Best Guide For App Store Ranking Optimization In 2020

You are working in ASO, but you are confused and don’t know what to start or where to look? congratulations! This article is very suitable for you to read and learn. It can guide you how to optimize your app store rankings, help you become a mobile marketing expert, and make your mobile Apps successful in the market.

How to improve the App ranking in AppStore?

Let’s learn the optimization strategy of ASO from the beginning. If you master these 6 steps, your App will surely succeed in the market.

Understand the specific meaning of ASO and master it

ASO definition: ASO optimization refers to the process of optimizing the ranking of apps in the app store and adjusting and optimizing the entire app product structure and performance. Its ultimate goal is to achieve rapid user growth and gain market recognition. It can be divided into two core elements:

1.App’s natural ranking in the app store: Users searching for relevant keywords in the app store can maximize your exposure to your app, increasing views and downloads.

2. Increase the conversion rate of App downloads. Generally, users who come through natural search are very purposeful users. They will know exactly what kind of App they want to use. If you cover enough keywords, the conversion rate Will be much higher.

Therefore, we can simply understand the mathematical model of ASO: Number of users = traffic * conversion rate. In many cases, we can say that ASO is a mathematical artwork. It is not a specific task that can immediately see the effect.

Sometimes the amount of review data and ratings will affect the ranking of the app. These interactive data indicate that the app has problems. It is very important to fix the problem immediately without affecting the user experience. Keep interacting with your users and get feedback on the experience products. Positive reviews can improve your app ’s natural ranking in the app store.

Learn the basic rules of the app store

At present, the application stores we mentioned are mainly two categories: Google App Store and Apple App Store. Of course, there are others like Huawei App Store, Samsung App Store, Amazon App Store, etc. It is very important to understand the characteristics of each app store , And most of the ASO contacts are Google App Store and Apple App Store, and other app stores will become more and more popular in the future.

Therefore, being familiar with the characteristics of each app store is a must-do task. It is extremely foolish to formulate the same optimization strategy. What keywords to add for the App can improve the App ranking, By optimizing more keywords and increasing search volume, user growth can be achieved.

Search for core keywords with tools to see which long-tail keywords currently on the market have room for optimization.

Competition analysis is very important

Before launching the App, your first thing should be to engage in competitive ASO research and learn competitive ASO optimization strategies. This can save a lot of time and costs, and you can explore more potential.

First, you need to rank the keywords that have been optimized for the competition, and jump out of the keywords that still have potential in the competition, and check their search volume and difficulty value. On the day the product goes live, prepare a complete keyword list in order to gain a greater display opportunity. This is the most basic strategy for doing ASO.

Continuous focus on optimization results

If you think I have finished the ASO work, then I tell you: you still have a lot of work to do. Pay attention to the keywords you have optimized, track the effect of each keyword, remove bad keywords, expand new keywords, repeat this process until your keywords have been able to bring the stable search to the App The measurement stops again.

It is extremely important to research the keywords of Google App Store and the Apple App Store. This is a very tedious and annoying process. I want to say to you: Persevere, maintain perseverance, and pay for it.

Live and learn

App market data is in a process of constant change, and the only thing you can do is adapt to the change and get more users from the change.So how do we respond to changing markets? I think learning is very important. If you master the basic ASO skills, you can learn better optimization strategies and then use it in practice.

Become an expert

The above is the secret guidance method of becoming an expert. The most important are two points: trial and error and continuous learning. Only in this way can you finally win and your App natural ranking in the App Store. Learning can make us stronger.