These were the top10 selling action games of 2019 that you will probably not know!AppSimilar tell you

The top-selling action games of 2019 are here! The busy year of the game business is over again.

Looking forward to 2020, it is very exciting to think about it. In general, although the economy is more worried in 2019, the best-selling action games still set a new record. I have compiled a list of the top ten best-selling action games in the world, as follows:

PS: The data comes from the official statistics of the world-renowned website AppSimilar

From the above results, it can be seen that the downloads of top10 action games are all above 2M. From this result, it can be seen that all players are still considerable in the world. From the perspective of DUA, all major games are It has already exceeded one million.

From the perspective of renovation, it has also exceeded one million, and the scores are relatively high and stable at about 4.5, indicating that the degree of player recognition is relatively high.

In recent years, action games have been occupying this large market. Although the industry is in a doldrums, it still maintains an upward trend. The following is a brief introduction to the top5 action game, and an analysis of the global advertising data.

No1.Rescue Cut – Rope Puzzle

This game is a very good game. It was developed by the company MarkApp Co. Ltd. There are different levels of challenges for everyone. Some challenges can be easily overcome, and some challenges require a lot of effort to reach.

The premise is that you must think consciously before you can pass. I am now at level 235 and my goal is to reach level 240. The analysis of the game’s advertising is as follows:The main distribution channels are Admob, Vungle, Nend, Mobvista, IronSource. The following are the specific statistics of the proportion of advertising distribution channels:

No2.Call of Duty

This is an action game that simulates modern warfare, simulating the real modern warfare environment, allowing players to fully enjoy the thrill and enjoyment brought by the game.

From July 2019 to May 2019, a large number of continuous creative advertising has been put in place. Facebook accounted for the most. From the perspective of 2019, admob accounted for the largest proportion, advertising reached 46.5%, followed by Facebook advertising proportion of 14.6%, other advertising media respectively: Unityads accounted for 9.26%, Akane accounted for 8.48%, Audience Network accounted for Than 7.36%.Overall, the advertising coverage is high, and the magnitude of delivery is relatively large.


Pretty great game. It is not a cash grab. While it does have ads, the ads are not intrusive, they are only shown if you manually click the button (to revive or get some goodies). The controls are good and the roadmap for the current year (2020) looks promising. It is skill dependent like most games,…

Pretty great game. It is not a cash grab. While it does have ads, the ads are not intrusive, they are only shown if you manually click the button (to revive or get some goodies). The controls are good and the roadmap for the current year (2020) looks promising. It is skill dependent like most games, …

At present, advertisements are placed on 50 advertising media around the world, and a large number of advertisements are placed from March 2019 to 2020, mainly video ads and html ads. Video ads are above 80%. Among them, the Audience Network channel accounted for the largest proportion, reaching 57.77%, followed by Facebook and Vungle, which accounted for 21.78% and 7.48%, respectively. From the perspective of the media, UC MINI accounted for the most, followed by Treehouse Table, which accounted for 97.41 %,As shown below:

No4. Tennis Clash

I have to say that this is a very helpful sports action game that completely satisfied me and almost prevalent in my circle of friends.I tried it a few times and it felt like the game was good, but occasionally I lost or had an incorrect internet connection. Whether you use mobile data or Wi-Fi, you will always be disconnected for reasons beyond your control.

Analyze the advertising data of this game on the market. There are a total of 91 media on the global scale. It will continue to be launched for 261 days in 2019. The main ios devices and the total number of advertising creatives are as high as 1340. You can clearly see , Audience Network channel advertising has always been in the first place, accounting for 25.4%, followed by admob advertising channel accounting for 25.38%, unityads channel advertising accounting for 13.7%. Other advertising media channels have also been launched, accounting for not much.

No5. Mario Kart Tour

In the Mario Kart Tour game, Mario and friends travel around the world in this new space, inspired by the real world! The home characters in Mario Kart have been given a variety of changes and incorporate the characteristics of the local city in the game!

From the global advertising data, Mario Kart Tour ’s main channel is Adwords, mainly Android devices, and it has been advertising for 136 days in 2019. From the perspective of advertising channels, the top three channels are Adwords , Adcolony, AudienceNetwork, respectively accounting for 58.23%, 16.01%, and 11.7%. It is estimated that in 2020, Nintendo will continue to increase advertising efforts in these channels.

PS: The above analysis data comes from the authoritative tool Socialpeta

In summary, the market for action games in 2019 is basically stable and has not been subject to great fluctuations. Advertising has also continued to increase. It is estimated that advertising for action games in 2020 will be in AudienceNetwork and Adwords.

The main channels are deeply cultivated, and continuous increase in advertising creative launch. If you pay more attention to the action game market, you can continue to pay attention to these several advertising channels, I believe there will be a great improvement in 2020.