Keyword Spy Tool For App Store Optimization(ASO) :You Should Be Testing In 2020

What is keyword Spy

Keyword spy tool that can reveal the marketing strategies of major competitors. With this tool, you can search for any product-related keywords and get all the information they show in search engines or app stores. It also gives you insight into all the keywords they buy, and ultimately the natural ranking of each keyword.

Keyword Spy Tool Importance

Keyword spy tools are very important in the process of optimizing app store rankings. It can help you think more ideas, guarantee your ASO effect, and save your budget.

Have you ever encountered such a situation, you want to expand more long-tail words based on the core key, but you can think of a small number of keywords. In this case, the keyword tool is your first choice to help find more long-tail words and reduce the time you spend thinking about keywords.

Guaranteed keyword optimization

You may say that the keywords I came up with are better, but I can tell you very clearly that your keywords may not be related to the product, it may be very difficult, or there may be too many searches. Of course, you will end up with very few users. At this time, keyword monitoring tools can help you choose more suitable keywords.

Reduce budget

In the marketing process, we all have some budgets to promote, including advertising, tool purchases, cooperative operations, and so on. However, our budgets in these areas are limited and it can be a joy to save you money. At present, the global ASO keyword analysis tools, such as AppAnnie, SenorTower, AppFollow, ThinkGaming, TheTool, etc., are very expensive, so I suggest you try free tools to reduce your overhead.

The main function of the keyword spy tool is to monitor the search volume, difficulty, and ranking of a keyword. At present, there are two ways in the Internet market: one way is the keyword monitoring function that comes with the mobile Internet platform; the other way is to use a third-party tool on the market; the most popular way in the market is the second way Monitor keywords. Specifically, we can monitor keywords from the following two aspects:

Monitor your product’s keyword rankings

When we need to modify the keyword description of our App, we need to use tools to understand the ranking changes and search volume changes of these keywords in real-time. It can help you to choose potential keywords reasonably and not to give up. Keywords, which is good for adjusting your product keywords. In order to get the most opportunities for presentation.

Monitor competitors’ keywords

When our product was just launched, or the user growth of your product got into a bottleneck, did you ever think you need to overcome this difficulty in some way. Then, the competitor will be your best mentor, he will guide you how to go beyond the limits. When our keyword coverage is not enough, we need to use keyword spy tools to deeply understand the competitors ’keyword design strategies and learn about the competitors’ marketing secrets. In this way, will you still be upset?

How to monitor competitors’ keywords

Many times, we can learn a lot of secrets that are very beneficial to ourselves from the keywords of competitors, but we must know how to monitor the keywords of competitors. So, next I will use spy tools to teach you to monitor keywords.

The keyword spy tool I use is called AppSimilar. It collects 80% of the world ’s App market data. It is currently free for marketers to use. Practical examples of tool operation are shown to everyone. The following data comes from AppSimilar. ,

Monitor competitors’ keyword rankings

App ranking in the app store depends largely on keywords, so it’s important to understand the changes in competitors’ rankings. You can know the strategy behind competitors through ranking changes.

For example, the ranking of Candy Crush Saga after March 5, 2020, the ranking of the App is relatively stable. It can be known that the number of keywords is relatively stable, which can continue to bring search traffic and maintain the ranking of the App.

Monitor competitors’ keyword data

Generally, if you choose a keyword optimization, it is not that the larger the search volume, the better. At the same time, you also need to consider the difficulty of this keyword. The difficulty cannot be selected too high. You need to make a comprehensive decision by integrating the search volume and the difficulty value. I usually use the value of Volume / KD as the selection criterion.

The following is the keyword data information of Candy Crush Saga at different levels of traffic in the last 30 days. It is obvious that many keywords have a search volume of less than 60, but the number is very large.

Direct global search for competitive keywords

If you can’t find the corresponding competition, and the collected keyword data has not been updated in time, one way you have to know: directly search the key rankings and keyword changes in the whole world.

As follows, I directly search the keywords that are not the core of the app, and related keywords will appear. If you find a keyword that matches yours through global search, you can directly decide whether to choose this keyword based on the size of Opportunity.

Having a keyword spy tool is half the battle

It is easy to have a keyword spy tool. It is our source of ideas and a decision-making tool for marketing promotion. I hope your app is as classic as Candy Crush Saga.