Track Mobile App Market Data In Real-Time, The Best Guide To Mobile App Analytics For you

The mobile App analysis tool is the best partner for App developers. It can help you track App market data of other competiors’ App in the app store, monitor the App ranking changes and promote strategies of the competitor in the app store in real-time. How to adjust the promotion plan quickly to achieve user growth. Without a mobile App analysis tool, you will waste a lot of time and money trying blindly, without any App market data to guide you in your promotion decisions.

Therefore, mobile App analysis is very important for ad developers and App publishers. How important it is to understand the capabilities of mobile Apps data analysis!

Track Mobile App Market Data Basics

What Are The Mobile Analytics?

As we all know, App monitoring is divided into in-app monitoring analysis and out-of-app monitoring analysis. Currently, in-app analysis tools have the following major functions in the market:

  • In-app user behavior analysis
  • App performance analysis
  • In-app advertising analysis

The main analysis functions of out-of-app analysis tools are as follows:

  • App basic information analysis
  • App publisher analysis
  • App Store Optimization Analysis
  • App Audience Analysis
  • Do you understand App analysis now?

Why Track Mobile App Market Data?

Whether the App is successfully launched in the market, the data performance of the App in the market can be used as a basis for judgment. The performance of the App market data mainly consists of the following dimensions:

  • App downloads in the app store
  • App revenue
  • App daily activity(DAU)
  • Analysis of app reviews and star ratings in the app store
  • All interactions on Facebook, including reviews, comments, likes
  • App ASO Rankings
  • App release information and version information

Through the above App market data performance, developers and App publishers can clearly know the degree of app acceptance in the market, and at the same time, they can view the App market data of competitors’ in real-time. It is convenient for you to keep up with competitors and adjust the product Promotion strategies.

How to Track Mobile App Market Data?

Here are a few free tools to help you track mobile App market data, including:1. AppSimilar2. AppFollow3. ThinkGaming4. Sensor Tower5. App Annie6. SocialPetaAll above App analysis tools is very good, monitoring the App market data of 4 million Apps in the world. Let me specifically explain the core functions of AppSimilar, which is convenient for you to use this tool better.

What is AppSimilar?

AppSimilar is one of the best free App ASO analysis tools. It prepares the latest App ASO analysis report for you. The report clearly analyzes the current operation of the App in the market. It is convenient for you to grasp the dynamic changes of out-of-app data.

AppSimilar provides App market data in App Store

No matter it is the Google App Store or Apple App Store, as long as you know the name of the app, you can quickly search AppSimilar to collect App Store data. Of course, you can also find the App you follow based on specific advanced time filtering functions.

The App market data is provided by AppSimilar include App downloads, App revenue, App daily activity(DAU), App reviews, App interactions on Facebook, App specific release time, etc. You can also arrange the demand according to downloads, revenue, daily activity, and convenience Check out the Google Store or Apple Store leaderboards. Clicking favorites is the most interesting feature. If you are more concerned about an app, directly collecting AppSimilar will automatically collect relevant App market data information, and push a message to report you after collection.

AppSimilar provides App ASO analysis report

  • App Ranking charts & Regions summary

The higher the app ’s natural rankings in the App store, the greater the traffic and the more accurate the user. An important criterion for defining the effectiveness of ASO optimization is to look at the changes in the App ranking in the App Store.

Therefore, monitoring changes in competitive product rankings, and adjust and optimize strategies in a targeted manner to reduce time and investment costs.

  • App Reviews Analysis

After the App is launched on the App Store, you will encounter various reviews. Users who think that the app is good will give you five-star praise. At the same time, they feel that the app is poor and give a bad review to the app.

These are in the App Store with The content of user interaction that will directly affect the App rankings, timely understand the shortcomings of competing products, do your own App Store Optimization, and improve user retention.

  • App Demographic Analysis

Audience analysis is very important in the ASO optimization strategies, which helps operators to find precise traffic and obtain accurate user groups. The current audience analysis is mainly from the following dimensions:

1.Daily active user

2. User Gender

3. User Age

4.Regions Breakdown

  • App Keywords Analysis

The core of ASO is keywords optimization, occupying good keywords, which can cover users’ search needs in the app store so that there will be continuous traffic.
Therefore, keyword optimization for layout App applications is very important, grab potential keywords, and achieve rapid user growth.

AppSimilar provides App publisher data

If you want to know how many apps a publisher owns, AppSimilar is very suitable for you. It collects the App market operation data details of the current top1000 publishers and understands the competitors to the better-differentiated promotion and avoid direct bumps. The publisher’s data collection mainly includes the following aspects:

1. App publishers total downloads.

2. Total App Publishers Revenue.

3. A number of apps owned by the publisher.

4. Interactions of the publisher’s app on social networks.

5. Publisher’s ratings in Google Store or Apple Store.

AppSimilar provides ASO Search by keywords

For promotion friends who do ASO work, the search for keywords is undoubtedly the rarest problem. Don’t worry, AppSimilar provides ASO keyword search function. You only need to filter on the tools based on the keywords of the product. All keywords help you show it.
You can quickly determine whether the keyword is worth optimizing based on the difficulty of the keyword. At the same time, you can also make a quick decision based on the ratio of Volume and Difficult, allowing you to spend less time choosing keywords.


If you want the App to be successful in the market, tracking and analyzing the App market data is essential work. It can help you quickly obtain the ASO strategies of competitors. AppSimilar is the best mobile App analysis guide for you.