Discover how to promote your app

As I often write about the promotion of the App, some friends often call me to consult about the promotion of the new App, some are travel apps, some are women ’s apps, some are social, and the questions asked are also various. It is said that there is no budget, how to promote, and some say a little budget but not much. Let me talk about the initial promotion ideas. A new App has just come out, whether you have a budget or not, you can follow this way.

  • Create an encyclopedia for your app
  • Create a blog for your app
  • Expand 200 channels
  • Combining the audience to do event marketing

Step 1: Create an encyclopedia for your app

The app that has just come out is definitely a blank on the Internet. There is no information about the new app on the Internet. Create an encyclopedia about the App. If users search, the user can learn more about you from the encyclopedia. At the same time, If you do brand marketing in the later period, it can also attract more potential users for you. Of course, encyclopedia is not necessarily just Wikipedia. You can set up your entries on various encyclopedias by analogy. The more you build, the more convenient it is. Users quickly searched. Building an encyclopedia seems like a very simple thing, but it is not. Some encyclopedias look simple and clear, and some encyclopedias look confusing, and they are also technical in content. When creating an encyclopedia, you must be clear and organized, and tell the users what your app can do for them, which can make it easier for them to download .

Step 2: Create a blog for your app

Blogs are a popular product, and many people may replace them on their mobile phones. When users understand your app from the entry, they can easily follow you through the blog and interact with you, including information feedback. Some people say that users You can interact with you through the “message feedback” in the app. This is a big mistake. Many users will not easily download it before they understand an app, unless the app is a must, and many app users are the opposite Through the blog, users can understand you in real time, good blog content will cause users to forward and spread, these are the benefits of building a blog.

Step 3: Expand 200 channels

I have said so much in the past. In fact, keywords are placed on the Internet to facilitate user search and increase the exposure and self-propagation of the app. The next step is to expand channels and upload new apps to various application stores and software download stations On the way, expand 200 channels, there are many channels at present, you can classify according to category, and discover some new channels at the same time.

The channel is defined as a network medium that can bring display and download to the APP. Talking about channels does not only refer to those APP stores. For example, some bus free WiFi also provides APP download. It is also your channel. Application of self-media, often recommend some APP, can also provide some downloads for your APP, these are your channels. In addition, channel-laying is a tiring job, but it is really useful. I used to channel only one million.

Another advantage of establishing channels is that you can know where an app is in the mind of users through natural downloading, you can also know whether your app is excellent or not, and it can help you understand the quality of each channel in more detail Paid promotion in the future as a foreshadowing. Of course, shop channels cannot be simply shop channels. In the process of shop channels, we must understand some of the channel conditions, such as whether there are promotion resources for the new APP, starting resources, etc., which can be used to pave the way for subsequent mass promotion.

step 4: combine the audience to do event marketing

As I said before, there are some ways to promote APPs for free. Of course, if you have a little budget and not a lot, you can do some event marketing without spending a lot. You can do some activities in the forum and channel. Simple, playable, and prizes to be attractive, through the user’s participation can increase the download volume of APP, can provide exposure. Activity marketing should be combined with your APP attributes to find your specific group of people, such as women ’s APP, you can run activities on campus, or online women ’s community to do activities, do travel APP, you can cooperate with some travel agencies Wait, so you must cooperate with the audience for event marketing.

In Last

These are some of the new APP promotion ideas and methods. When promoting the APP, you must have a broad vision, one by one, one must not think in a fixed way, and at the same time, you must consider the problem from the user ’s perspective. The beginning is to change the volume, it is recommended not to do it. The promotion method of changing the volume has a greater impact on the product on the one hand, and has no meaning for the product on the one hand. The exchange is suitable for garbage APP. In addition, the ideas in this article are suitable for individuals and small and medium-sized teams without resources.