example, “candy crush Saga” does not have any keyword changes in China. Maybe you can try it.

Keywords country

③Pay attention to the search volume and difficulty value of each keyword, choose keywords with moderate search volume, medium difficulty, do not choose keywords that are very difficult, this will hurt your confidence, unless you have enough budget, by spending Money to buy keywords, but the effect will not last.

④Use good tools for keyword research, such as AppSimilar. This tool is very powerful, with ASO data of more than 4 million apps worldwide, and can view competitors ’ranking changes in the app store in 24 hours. The core function is that he can help you expand keywords and assist you in choosing keywords with potential for optimization.


The above is some of my experience sharing on Google App Store optimization. If you are doing Google App Store optimization and the download of the App is very bad, then you can try these methods in the hope that it can help you.