AppSimilar VS AppFollow

Now, with the diversification of app features, programs and audiences, a growing number of apps need professional analysis tools to track and analyze various parts of app scenarios, with a view to a more accurate grasp of user preferences, industry situation, and future market trends. Today, we are going to introduce to you two data spy tools that focus on app performance – AppSimilar and AppFollow

1. Overview of these two App tools 

AppSimilar is a completely free mobile phone application analysis tool. It is based on the analysis of huge market App cloud data, and it guides app marketers how to analyze user behavior. In addition, its biggest feature is to help you monitor the information of other App applications, such as DUA, Rating, Reviews, Facebook, Version, Released and other information, to monitor the behavior of competing products and optimize your promotion strategy.

AppFollow is an App Monitoring, App Store Optimization, and Customer Support platform. It helps you gather and manage your app’s and game’s data, increase app conversion rate, improve app store rankings and app user loyalty. AppFollow also serves as an app competitor analysis tool, that helps you detect their flaws and outstrip them.

2. Pricing 

AppSimilar is currently 100% free of charge; AppFollow offers a 7-day free trial, and its rock-bottom price is 29$ per month, which you may pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

3. The main features of these two tools

1)Description of database 

Both of these two tools guarantee users a big database globally, while there are some differences between them about basic characteristics.

  AppSimilar AppFollow(Free Plan) AppFollow(Premium plans)
Main channels  Google Play,App Store Google Play,App Store,Mac App Store Google Play,App Store,Mac App Store,Microsoft Store,Amazon
Countries  All countries 2 All countries
API  ✔(Limited)
Language supported  English English English

2) Function and use 

Both tools have a rich variety of app analysis features, but they are still different in many ways.

  AppSimilar AppFollow(Free Plan) AppFollow(Premium plans)
Keyword Unlimited 1 100
Apps 5 2 5
Replies  Up to 20 replies per month From 30 replies per month
Top Charts
Versions Breakdown
Top Charts According to your needs Top 100 Top 100
FaceBook(Total comments,likes,shares about app on )

3)Other individual function

Both tools provide online and email support services. AppSimilar’s interface is more concise and clear than AppFollow’s, with a lower cost of entry. AppSimilar also boasts a high-quality sorting and filtering feature, which allows users to find popular apps or app publishers at a faster speed.

4. Conclusion 

Obviously, both tools can provide important data support for your app analysis, feeding you information about the world’s leading app stores like Google Play and App Store.

Overall, AppFollow has more features, but with AppSimilar you can get most of AppFollow’s paid features for free. If your team is at the startup stage or has bought a similar product yet with a limited function, or if you look for data of app analysis in multiple dimensions, AppSimilar will be an indispensable choice.