Your Guide to Tracking the App Data

Your Guide to Tracking the App Data

As the fourth quarter of 2019 from Statista,  there are over 2.57 million apps in the Google Play Store for Android users and another 1.84 million in the App Store for iOS users. Google Play got the biggest number of available apps and the App Store was close behind.

Three Factors For A Successful App

That’s a lot of apps and the number is growing at a steady rate. This makes getting the app discovered and tracking the App data a daunting task for mobile app marketers.

What makes an app successful? 

A quick look at any app store’s list of the best performing apps will reveal the answer to this question.With experience from big apps like Candy Crush to niche games like Plague Inc, there are a few striking similarities between these apps, and it is these factors that this article will focus on.

  • Create A Great Product
  • Marketing Is Key
  • Track and Measure Marketing Data

High Pressure of Mobile App Marketing

According to surveys, around 90 percent of app installs are generated by just 10 percent of the apps. And this means most of the time, it doesn’t matter how good or original the app is, it’s very likely only a few people will discover it and actively install it, which is why you must have a marketing plan.

For example,  app rankings in the iTunes store are based on install velocity, so to rank high your app must generate a lot of installs in a short amount of time. In most cases, it’s very hard to achieve this without some sort of exogenous help like advertising, PR.

You must do strategic marketing or hire good marketers to help users acquisition.

Track App Marketing Data With Tools 

A lot of marketers don’t understand why their app is not growing, where the users are stays or what function they love most and what they don’t. They are unable to figure out correctly to know the behavior of the user, because, they didn’t utilize App analytics.

There are lots of App tracking tools out there to help marketers like ThinkGaming, Sensor Tower, App Annie, Appfigures, AppSimilar.

Which  App tracking tools are best? What I would recommend is that you pick one that you feel good using, i.e., simple, quick, easy, and provide you an accurate data.

Here we recommend AppSimilar, which excels at four key things:

  • Shows you which apps get the most user acquisition.
  • Simplifying information collection — so you can easily optimize your marketing strategy.
  • Accurately analyze a successful app — as every app’s user acquisition has the experience to learn from.
  • Saving you a huge amount of time — as you don’t have to crawl different mobile apps looking for your much-needed data analytics.

These are critical features to look out for when making App tracking platform comparisons. As some users said, “This tool does a lot of things others can’t. And as a bonus, it’s extremely user-friendly.”


It’s important to use tracking tools to measure what’s going on inside the app. And it can help drive your traffic sources and which sources bring in the best users.