Sensor Tower VS AppSimilar: Track App Market Data & ASO Analytics Tool

With the rapid development of the Internet, the world is entering the era of the Internet of Everything, and App is the nerve center of the Internet of Everything. According to statistics, in 2019, the global App downloads reached 204 billion times, the total expenditure of global app stores was 120 billion dollars, and the average time users spent on mobile App was 3.7 hours per day.

It can be seen that the potential of the App market is still huge. As a developer and publisher of mobile applications, we introduce two tools for Tracking App Market Data & ASO Analytics.

Track App Market Data Tool

1.Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a service provider that provides intelligent competitive intelligence data in the mobile application intelligence market. It can detect more than 90% of the global app market data, but for small and medium publishers, if your budget is not large, it is recommended that you don’t consider paying first.

If you want to try it, you need to make an appointment for the demo first. This is to prevent competitors from imitating the product. In this regard, SensorTower is more cautious.


This is a free App mobile intelligence analysis tool. AppSimilar can help you quickly obtain mobile application intelligence. Simply register and log in, you can view any App you want to know.

Data analysis of mobile App is mainly from the following aspects:

1.Global ASO strategy. AppSimilar covered ASO keywords in more than 30 countries.

2.Mid & long-tail keyword strategy. You can freely search all relevant and recommended  keywords.

3.Icon optimization strategy. Every competitors can be found on AppSimilar.

4.User ratings and reviews strategy. More than 20M ratings and reviews data can help you find any potential keywords.

App Market Data Analytics

1.Sensor Tower

In terms of app market data analysis, Sensor Tower focused on the four aspects of app distribution in the country, publisher information, device information, and app. SensorTower did not collect data on the interaction amount of the app on the social network platform, the revenue of the app, the download amount of the app, and daily activity. However, it analyzes the terminal device information and data of downloaded apps to help operators understand their users.

In addition, if you want to follow an app, it will ask you to enter the name of the app, and then add an account of the app store, so that they can collect data, as shown below:


App market data analysis is one of the most important functions of AppSimilar, which can provide you directly: App likes on social networks, App revenue, App downloads, App daily activity, App reviews, App released and other data information.

From the App market data analysis report, we can understand the three aspects of competitors:

1.Understand the profit situation of the App, for example, the profit of the tool chats & calls in the recent month is 500,000 US dollars, of course, this income is a reference value.

2.The total downloads of apps in the app store, for example, Candy Crush Saga has been downloaded two million times, ranking high in the app store.

3.DUA is a very important indicator for each app, it will affect the retention rate of the app. For example, the daily life of the tool The Weather Channel is more than 6 million.

App ASO Analytics

1.Sensor Tower

The core of Sensor Tower’s ASO analysis is in the direction of keyword analysis, because it believes that the core of ASO is keyword optimization, and the function of keywords is very comprehensive, mainly from keyword ranking, keyword overview, keyword search , Keyword monitoring, etc., one of the functions is keyword suggestion, we use a lot, it helps us improve the efficiency of keyword optimization.

However, SensorTower lacks app reviews and scoring analysis.


ASO is one of the most important functions in AppSimilar. It can directly help you view the ASO strategies of competitors. It generates an ASO analysis report for each App. You can directly get the following information from the report:

1.App Ranking, check the app ’s ranking change in the app store in the last week or month. For example, in the last month, Candy Crush Saga ’s ranking change in the app store is relatively stable.

2.App Reviews Data, for example, Candy Crush Saga has shown an overall upward trend in the United States in the last 30 days.

3.App Demographic data, in Candy Crush Saga audience analysis data, males accounted for 25.2%. Female users accounted for 74.8%.

4.App Keywords is a key factor that affects the ranking of apps in the app store. When choosing keywords, we can choose the appropriate difficulty and moderate traffic.

The above is my comparison of two mobile App intelligence analysis tools, Sensor Tower and AppSimilar. Each has its own advantages, both are very good tools. You can choose the tool that suits you according to your needs. I hope your App will succeed.