Analysis The Most Downloaded Games In Google Play And Apple AppStore

As a game developer or market operator, did you ever want to check the most downloaded games when doing App Store Optimization? But you don’t know where to look? What to check? So you just give up looking.

If you are confused by the above troubles, then this guide is for you. It tells you how I found the most downloaded games in the app store. In these most popular games, you will find great works like My Talking Tom, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Soga.

Top 10 most downloaded games in the Apple App Store

After AppSimilar’s monitoring and analysis, the top 10 games that have been downloaded the most in the Apple App Store are: Candy Crush Soga, Candy Crush Soda Soga, Subway Surfers, Archero,, Coin Master, Sandballs, Helix Jump, Sniper, Farm Heros Soga, the 10 most popular mobile games in the Apple App Store have a positive score of 4.5 or higher, and the downloads are very good, and the application revenue is not very impressive.

These are the 10 most downloaded games. How do you optimize your app store?

After analyzing these 10 best-selling games, it is found that they are very good at optimizing the app store in the following two aspects so that there are many players who download naturally every day.

Good rating on the Apple App Store

The rating of an app in the app store will affect the ranking of the app. The higher the rating, the better the ranking, and it will also get official recommendations from Apple. Users will more and more download games by searching.

These 10 best-selling games have an average score of 4.5 or above. They have achieved the ultimate in creative product design, meeting the needs of users in different scenarios, and downloading users have recognized the product. In addition, the feedback mentioned by the user is to promptly inform the developer to optimize the processing.

Apple apps have a lot of reviews

In these 10 most downloaded games, the number of reviews is very high, and they have exceeded one million. I found out that in the app after the user downloads for a period of time, they are prompted to give feedback to the app store to give product feedback. You can optimize the product and increase the attention of the product in the app store. Once Apple official finds that this product has a lot of reviews, it will also recommend users to download it.

top10 the most downloaded games in the Google Play

Found on AppSimilar, the 10 most downloaded mobile games in the Google App Store are Subway Surfers, Piano Tiles, Hungry Shark Evolution, Geometry Dash Lite, Zombie Tsunami, Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Sonic Dash, Smash Hit, Temple Run.

So, these are the ten most downloaded games in the Google App Store. How do you do it when doing app store optimization?
Combined with the ASO analysis function on AppSimilar, it was found that these ten games did a great job in keyword optimization. The optimized keywords covered a large number of users’ search needs.

Google App Store Keyword Optimization

The focus of ASO’s optimization is to optimize the keywords of the application store. Only by covering more keywords, users can quickly see your game applications when searching. Once the search traffic increases, the official Google will also improve App ranking, recommend more players to see your app, and more users will download your app.

From these ten games downloaded in the Google App Store, it is found that they are basically expanding a lot of long-tail keywords around the core keywords of the product, and then occupy users by bidding for many times of search volume, and in other media, The platform has invested a lot of advertisements to guide users to search core product keywords in the Google Store to download game applications.


Do you also want your game application to enter top10? Some of them have been very successful in the Google App Store and Apple App Store, and some are new applications. Regardless, the ten most downloaded games are worth learning and learning from. After all, their game application revenue is flowing. It has exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars.

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